Starry, Starry Night Playground
This is just supposed to be a bigger area w/o a background so you can move the mouse around and watch the stars. If you click then you get a starburst but and you stay on this page (whereas the normal behavior is to go to another page). You might want to view the HTML source to see the various parameter settings. If you're too lazy to view source then you can go to the bottom of this page to see how the applet is invoked.

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This is how the applet is invoked on on this page:

<applet code="tropo.applet.stars.Starry.class" codebase="/techno/java/lib" width=400 height=400>
    <param name=bg value="#000000">
    <param name=range value="15">
    <param name=sleep value="75">
    <param name=spinOff value="1">
    <param name=delta value="10">
    <param name=extra value="20">
    <param name=defSize value="8">
    <param name=twinkle value="0">
    <param name=maxStars value="1000">
    <param name=starburstSize value="500">
    <param name=starburstTicks value="25">
    <param name=starCenter value="#FFFFFF">

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