zero click Not much to look at, but the zero click applet is an "improvement" on the Amazon one click patent idea
Starry, Starry Night Applet bestStarry starry night. This applet draws these amusing little stars that follow your mouse and fade away as they age. It should bring a smile.
Fractal plasma image with more of a blend factor Fractal plasma applet. Draws clouds of spacey plasma.
PI 500 PI 500 a reproduction of a piece of active modern art. A pretentious piece of applet-art.
bestColour Explorer This applet let's you play around with color selection simultaneously shows you the relationship between the RGB and HSB color models.
Preloader This applet does preloading for java classes and images just like the standard HTML image trick of preloading images before they're used. It doesn't get a best by it's name as it's not really that cool...
Proxy help Having trouble getting applets to run over a proxy?
JDBM code Additions for JDBM, the persistent BTree.
Lucene code Contributions and Utilities for Lucene, a pure java search engine.





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