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Medium fractal plasma image Control panel A typical default image Bending has been set to zero Random higher Bending factor is higher


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This is a preliminary version of a Fractal Plasma applet. Fractal Plasma, at least as I implement it, typically gives you these wierd, space-like images with colors flowing into each other, and with starbursts scattered about.

The applet has a control panel that lets you adjust some parameters, and then it draws a kind of a plasma cloud. There is one control for how frequently star bursts appear. Another controls how the colors blend together. When colors are combined they can be combined smoothly, or the combination can vary a bit from the smooth blending. Usually you want it to vary a bit to make the image more interesting.

The algorithm takes 4 corners of a square and then points within are a function of the corners plus the blending adjustment and random star factor. The square is repeatedly subdivied until the whole image is filled.


When you go to the next page it will pop up a window the the drawing occurs in. Now go run the applet or view samples in the gallery.


If the applet doesn't work you can try a couple of other variations in packaging: this one doesn't use zip compression and this one has directory entries.