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amazon   The Gorilla Game : An Investor's Guide to Picking Winners in High Technology by Geoffry A. Moore talks about how with the way things works nowadays you should invest in big dominant companies, since they will tend to stay dominant.

amazon  Stress for Success by J. Loehr explains how stress is good for you, as long as you properly recover from it. Outside Magazine discussed the concepts in the Dec 1998 bodywork column.

amazon The Flight of the Dodo by David Quammen is an amazing tour-de-force magnum opus of the story (so to speak) of the extinctions and the science of Island Biogeography. He talks about the guy that may have codeveloped the threory of evolution around when Darwin did (or maybe even before) along w/ stories of all these explorers and scientists and how they figured out how animals go extinct. The sad quote is that the author says

when animals go to islands they become extinct
Is the Dodo laughing or crying?
amazon 8 Weeks to Optimum Health by Dr. Weil is a great book full of practical balanced advice on how to improve your health thru proper eating and exercise.

amazon Healing Back Pain : The Mind-Body Connection by Dr. Sarno - as recommended on the Howard Stern show!.

amazon How Buildings Learn by the famous S. Brand is very interesting.

amazon Emotional Intelligence gives a whole new view of what it means to be intelligent, and what a bad measure "IQ" is.

amazon About Face: The Essentials of User Interface Design is a great UI book that gives some different angles on things e.g. he talks about how online help usually is not needed since it's worse than the printed docs, about the importance of a good index, how the Joy of Cooking is an example of a book w/ a great index, and the important of context in explanations (beyond just how to use a feature: why and when should it be used?).

amazon Creating Killer Web Sites by D. Siegel is a classic best selling web site design book. On his site there some good tips which we try follow e.g. making the body tag take "better" colors for links a la tip #3:

	<body link="#CC0000" alink="#FF3300" vlink="#330099">

There is also a site about the book.

amazon Understanding Electronic Commerce by D. Kosiur discusses electronic commerce and the issues with it.

amazon Web developer's guide to multimedia and video by Nels Johnson talks about the creation of multimedia content for the web.

amazon  Suck : Worst-Case Scenarios in Media, Culture, Advertising, and the Internet has a collection of slightly enhanced classic articles from suck.

amazon   Javascript, the definitive guide, the O'Reilly "nutshell" guide was used as the reference for the coding on the javascript pages.

amazon   HTML: The Definitive Guide, the O'Reilly "nutshell" guide is used as a reference in coding up this site.

amazon   The Seasons of a Mans Life, recently recomended by Ron-The-Doctor.

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