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Dynamically Generating PDF Files with PHP and Haru

Haru and Zend intro
Using Zend_Tool to start up your ZF Project
start up your ZF Project
ZF Snippets | Latest Snippets
All kinds of small code developements.
Online resources for Zend Framework ~ Robert Basic
Zend Framework online resources list - blogs, Twitter, books, forums...
Besides the official documentation and the Quickstart, there are many useful resources for Zend Framework, like blogs and Twitter..
Jeroen Keppens: Create a modular application with Zend Framework
Add libraries
More on PHP performance « PHP 10.0 Blog
Automated Testing Using Zend Framework, Part 1 | A.J. Brown's Blog
The Diem Project | Diem Content Management Framework for Symfony
Zend_Acl part 3: creating and storing dynamic ACLs | CodeUtopia
In this third post of the series, I’ll talk about using dynamic ACLs: How to store an ACL in a database, and construct it from there when needed. This post builds on the things introduced in part 1 and part 2.
10 Compelling Reasons to Use Zend Framework | Nettuts+
A list of things Zend Framework can do and what benefits they give to a project.
Link given to me by Mark Tinsley