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10 Twitter Tips for the Workplace - Business Center - PC World
Business Center - PC World
Pioneers in Workplace Tweets suggest the most effective use of the microblogging technology.
Having trouble convincing your boss that Twitter isn't a waste of time? Then you might find it interesting to learn that social media evangelists across the U.S. federal government are blasting out Tweets several times a day to their constituents. Here are their suggestions for how to integrate new media tools such as Twitter, Facebook and Flickr into a large, old-fashioned bureaucracy:
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Een aantal erg leuke designs voor kantoorruimtes, om de creativiteit te stimuleren. Doet mij erg denken aan ideeën die ik heb voor mij nieuwe kamer (zie volgende bookmark)
Guest Post - Generation Y in the Workplace Explained |
Guest Post -
this post by Teresa really hit the nail on the head in illustrating why Gen Y plays the game differently in the workplace. I can honestly say that I agree with all 6 of her points.
As Gen Y enters the professional world, we bring a whole new set of rules. We’re often criticized for our restless job-jumping or our sense of entitlement. The truth is, we might play the game differently, but that doesn’t mean we’re not every bit as bright, innovative, and hardworking. Here’s why.
This is a guest post by Teresa Wu As Gen Y enters the professional world, we bring a whole new set of rules. We're often criticized for our restless
Facebook, YouTube at work make better employees: study;_ylt=Ajv93cQKOzgitgxsVSCbHBsDW7oF
MELBOURNE (Reuters Life!) – Caught Twittering or on Facebook at work? It'll make you a better employee, according to an Australian study that shows surfing the Internet for fun during office hours increases productivity. The University of Melbourne study showed that people who use the Internet for personal reasons at work are about 9 percent more productive that those who do not.
Makes sense to me: "Facebook, YouTube at work make better employees: study" ( ) [from]
Why You Can’t Work at Work | Jason Fried | Big Think
With its constant commotion, unnecessary meetings, and infuriating wastes of time, the modern workplace optimizes interruptions and makes us all work longer, less focused hours. Jason Fried explains how we can change all of this.
Jason Fried of 37signals sums up the problems of workplace interruptions.
Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations
Seth's Blog: Goodbye to the office
150 years later, why go to work in an office/plant/factory?
When you need to have a meeting, have a meeting. When you need to collaborate, collaborate. The rest of the time, do the work, wherever you like.
If we were starting this whole office thing today, it's inconceivable we'd pay the rent/time/commuting cost to get what we get. I think in ten years the TV show 'the Office' will be seen as a quaint antique.