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Styling your Lists: 20+ Brilliant How to’s and Best Practices | DevSnippets

When we think about CSS-Styled lists, different ideas come to mind but that rusty old image of bulleted items is not one of them anymore. There are lots of different methods to format nice HTML lists that is used in most web designs not only for navigation menu (vertical or horizontal) but for formatting many design blocks in a stylish and elegant manner. In this article, we’ll have a look at how such lists can create a whole new look, feel, and effect of a site.
Essential CSS/HTML Lists Styling Techniques - Noupe
Sexy HTML List Tricks • Perishable Press
Liste in HTML umsetzen
HTML Listen
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jQuery plugin: Easy List Splitter | Andrea Cima Serniotti
After a couple of hours spent on the lookout for a simple and clean jQuery plugin to columnize lists with no success, I decided to create my own one. It took me a couple of nights but the result is pretty good and hopefully it will help you whenever you need to split a list into different columns.
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