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Henry Jenkins: In a Social Networking World, What's the Future of TV?
"As the news media focused on Jay Leno's relocation into a regular five night a week prime time spot, the veteran Tonight Show host expressed growing confusion about the state of his medium. He told The Los Angeles Times, "I don't know what TV is anymore." "
Great Henry Jenkins piece on post-TV
Some call this a "post-network" era and are suggesting that it constitutes a change as dramatic as the shift from broadcasting to cable. Yet, actually, television may be in the hands of a different kind of network -- Facebook or Twitter rather than ABC or Fox.
Is television the stuff we watch on our TVs? My local cable company allows me to watch grainy YouTube videos on my big screen television and allows me to download movies directly from Netflix or Amazon to watch on demand. And of course, I can play Wii games through my television set. But is any of that television?
Toekomst van televisie, interessante voorbeelden