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Toggle Tutorial - jQuery CSS Toggle Effect - javascript toggle tutorial - simple Toggle Effect
iPhone Toggle Switches // Elijah Miller

"Way back in June, Thomas Reynolds released iPhone-style-checkboxes for jQuery, a progressive enhancement for checkboxes which makes them into the beautiful iPhone toggle switches. I really like these switches on the iPhone so I went about finishing up his version for the Prototype framework. Of course, I couldn't help but add some new features along the way!"
jQuery fade and slide toggle plugin « Position Absolute
The jquery slidetoggle() is great, but one thing I always thought it was missing is some opacity fading in the sliding animation. When I was coding this iteration of position absolute I wanted this kind of animation so I went there and coded it. This is a very small plugin, but I still find the effect cooler than a regular sliding.
fade and slide toggle plugin « Position Absolute
jQuery fade and slide toggle plugin