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Flickr Photo Download: Disney Rejection Letter, 1938

Did you know that creativity is Man's Work?
15 Sexist Vintage Ads -
2 funny. and 2 true.
OMG. Even I was duly shocked
Politically incorrect classic ads
funny advert posters
Losing my religion for equality |
Piece by Jimmy Carter about his decision to sever ties w/ his church, after six decades b/c of the church's treatment of and opinions about women.
Women and girls have been discriminated against for too long in a twisted interpretation of the word of God.
The Male Programmer Privilege Checklist
Just...yeah. Unfortunately.
Being male, as a programmer, means:
This is an interesting list --it sounds like it was written by a aging female developer who had trouble achieving her goals or had low esteem. I wish there wasn't continued reinforcement of gender roles. I think it's a privilege to be surrounded by such smart people and in my near decade of experience, have yet to "sleep my way to a bug fix", feel threatened, or be treated like a "secretary". I am aware of my surroundings and chose to be here, so...
Infotropism – Standing out in the crowd: my OSCON keynote
Excellent, clear and unarguable
improving diversity in communities
English - "They asked me to speak about women in open source, and most specifically about two recent open source projects that have a majority of women developers. But first, I need to give a bit of context."
Shakesville: The Terrible Bargain We Have Regretfully Struck
This explains the need and a lot of the trials of feminism (and also acknowledges commanalities with other kinds of discrimination). It's about trust and how so many men fail at being trustworthy.
"This, then, is the terrible bargain we have regretfully struck: Men are allowed the easy comfort of their unexamined privilege, but my regard will always be shot through with a steely, anxious bolt of caution. A shitty bargain all around, really. But there it is." [Sometimes the worst isn't the asshole strangers. Sometimes the worst is a guy you care about casually, offhandedly acting like you're not a person. Making a rape joke, dismissing women as overemotional, telling you when you're offended and hurt that you have no sense of humor. The most damaging attacks are the ones from supposed friends. What can we do, but live in anticipation of the next betrayal?]
the everyday language of sexism and how much it hurts
"There is the perplexity at my fury that my life experience is not considered more relevant than the opinionated pronouncements of men who make a pastime of informal observation, like womanhood is an exotic locale which provides magnificent fodder for the amateur ethnographer. And there is the haughty dismissal of my assertion that being on the outside looking in doesn't make one more objective; it merely provides a different perspective."
English - A feminist about her feelings about men. [Warning: Page is huge and hard to load.]
Women sacrifice their rights to make men's lives easier. Beautifully written, and about all the little ways in which patriarchy is enforced. Use for teaching feminism 101.
Why James Chartrand Wears Women's Underpants | Copyblogger
Discrimination based on a person's sex is as alive today as it ever was.
MF Bliki: SmutOnRails
GR: SmutOnRails: Shared by robinhowlett Martin Flower's POV on smut-gate (yes, I know, I hate the unoriginali.. [from]
I have a different vision - one that sticks it to the suits so hard it will make their eyes water. How about a community where women are valued for their ability to program and not by the thickness of their skin? How about a community that edgily pushes new boundaries without reinforcing long running evils? Perhaps even a community where women reach equal numbers? Such a community would hand the suits the defeat in the long battle women have been fighting for centuries. I'd love to be part of that.
A couple of weeks ago there was a Ruby conference in San Francisco called GoGaRuCo (Golden Gate Ruby Conference). This conference has grabbed attention due to a talk at which the presenter illustrated a discussion of CouchDB by using sexually suggestive pictures of women. Unsurprisingly the result has been a fair bit of heated, and occasionally offensive, debate.
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its her job