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Hacking Education

I spent a lot of time on this blog in the past month exhorting everyone to give teaching tools to the neediest public schools. I did that because education is possibly the most important thing we can do for our...
25 of the Best Websites for Educational Institutions | Vandelay Design Blog
Google Tools for Schools - Home (Google Tools for Schools)
Todo sobre Google
This Google Site hosts training and implementation resources for using Google applications in schools.
Google Bootcamp for teachers
This hands-on workshop will focus on all the free applications from Google that support teaching and learning. Click on the links below to explore the applications we will learn in this workshop.
Explaining Google resources and their application in schools
University of West Alabama
Building a Better Teacher -
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Lemov himself pushed for data-driven programs that would diagnose individual students’ strengths and weaknesses. But as he went from school to school that winter, he was getting the sinking feeling that there was something deeper he wasn’t reaching. On that particular day, he made a depressing visit to a school in Syracuse, N.Y., that was like so many he’d seen before: “a dispiriting exercise in good people failing,” as he described it to me recently. Sometimes Lemov could diagnose problems as soon as he walked in the door. But not here. Student test scores had dipped so low that administrators worried the state might close down the school. But the teachers seemed to care about their students.
There are more than three million teachers in the United States, and Doug Lemov is trying to prove that he can teach them to be better.
Uncommon Schools
The Taxonomy of Effective Teaching Practices, described in the book Teach Like a Champion, is a collection of instructional techniques gleaned from years of observations of outstanding teachers in some of the highest-performing urban classrooms in the country. Developed by Uncommon Schools Managing Director Doug Lemov and Uncommon teachers, this set of specific and concrete actions, paired with a library of over 700 video clips of highly-effective teachers in action, has provided teachers nationwide with actionable tools to drive greater student achievement and a shared language to discuss and support teacher effectiveness.
In Search Of Answers, Teachers Turn To Clickers : NPR
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All Things Considered, March 2, 2009 · Teachers know the blank stare. It can be hard to know what students are absorbing in class. Well, technology to the rescue. More teachers are equipping their classrooms with little keypads — often called clickers — that let students instantly, and anonymously, answer questions. Teachers say the clickers are improving the quality of education by measuring how engaged students are in the material they are learning.
In Search Of Answers, Teachers Turn To Clickers - all things considered
Why Schools are Turning to Google Apps
google apps is so good, schools are now incorporating it into the education. very similar to how first spread---- i heard about it first in school when my teacher told everyone to use "google" instead of "lycos" or "yahoo"
oregon school story
Today, the entire public school system of Oregon will embrace Google Apps. 400,000 Students, teachers, and administrators will have access to a common e-mail and chat system, cloud-based collaboration tools, and a robust multimedia streaming service. Traditionally, statewide adoptions of any kind in education are hotly contested, with the most minute details up for extended debate.