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Oh Snap! Our Step-By-Step Guide To Getting Shot By The Sartorialist -Refinery29 Pipeline-

a great and very funny diagram / flow chart, by Christene Barberich & Piera Gelardi, design by Joshua Covarrubias, at the Pipeline ¶ by the way, we're a big fan of The Sartorialist
You know him. You love him. We do, too. But lest you think it's a snap getting expert Street Style lensman Scott Schuman of Sartorialist fame to spot you on the street, shoot you, AND post your pic on his site…well, think again. In fact, after perusing the past few months' worth of amazing street specimens preening for his expensive camera, we did pick up some interesting sartorial patterns at play. So, want a better shot at, well, getting shot by Scott? Here's our step-by-step guide to increasing the odds...and looking good doing it.
a flowchart