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Robby on Rails : Subdomain accounts with Ruby on Rails explained
How to do Basecamp-style subdomains in Rails - (37signals)

Multi-staging environment for Rails using Capistrano and mod_rails / Rails -
jQuery on Rails: Why Bother? // RailsTips by John Nunemaker
Jquery rails
iPhone on Rails and ObjectiveResource; Making communication between the iPhone and a Rails web-service pain-free.
interessante per
ObjectiveResource is an Objective-C port of Ruby on Rails' ActiveResource. It provides a way to serialize objects to and from Rails' standard RESTful web-services (via XML or JSON) and handles much of the complexity involved with invoking web-services of any language from the iPhone.
ObjectiveResource is a framework for the iPhone that makes interacting with Ruby on Rails applications dead simple.
RailsLab .:. Scaling Rails - Scaling Rails Screencasts
Learn everything you need to know about Scaling your Rails app through 13 informative Screencasts produced by Gregg Pollack with the support of New Relic.
Nice Screencasts series of performance and scalability of Rails Apps by Gregg Pollack
Scaling Rails screencasts produced by Gregg Pollack and supported by New Relic
Translate: New Rails I18n Plugin with a Nice Web UI - Newsdesk developer blog
23 Amazing And Open Source Ruby On Rails Applications
Ruby on Rails is a powerful web framework that helps creating web applications easier, faster & writing an organized code. There are lots of websites that use it including popular ones like Twitter, Basecamp, AboutUs & many more. Also, Ruby on Rails powers some amazing open source web applications which you may want to use directly or improve further. Here is a well-categorized 23 open source Ruby on Rails applications
Creating PDF Documents in Ruby on Rails | Ruby on Rails
Dead simple task scheduling in Rails - Intridea Company Blog
Rufus scheduler
Ruby on Rails 2.3 Release Notes
Rails 2.3 delivers a variety of new and improved features, including pervasive Rack integration, refreshed support for Rails Engines, nested transactions for Active Record, dynamic and default scopes, unified rendering, more efficient routing, application templates, and quiet backtraces. This list covers the major upgrades, but doesn’t include every little bug fix and change. If you want to see everything, check out the list of commits in the main Rails repository on GitHub or review the CHANGELOG files for the individual Rails components.
Fear of Fish - Building a Gem Using BDD
Elad on Rails: Rails and Amazon EC2 - Beginners guide
art up an instance of the 32-bit EC2onRails image:
"First of all, Amazon AWS rocks. it's a great, stable and not so expensive way to get your application up and running, but also ready for any disaster to come (Someone said Digg effect?). Getting your application on to Amazon EC2 is not as complicated as you think, managing and controlling your instances may require a professional system administrator, but i would recommend that anyway (except if you go and host your application on EngineYard than you are worry-free, but you'll pay.. ohh you'll pay for that sense of security)."
Ryan's Scraps: What's New in Edge Rails: Nested Object Forms
We were all teased a few months ago about the possibility of finally solving the nested model/complex forms problem in Rails, but were then cruelly notified that it wasn’t quite ready for prime time. But our day has come – the most requested feature for Rails 2.3, the ability to handle multiple models in a single form, is here.
Scheduled for Rails 2.3
Rails Lab .:. Expert advice on tuning and optimizing your Rails app
Rails Performance Resources - Expert advice on tuning and optimizing your Rails app.
has_many :bugs, :through => :rails: Thread safety for your Rails
Long story short, Rails can now serve multiple requests in more than one ruby threads ( or native threads if you’re on JRuby ) parallelly. Charles Nutter has done a good job of explaining the details here. Should you give a flying fuck ? You totally should if : * You’re using JRuby * You’re bold enough to play around with bleeding edge Neverblock stuff * Your application has a lot of long running processes, which are not heavy on blocking IO ( this would be rare I imagine ) You totally should NOT if : * You’re using Event based mongrel, thin or any of the event based web server in production. Event based servers don’t use Threads, so it just doesn’t matter. * You CBA You may have heard a bunch of hype about how threads make everything 100x faster, this is far from the truth. Don’t believe everything the hype merchants want to sell you, test your application first and see if it helps.
Building and Scaling a Startup on Rails: 12 Things We Learned the Hard Way - Axon Flux - A Ruby on Rails Blog
primer on ruby
The Rails Way: File Downloads Done Right
I thought x-sendfile was a default setting, might have to look into this.
acts_as_ferric : Caching with Ruby on Rails
Google Data on Rails - Google Data APIs - Google Code
This article is intended for developers interested in accessing the Google Data APIs using Ruby, specifically Ruby on Rails. It assumes the reader has some familiarity with the Ruby programming language and the Rails web-development framework. I focus on the Documents List API for most of the samples, but the same concepts can be applied to any of the Data APIs.
crafterm's sprinkle at master — GitHub
prinkle is a software provisioning tool you can use to build remote servers with, after the base operating system has been installed. For example, to install a Rails or Merb stack on a brand new slice directly after its been created. Properties of packages such as their name, type, dependencies, etc, and what packages apply to what machines is described via a domain specific language that Sprinkle executes.
Sprinkle is a software provisioning tool you can use to build remote servers with. eg. to install a Rails or Merb stack on a brand new slice directly after its been created
Ruby provisioning tool for automating builds and deployments
Sprinkle is a software provisioning tool you can use to build remote servers with, after the base operating system has been installed. For example, to install a Rails or Merb stack on a brand new slice directly after its been created. Properties of packages such as their name, type, dependencies, etc, and what packages apply to what machines is described via a domain specific language that Sprinkle executes (in fact one of the aims of Sprinkle is to define as concisely as possible a language for installing software).
ASCIIcasts - Recent Episodes
A variety of short articles about Ruby and Rails based on Ryan Bates’ Railcasts.
I really like Ryan Bates’s Railscasts, but videos aren’t the easiest thing to search through when you’re trying to search for a single tip or line of Ruby code to add to your own site. ASCIIcasts are text versions of each Railscast, each with a link to the original video. I hope you find them useful. You can keep up to date with new episodes on Twitter.
10 Useful Tips For Ruby On Rails Developers | How-To | Smashing Magazine
javan's whenever at master - GitHub
provides a really easy way to write tasks that must be done repeatedly or at a certain time in a simple Ruby DSL. It can even write out crontab files for you based on the commands and times that you give it.
How To Install A Ruby 1.8 Stack on Ubuntu 8.10 From Scratch
Install RubyGems (from source)
Ruby on Rails + MySQL で全文検索 - ドワンゴ 研究開発ブログ
Nome do Jogo » Blog Archive » Shoulda for RSpec is Remarkable!
converts shoulda macros to rspec
remarkable - gem with shoulda macros ported to rspec
nkallen's cache-money at master — GitHub
Active record memory cache.
A Write-Through Cacheing Library for ActiveRecord
class Message < ActiveRecord::Base
InfoQ: Rockstar Memcaching
InfoQ: Rockstar Memcaching performance presentation
About the conference RubyFringe is an avant-garde conference for developers that are excited about emerging Ruby projects and technologies. They're mounting a unique and eccentric gathering of the people and projects that are driving things forward in our community.
Memcached tutorial video from the RubyFringe conference.
Video of memcached best-practices
RubyFringe presentation on Memcached
tobias lutke rubyfringe talk about memcached
Looks like a handy addition to the toolkit
"Rails log file viewer."
log analyzer app for rails logs
Spike is a log file viewing & (if we’re being generous) analysis tool for Rails developers.
Desktop app for the Mac that shows Rails log files.
Sanitize: A whitelist-based Ruby HTML sanitizer
sanitize html strip remove tags
Ruby HTML sanitizer
nifty ruby sanitization library
gem layered on Hpricot
Ruby, Rails, Web2.0 » Blog Archive » Add a powerful AJAX Table to your Rails Application in 5 minutes
Tabelle mit Ajax in Rails.
Rails Forms microformat « Trek
Trek Rails Forms microformat This article has been updated to reflect the latest patterns in Rails 2.3 edge (based mostly on this commit) If you’ve been relying on Rails form helpers to generate forms, then you may have missed the interesting little microformat used to pass application data to and fro. In case you didn’t know, form data is passed as part of the request body as a set of key/values pairs in plain text (if you’re using get as a method for a form, it’s that url section like this: ?name=widget12&price=22). The name attribute of the form inputs are the keys (here name and price), and the value is whatever the user entered or selected (widget12 and 22). Most languages/frameworks for the web will reconstitute these pairs as objects accessible to the programmer. For example <input name='widget_name' /> is accessed with $_POST["widget_name"] in php, self.request.get("widget_name") on App Engine, and params[:widget_name] in Rails. This format can only pass a single value f
One of the most comprehensive articles on rails forms. Includes the newly added nested attributes stuff.
Getting Started With Ruby On Rails | How-To | Smashing Magazine
How-To Setup a Linux Server for Ruby on Rails - with Phusion Passenger and GitHub - Hack'd
ssh_options[:compression] = false
ServerName slicename
Beginner's Guide To Ruby On Rails: Part 2 | How-To | Smashing Magazine beginner guide 2
state_machine: One machine to rule them all? | PluginAWeek
After 2 1/2 years of blood, sweat, tears, and the occasional Jägermeister, I'm finally officially announcing a project I've been quietly working on:
state_machine: One machine to rule them all? | PluginAWeek
After 2 1/2 years of blood, sweat, tears, and the occasional Jägermeister, I’m finally officially announcing a project I’ve been quietly working on: state_machine.
Rails Searchable API Doc
Woot! Finally a neat and nice rails rdoc!
API Documentation Search facility for Ruby On Rails
2009 Rubyist's guide to a Mac OS X development environment — GIANT ROBOTS SMASHING INTO OTHER GIANT ROBOTS
A command line-ish dev environment...
Create a Rails Template and Build an App in Seconds
Create a Rails Template and Build an App in Seconds
instant rails
templates for rails applications
Twitter on Scala
g system, mobile platform, or web platform. Basically, if you want to share a short thought, one to many, Twitter is a transport-independent way to do that. In a broader technical sense, we see ourselves as a short messaging layer for the internet. We’ve been described as a “telegraph for web 2.0.” One of the things that’s core to our business is providing open APIs for everything you can do on the website. So all the functionality that’s available there for users is also available for developers to access programmatically. That’s Twitter in a nutshell. Twitter started as a hack project at a company called ODEO, which was focused on podcasting. As ODEO was having some troubles in its latter days as a company, they started experimenting, to keep engineers involved by letting them play around with ideas they had on the side. One of the engineers, Jack Dorsey, had been really interested in status. He was looking at his AIM buddy list, and seeing that all of these guys were saying, “I’m w
How twitter uses scala to gain performance and stability
tags: scala twitter ruby programming scalability interview rails
"Steve Jenson: For example, if you make a change to your social graph; i.e., you follow or unfollow someone on Twitter. All of that work and the associated cache invalidations are done asynchronously by a daemon."
Three Twitter developers, Steve Jenson, Alex Payne, and Robey Pointer, talk with Bill Venners about their use of Scala in production at Twitter.
TwitterAuth: For Near-Instant Twitter Apps - Intridea Development Blog
Neat gem that uses Twitter as the login authentication for your app. Interesting idea and makes it one less thing to worry about when building a secured app.
TwitterAuth is a Rails plugin that provides a full external authentication stack for Rails applications utilizing Twitter. 20 Rails Development No-No's
JRuby on Rails on Google App Engine | Ola Bini: Programming Language Synchronicity
In this post I thought I’d go through the steps you need to take to get a JRuby on Rails application working on GAE/J, and also what kind of characteristics you should expect from your application.
JRuby on RailsをApp Engine上で動かす方法
32 Rack Resources to Get You Started | Jason Seifer
Shared with
Robby on Rails : 20 articles on Cucumber and a free beverage recipe!
lets software development teams describe how software should behave in plain text. The text is written in a business-readable domain-specific language and serves as documentation, automated tests and development-aid – all rolled into one format.
Robby on Rails : 20 articles on Cucumber and a free beverage recipe!
Rails Template: Create a Twitter Application in Seconds - Intridea Company Blog
u quickly build a TwitterAuth app for depl
Twitter Demo App
Heroku Garden
A web-based code editor integrated with a Ruby on Rails hosting platform – perfect for learning.
A quick, easy way to learn Ruby on Rails. Interesting interface design, as well.
Heroku Garden provides a web-based code editor integrated with a Rails hosting platform – perfect for learning.
Ruby on Rails Documentation
RestfulX Framework
framework restfull para desarrollar aplicaciones flex
RESTful Flex Development
50+ Ruby-related Blogs to Read | RubyLearning Blog
RubyLearning Blog
Phusion’s One Year Anniversary Gift: Phusion Passenger 2.2.0 « Phusion Corporate Blog
Phusion Passenger now supports nginx - which is absolutely cool.
17 Videos Covering Basic Ruby Techiques
Dr Nic’s Testing outbound emails with Cucumber
Testing emails con cucumber. Testing all fuc*** time :-)
Nice article from Dr Nic on testing outbound email using cucumber and email-spec. I've tried it and it works like a treat.
ActiveRecord Optimization with Scrooge -
Plugin that monitors the fields you're actually using from queries you make and over time dynamically adjusts your queries to retrieve only the fields you need. Apparently includes some magic to go re-query for more fields if you attempt to use one you hadn't loaded in the trimmed query. Amazing-looking stuff, though since we're currently using a DB on the same machine, transferring lots of extra data isn't nearly as expensive.
Dynamic query optimization is a hotbed of research in the database industry. Each and every query you execute goes through a rigorous optimization phase which tries to squeeze every last bit of performance: deciding which indexes to use, the execution order and sort order to minimize the number in-memory tables, etc. However, one thing the database has no access to is the application layer knowledge of which data the user is actually using after it is retrieved. Often times, the query fetches all of the columns when only a few are required, which is exactly the pattern that Lourens Naudé is seeking to optimize with his new plugin: scrooge.
Dynamic Query Optimization
Rails Boost: Rails Template Generator
Quickly and easily generate Rails 2.3 templates to get your app up, fucking fast.
This is a neat service centered around the new rails template feature.
Generate a "one-liner" that will build and configure a boot strapped Rails app! Requires Rails 2.3+
Ruby on Rails for Designers - Nettuts+
uby on Rails is an open-source web framework that's optimized for programmer happiness and sustainable productivity. It lets you write beautiful code by favoring convention over configuration. This is the way Ruby on Rails promotes itself - but in my words, it is an incredible framework that can really make your life much easier. You can learn more at their site PG Author: Alex Coomans This is a NETTUTS contributor who has published 1 tutorial(s) so far here. Their bio is coming soon! Step 1- Installing Ruby on Rails Installing Ruby on Rails (also often shortened to RoR) is fairly painless on most systems, but you will need to be comfortable opening up the terminal. The Ruby on Rails download page provides links to get started, and I will reproduce them here to save you a bit of time. Just as a note, these are the places to get Ruby, which is what Rails is programmed in, and we will be installing Rails in a minute. To learn more about the language, review the
gem -v
Ruby on Rails for Designers - Nettuts+
Paul Dix Explains Nothing: Breath fire over HTTP in Ruby with Typhoeus
Might be a good alternative to Net/HTTP for Context Hero. How hard would it be to incorporate caching?
Rail Spikes: 10 Cool Things in Rails 2.3
Nodeta » Blog Archive » Stopping your Rails application with Phusion Passenger
Tips on displaying a downtime message during system maintenance
Ruby on Rails Security Project - The Book
Getting Started with Ruby on Rails: Installation
This article will guide you through the process of installing Ruby on Rails, and any other software that is required to begin using it.
31 Fascinating Ruby on Rails Tutorials & Guides - Nettuts+
michael galero » Blog Archive » Guide to Rails Metal
Writing a Rails Metal app can make you realize just how spoiled we’ve become with all the convenience that comes with Rails. Without the controller and view helpers, it can become a painful experience. Here’s a guide to help make it a better experience
Ruby on Rails on Google App Engine: Welcome aboard
Now RoR is supported by Google App Engine. What are you waiting for!?
Hackido: Install Ruby Rails on Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope
web development that doesn`t hurt ?
jaunty install guide for rails
How to Create a Blog from Scratch Using Ruby on Rails
The view layer has one main purpose - to return the relevant HTML to be rendered on the users browser. In Rail a view is held in an erb (Embedded Ruby) file, which contains both HTML and embedded Ruby statements.
Let’s face it, you don’t want to build database access layer every time you start a new project.
This tutorial shows you how to create a basic blog using Ruby on Rails. By covering the design aspects of a Rails web application, it makes it easier to understand the concepts behind Rails and how they fit together.
Building a Forum From Scratch with Ruby on Rails - Nettuts+
Forum From Scratch with Ruby on Rails - Nettuts+
Today, we will be building a simple forum using Ruby on Rails, and we will be working up from the basics covering things like authentication and more advanced
How to Add Simple Permissions into Your Simple App. Also, Thoughtbot Rules! // RailsTips by John Nunemaker
I didn't realize the automatic boolean attributes part.
how to use mixins in Rails, with loads of useful stuff about testing at the end
Shoulda examples
Ruby at ThoughtWorks
In a word "yes". Search around for benchmarks on the net and you'll find numerous surveys that show that, even by the standards of scripting languages, Ruby is a tortoise.
Martin Fowler - detailed, but not too long, well presented pros and cons on ruby
LESS - Leaner CSS
Turns out that sometimes less is CSS.
Amazon's Elastic Computing Cloud (EC2)
"how to get started with EC2, use Chef to prepare the server for rails apps, and then use Capistrano to start up a sample rails app"
Below I describe how to get started with EC2, use Chef to prepare the server for rails apps, and then use Capistrano to start up a sample rails app! It's really pretty easy!
Good starter tutorial for getting Chef going on an EC2 node.
A Simple Twitter App with Ruby on Rails - Messages With Ajax | Noupe
The Rails Way: Uploading Files
Paperclip - Ruby Screencasts and Videos for Ruby People
Ruby Screencasts and Videos for Ruby People
Fat Free CRM - Ruby On Rails-based open source CRM platform
Get Your API Right « Trek
If you’re not allowing clients to create new data, or update/delete existing data on your system then you do not have an API. You have a feed. There’s nothing wrong providing read-only access to your data (it’s laudable, in fact), but I’m often disappointed to hear “Yeah! We have an API” only to find the person really meant they offered a number of customizable data feeds as XML.
"I can’t stand working with a poorly designed API! If you’re about to design or release an API for the web and want to avoid the ire of your developers, I’ve summed up the best (and worst) of what I’ve seen into 8 rules..."
Controlando el API
8 key gotchas when implementing RESTful web APIs. great advice
If you’re about to design or release an API for the web and want to avoid the ire of your developers, I’ve summed up the best (and worst) of what I’ve seen into 8 rules:
has_many :bugs, :through => :rails: Ruby on Rack #1 - Hello Rack!
Intro to Rack, with a slight rails focus.
20 Ruby on Rails Tuts to Rule Them All - Nettuts+
20 Ruby on Rails Tuts to Rule Them All
AirBlog — A Paper Trail For Your Models
PaperTrail lets you track changes to your Rails app’s models’ data. It’s good for auditing or versioning. You can see how a model looked at any stage in its lifecycle and even undelete it after it’s been destroyed.
acts_as_versioned simply_audited
Getting Started With Restful Authentication in Rails - Nettuts+
Riding Rails: Introducing Rails Metal
a thin wrapper around Rack middleware intended for application-specific end points that need the extra speed
Rails Primer for Google App Engine with JRuby
把 google appengine 包的更簡化....
"rails primer for google app engine"
The Rails Way: Do it Later With Delayed Job.
Ryan's meta-programming approach for declaring background tasks doubles-up as documentation, and puts the focus on the individual methods rather than requiring you to create separate classes for your jobs.
Do it Later With Delayed Job.
TorqueBox: Home
TorqueBox is a new kind of Ruby application platform that integrates popular technologies such as Ruby-on-Rails, while extending the footprint of Ruby applications to include support for Job Scheduling, Task Queues, SOAP Handling, and Telecom. TorqueBox provides an all-in-one environment, built upon the latest, most powerful JBoss AS Java application server. Functionality such as clustering and cloud deployment is included right out-of-the-box.
Essential Learning for Ruby and Rails - Nettuts+
Ruby is rapidly becoming the preferred programming language for many developers. With that said, let's look at some of the best tutorials, videos and books to
A/Bingo: RoR Split Testing by Bingo Card Creator
Google Website Optimizer seems a bit dirty - this looks like a cleaner way
My 10 Favorite Things About the Ruby Language « Katz Got Your Tongue?
“On Rake” by John Barnette
A grab-bag of other bad usage I’ve seen recently:
I’ve been reading a lot of Rakefiles lately, and it’s obvious that the folks writing them think of Rake as An Engine For Encapsulating Tasks. That’s fine, but it’s only part of what Rake can do.
Riding Rails: Upgrading to Snow Leopard
Here is a quick rundown of common tasks you might have to do to migrate properly.
Riding Rails: Gem Packaging: Best Practices
That’s Not a Memory Leak, It’s Bloat | Engine Yard Blog
ou combined memory
The Rails State Machine « Envy Labs
include ActiveModel::StateMachine
Ruby on Rails recently added a built-in ActiveModel::StateMachine implementation and even more recently tied it in to ActiveRecord. And, for being a built-in library, it’s pretty damned fully-featured.
Hivelogic - Compiling Ruby, RubyGems, and Rails on Snow Leopard
These are instructions for compiling and installing 64-bit Ruby, Rubygems, and Ruby on Rails on Mac OS X 10.6, Snow Leopard.
sudo gem install mysql -- --with-mysql-dir=/usr/local/mysql
Snow Leopard compatible instructions for compiling ruby
ongoing · Ravelry
Casey: We’ve got 430,000 registered users, in a month we’ll see 200,000 of those, about 135,000 in a week and about 70,000 in a day. We peak at 3.6 million pageviews per day. That’s registered users only (doesn’t include the very few pages that are Google accessible) and does not include the usual API calls, RSS feeds, AJAX. Actual requests that hit Rails per day is 10 million. 900 new users sign up per day. The forums are very active with about 50,000 new posts being written each day. Some various numbers — 2.3 million knitting/crochet projects, 19 million forum posts, 13 million private messages, 8 million photos (the majority are hosted by Flickr).
Some various numbers — 2.3 million knitting/crochet projects, 19 million forum posts, 13 million private messages, 8 million photos (the majority are hosted by Flickr).
Uploadify and Rails 2.3 // RailsTips by John Nunemaker
Ruby on Rails Code Quality Checklist - Matthew Paul Moore
As ThriveSmart hires more developers - not all of them Ruby or Ruby on Rails experts - there's a growing need to ensure that code and design strategies maintain an extremely high level of quality across different projects. My good friend Dan and I assembled this checklist that all of our teams are expected to sign off on for each of their projects. It's an evolving list, but here's a snapshot of it.
How Ravelry Scales to 10 Million Requests Using Rails | High Scalability
How Ravelry Scales to 10 Million Requests Using Rails
Interessantissimo articolo su un sito web fatto in rails ( che ha raggiunto volumi di traffico davvero ragguardevoli. L'articolo illustra come è nata l'idea per il sito (si tratta di un sito per gli appassionati di cucito e lavoro a maglia), come si è arrivati a quei numeri (10 million requests a day hit Rails, 3.6 million pageviews per day, 430,000 registered users. 70,000 active each day. 900 new sign ups per day), dell'architettura adottata, e delle lezioni imparate.
Tim Bray has a wonderful interview with Casey Forbes, creator of Ravelry, a Ruby on Rails site supporting a 400,000+ strong community of dedicated knitters and crocheters.
Pathfinder Development » Ruby and Rails Style Guide
Ruby and Rails Style Guide
kay with using braces for a multi-line block if you are using the result of the entire statement i
Relevance Blog : 10 Must-Have Rails Plugins and Gems (2009 Edition)
Migrating to Snow Leopard for Rails Development – A Definitive Guide « A Fresh Cup
Article about how to migrate to snow leopard.
Ruby, Rack and CouchDB = lots of awesomeness « Merbist
"couchdb ruby"
Logging to couch
Dr Nic ’s Install any HTML theme/template into your Rails app
et me know if anyone else thinks this is usefu
So I’ve started to try and make any “HTML Template” into a “Ruby on Rails Template” with the helper app install_theme.
Nifty tool to convert a vanilla HTML/CSS layout into the views and static assets needed by a Rails app.
Robby on Rails : Switch to Passenger (mod_rails) in development on OSX in less than 7 minutes or your money back!
Switching to Passenger (mod_rails) in development on OSX.
Get passenger phusion working on the default apache install on osx
We recently switched our default builds of Rails Boxcar to leverage the benefits of using Passenger (mod_rails) for deployment of your Ruby on Rails applications and it’s been working out great for our customers. Several of our customers and colleagues mentioned that they also began using Passenger in development, which was intriguing.
Switch to Passenger (mod_rails) in development on OSX in less than 7 minutes or your money back!
High Scalability - High Scalability - How Ravelry Scales to 10 Million Requests Using Rails
Teach Me To Code - Screencasts
A number of lectures on coding with Ruby-on-Rails
Life is beautiful: Ruby on Railsの「えせMVC」の弊害
Jetpack Flight Log » High Quality Ruby on Rails Example Applications
Sometimes to best way to get up to speed with a new technology is to learn by example. Here is a list of fully featured, production ready example applications I have compiled that I consider to be of very decent quality.
21 Rack Middlewares To Turbocharge Your Ruby Webapps
collection of rack middleware
If you've worked with Web apps using Ruby, you might know of Rack, an interface that sits between Ruby applications and HTTP-speaking Web servers. All of the major Ruby frameworks and server setups use it now, including Rails. Middleware (in Rack) is code that manipulates data going back and forth between your Ruby apps and the HTTP server. You can use middleware to intercept requests, change data in mid-flow, etc. Ryan Bates has a great screencast tutorial if you're new to the concept and want to build your own.
Rails in a Nutshell
Rails in a Nutshell is a concise introduction to Rails, an overview of commands and configurations, and a guide to the parts of Rails you’ll be using every day.
Beta Blog: Kill Your Signup Form with Rails
Even though the gradual engagement meme has been around for a while, and everyone just hates signup forms, they just seem to keep popping up like a bad habit.
Tips for eliminating the signup process - other ways to discourage spam bots, and track users without passwords.
Even though the gradual engagement meme has been around for a while, and everyone just hates signup forms, they just seem to keep popping up like a bad habit. My site, was one of the guilty parties. We saw users coming back to the site repeatedly, but not signing up. The percentage that looked at the signup form and then bolted was uncomfortably high. It was time to kill the signup form. This blog post documents how we implemented gradual engagement using Ruby on Rails and restful authentication.
Jetpack Flight Log » Rails 2.3.4 and SWFUpload – Rack Middleware for Flash Uploads that Degrade Gracefully
SASS: The Better, More Powerful CSS - Intridea Company Blog
Top 50 Ruby on Rails Websites
Top 50 Ruby on Rails Websites
Rails Best Practices
Weil ich mich von vielen verwirrenden asiatischen Schriftzeichen nicht abschrecken lasse.
Brian Mastenbrook: How I cross-site scripted Twitter in 15 minutes, and why you shouldn't store important data on 37signals' applications
How Twitter was hacked.
Jammit: Industrial Strength Asset Packaging for Rails
Jammit is an industrial strength asset packaging library for Rails, providing both the CSS and JavaScript concatenation and compression that you'd expect, as well as YUI Compressor and Closure Compiler compatibility, ahead-of-time gzipping, built-in JavaScript template support, and optional Data-URI / MHTML image embedding. Jammit is an open-source component of DocumentCloud.
Jammit is an industrial strength asset packaging library for Rails, providing both the CSS and JavaScript concatenation and compression that you'd expect, as well as YUI Compressor and Closure Compiler compatibility, ahead-of-time gzipping, built-in JavaScript template support, and optional Data-URI / MHTML image embedding.
My top 7 RSpec best practices | Dmytro Shteflyuk's Home
use RSpec in all my projects. It’s really hard to overemphasize how helpful it is and how much easier becomes your life if you have good specs coverage. But its outstanding flexibility enables many ways to make your specs awful: horribly slow, over-bloated, even non-readable sometimes. I do not want to teach you BDD and RSpec here, but instead I will give you some ideas how to improve your specs quality and increase efficiency of your BDD workflow.
Best practices in rspec
Beginners guide to Jquery + Ruby On Rails | Not Geekly Correct
Distributed Logging: Syslog-ng & Splunk -
stream live logs from your Ruby, Haproxy, and Nginx processes into your Splunk database for easy debugging and profiling. Of course, same procedures apply to any other process on a remote server - make it log to syslog, and you can route it to Splunk!
Snow Leopard Ruby Development Environment Checklist / Gotchas | Ric Roberts: Ruby on Rails developer, Manchester, UK
The Rails Way: Users and Passwords
a simple best practices article on handling passwords and authentication. There’s nothing particularly new here, but it’s always worthwhile revisiting the basics.
Integrating Flickr into your rails website - Pixellated Visions
Notice the buttons!!
from mud
In this post I’m going to show you how I created the little Flickr stream you can see running down the right hand edge of this site.
How to use flickr_fu to show your flickr images on your rails website or blog
Scotland on Rails | Union Station
Assistir esses videos
Introducing Garb: Access the Google Analytics Data Export API with Ruby | Web Development Blog: Web Development Insights, Best Practices, Tips & Techniques : Viget Labs
Ruby on Rails Tutorial: Learn Rails by Example
The Ruby on Rails Tutorial Book * Thorough introduction to Ruby on Rails * A book-in-progress * Up-to-date with the latest version of Rails * Full text available online * Associated screencast series coming soon
Why I think Mongo is to Databases what Rails was to Frameworks // RailsTips by John Nunemaker
Below are 7 Mongo and MongoMapper related features that I have found to be really awesome while working on switching Harmony, a new website management system by my company, Ordered List, to Mongo from MySQL.
The more I work with Mongo the more I am coming around to this way of thinking. I tell no lie when I say that I now approach Mongo with the same kind of excitement I first felt using Rails. For some, that may be enough, but for others, you probably require more than a feeling to check out a new technology
_why's Estate
The collected works of Mr Stiff.
Git Work Flow For Rails Developers | Vinsol
Cross posted from darthsid This is my very first blog post and so I though it should be about a tool that is indispensable for me - Git. I started using git
MF Bliki: SmutOnRails
GR: SmutOnRails: Shared by robinhowlett Martin Flower's POV on smut-gate (yes, I know, I hate the unoriginali.. [from]
I have a different vision - one that sticks it to the suits so hard it will make their eyes water. How about a community where women are valued for their ability to program and not by the thickness of their skin? How about a community that edgily pushes new boundaries without reinforcing long running evils? Perhaps even a community where women reach equal numbers? Such a community would hand the suits the defeat in the long battle women have been fighting for centuries. I'd love to be part of that.
A couple of weeks ago there was a Ruby conference in San Francisco called GoGaRuCo (Golden Gate Ruby Conference). This conference has grabbed attention due to a talk at which the presenter illustrated a discussion of CouchDB by using sexually suggestive pictures of women. Unsurprisingly the result has been a fair bit of heated, and occasionally offensive, debate.
Rails/jQuery UI sortables with single UPDATE query – The Pug Automatic
SapphireSteel :: Ruby In Steel - New Free Edition includes Visual Studio
Ruby In Steel
Ruby In Steel Personal Edition (PE) 2008 provides all the tools needed to develop and maintain Ruby or Rails projects including syntax sensitive customizable code coloring and code folding, numerous coding tools such as auto-indenting, code reformatting, bracket and keyword matching and integrated consoles to allow users to interact with the Ruby interpreter in docked or floating windows. Ruby In Steel PE 2008 even includes a free copy of Visual Studio 2008 for Ruby! Ruby In Steel PE 2008 is available for personal or commercial development. It does not require registration and it does not time out. It comes with an ‘All-in-One’ installer to allow users to install all the software required including: Visual Studio 2008 (‘Shell edition’), Ruby, Rails, MySQL and Ruby In Steel. Alternatively, users who already own a commercial edition of Visual Studio 2008 may install Ruby In Steel into that.
6 Steps To Refactoring Rails (for Mere Mortals) | Union Station
Good pointers.
improve the way layouts were selected
Adam Lowe: VIM Destroys All Other Rails Editors
What you use to edit code is any other tool and it comes down to personal preference. Personally I LOVE Vim. There are hundred different ways you could set up Vim. This is the setup that's worked best for me. Hope you enjoy it as well.
TextMate Screencasts for Rubyists
Ruby Best Practices - Code Blocks: Ruby's Swiss Army Knife
Best practices for using blocks in Ruby.
How to print to a file in a block of code; more novel ways to implement < and << (redirect)
PostageApp - The easier way to send email from web apps
Ruby on Rails Tutorial: Learn Rails by Example
Rails Searchable API Doc
search easy and good looking Rails api documentation
Smart search, beautifully packed
Easy Git External Dependency Management with Giternal
Relevance Blog : Blue Ridge 1.0: JavaScript Unit Testing for Rails. Scandalous!
And be sure to check out the snippets as well. Type it, des, bef, or aft, and then press the tab key to expand into full it blocks, describe blocks, etc.
Jason Zimdars | Portfolio | Thinkcage
has_many :bugs, :through => :rails: Active Record Query Interface 3.0
In short, passing options hash containing :conditions, :include, :joins, :limit, :offset, :order, :select, :readonly, :group, :having, :from, :lock to any of the ActiveRecord provided class methods, is now deprecated.
Ruby on Rails 3.0 Release Notes
Rails 3.0 is a landmark release as it delivers on the Merb/Rails merge promise made in December 2008. Rails 3.0 provides major upgrades to all of the components of Rails, including a complete overhaul of the router and query APIs.
These big picture changes have concentrated on a few key areas: * Decoupling Rails components from one another as much as possible, making things more modular and a la carte. * Pulling in improvements from Merb and rewrite/refactor much of the internals to improve performance. * Exposing explicit, documented API’s for common tasks and integration of wider ecosystem components from testing, ORM, etc.
Hi, I'm Jeremy McAnally. I work at Intridea and tweet at @jm and get my open source on at and write run-on sentences.
try ruby! (in your browser)
A backup of whys poignant guide to Ruby. Try Ruby online
Ruby tutorials
Multiple Attachments with Validations In Rails with Paperclip - Cordinc Blog
Riding Rails: Merb gets merged into Rails 3!
We all realized that working together for a common good would be much more productive than duplicating things on each side of the fence. Merb and Rails already share so much in terms of design and sensibility that joining forces seemed like the obvious way to go. All we needed was to sit down for a chat and hash it out, so we did just that.
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The 3 pillars of our Rails Monitoring Stack
The 3 pillars of our Rails monitoring stack We break Rails monitoring into the 3 parts below (along with the tools we use): Process Monitoring System Performance Exception Notifications
Ruby Best Practices - Blog
Sharing model data via ActiveResource -- good stuff.
What Pythonistas Think of Ruby | Free PeepCode Blog
The very things I find ugly in Ruby are what make amazing Ruby software like RSpec possible, and that Python could never have (given the current implementation). Gary Bernhardt I think Ruby's syntax is ugly until they do something glorious and beautiful with it like Rake, then I think "damn it!" Unidentified Attendee
Rails 3 Reading Material | Medium eXposure
tlvx: the tumblelog of luke crawford - The technical story of Muxtape
That minimalist approach encompasses more that just aesthetics. It also informs our technical decisions, architecture, and the tools we use.
A good story about PHP and Ruby. I think a lot of developers get stuck up in their religious code circles that they forget that what they're really doing is mundane and completely stupid. Bottom line, be a lazy programmer.
Web Spidering and Data Extraction with scRUBYt! | Ruby Pond
5 Ways to Speed Up Your Rails App | Union Station
5 Ways to Speed Up Your Rails App
Katz Got Your Tongue? » Rails and Merb Merge
Today is a fairly momentous day in the history of Ruby web frameworks. You will probably find the news I’m about to share with you fairly shocking, but I will attempt to explain the situation. Before talking tech, and even going into the details
Rails and Merb Will Merge. The end result? Rails 3. See too
Katz Got Your Tongue?
Models vs. Modules - (37signals)
mahtava evoluutioartikkeli. modelikoodi -> moduuleihin -> luokkiin. oon miettiny jotain tällästä, mutten saanu ajatusta täysin kasaan.
Myth #3: Rails forces you to use Prototype
Myth #3: Rails forces you to use Prototype
Ruby, Rails, Web2.0 » Blog Archive » Hot in Edge Rails: Generate Rails Apps from Templates
using Jeremy McAnally's rails generator or the template feature that made it into rails core
template is able to generate a clean rails app which is basically bort (Or exactly bort. Or very similar to bort. Or similar to a bort lookalike. Or… I guess I leave this debate up to ruby lawyers, bort experts, rg zealots etc.) Anyway, it doesn’t really matter as rg was not invented to compete with bort - bort is merely used as an example because it’s probably the most popular Rails skeleton app nowadays - rg is far more general than that: an easy, concise, Rubyish way to describe your Rails app (including plugins, vendored gems, lib files, initializers and whatnot) in a very straightforward way.
The Lowdown on Routes in Rails 3 | Engine Yard Ruby on Rails Blog
The Rails 3 routing looks great: – Chris Wanstrath (defunkt)
Tips for writing your own Rails engine — GIANT ROBOTS SMASHING INTO OTHER GIANT ROBOTS
Some very good advice from Thoughtbot on constructing Rails Engines. I've started using their [Clearance]( engine for user authentication.
Ruby Best Practices - Full Book Now Available For Free!
iPhone Web Development with Ruby on Rails
Apple's iPhone has taken the nation by storm. An alleged half million moved from the shelves into people’s pockets in the first weekend it went on sale. Safari, the iPhone's native browser, claims to bring full featured browsing to the mobile device. You'll learn, over the course of this article, more than a few tricks that will help your website stand out on the iPhone. Knowledge of Ruby is not required to learn from this article as it relies heavily on Cascading Style Sheets and JavaScript to work its magic. You should be able to apply the tricks you'll learn here anywhere you'd use JavaScript or CSS. This article will not teach you everything you need to know about web development with Ruby on Rails, it will simply point out where the iPhone's browser differs from an ordinary one. Add up all these custom tweaks and you should have the tools you need to take your web site mobile. For a primer on Ruby on Rails, take a look at the Related Resources connected to this article.
4 Weather Libraries for Ruby and Rails Developers
天气预报接口 ruby on rails
Want to retrieve weather conditions in your Ruby script / application? There are four great solutions: WeatherMan, RWeather, rubyweather, and the Yahoo Weather Ruby API.
Passenger-Stack: Quickly Install a full Ruby and Passenger Stack
installing a full Ruby, Apache and Passenger-based stack almost a one-line task. It'll take almost any UN
What’s the password…haddock?
% ha-gen -f ~/Documents/awesome_words.txt
Generador de passwords friendly. Hay otras alternativas como flapcore.
Password generator that attempts to use words that are more rememberable.
Rails versus Django ·
neutral, non-inflammatory comparison on rails and django
Can't help it — I like these sorts of comparisons, even if they're highly contentious.
Rails versus Django
Rails, Textile, and javascript WYSIWYG roundup | Midnight Oil
Learn Ruby on Rails from Scratch: Week 2 - NETTUTS
Learn Ruby on Rails from Scratch: Week 2 - NETTUTS
i like the layout and the colors
Learn Ruby on Rails from Scratch: Week 2
semantic art - ruby - Using default_scope to recreate acts_as_paranoid in ActiveRecord 2.3
def self.find_with_destroyed *args self.with_exclusive_scope { find(*args) } end
Rails 2.3 gives us “default_scope” which was described by Ryan Daigle as allowing you to “specify default ordering, and other scopes, in edge rails directly in your ActiveRecord model.” Ryan’s post gives some good examples of when you might want to use this (specifically on models where you always want them sorted in a specific manner). In the comments of that post, Ryan Bates suggests that this might be useful for “simulating destroying a model (like acts_as_paranoid).” Indeed this is possible and the idea of using scoping to create this is both present in acts_as_paranoid itself and also has been brought up before. In this article I’m going to reinvent the wheel using default_scope to illustrate how powerful default_scope is and how trivial it makes this task. You can keep track of the finished product in my is_paranoid gem.
Robert Sosinski » The Difference Between Ruby Symbols and Strings
gist: 44410 — GitHub
Multiple Domains für eine Anwendung à la *.domain.irgendwo.
# 1) Point * in your DNS setup to your server. # # 2) Setup an Apache vhost to catch the star pointer: # # <VirtualHost *:80> # ServerName * # </VirtualHost> # # 3) Set the current account from the subdomain class ApplicationController < ActionController::Base before_filter :set_current_account private def set_current_account @current_account = Account.find_by_subdomain(request.subdomains.first) end end # 4) Tie all top-level requests off the current account class CustomersController < ApplicationController def index @customers = @current_account.customers end end
Rail Spikes: Testing SSL in Rails
def test_get_new_with_http_should_redirect_to_ssl @request.env['HTTPS'] = nil get :new assert_redirected_to "https://" + + @request.request_uri end
@request.env['HTTPS'] = 'on'
Here’s a quick tip for how to test that your application is using SSL correctly.
Rails Rumble 2008 Apps « 48-Hour Launch
Rails Rumble 2008 Apps
Riding Rails: New 15-minute blog video on Rails 2.2
The old 15-minute blog video was getting really long in the tooth, so it’s with great pleasure that I can present the new video made with Rails 2.2 and done by Ryan Bates. It really takes it all up a notch by showing the creation of a blog with comments, ajax, feed, api, admin interface, and more.
Riding Rails
the 15 minutes to fame tutorial redux
Testing Rails with Rack::Test - Ruby on Rails
Dead Simple Rails Deployment | blogt✪sk1
with passenger and git
Deploying a Rails app used to suck. Reverse proxies, Mongrel clusters, Monit, etc. Capistrano helped out a lot (once you set it up the first time), but all in
Twibot: A Ruby Microframework for Building Twitter Bots
Map Fields - A Rails plugin to ease the importing of CSV files @ Ramblings on Rails
a very nice solution for importing csv files, it handles the mapping which is a very common problem
OMFG!!!! Manbabies are ready!!!!
Ease way to import csv files
Five open-source rails apps to study and learn from
Rethinking PDF Creation in Ruby
Ruby on Rails: Rails 3 Screencasts
ptions for Rails and the new Action Dispatch component. Action Dispatch contains a new syntax for routing which is even more concise and readable.
10 TextMate bundles/plugins to boost your Ruby on Rails development productivity | Adventures In Coding
Here are ten of my favourite bundles and plugins available to TextMate that will save you time and effort while working with Ruby on Rails.
Rails Dispatch | Presented by Engine Yard
Upgrading a Rails 2 App to Rails 3
In this article, we’ll go through the main areas of Rails 3 that have seen major improvements. We’ll see how the evolution of Rails into its current mature form makes it easy to accomplish usual tasks, while also packing up new features any serious developer would appreciate.
Upgrade a Rails 2 App to Rails 3
5 Rails Plugins to Help Optimize Your MySQL | Purify Blog
Bullet / SlimScrooge/ Query Reviewer / Rails Indexes / Ambitious Query Indexer
Duck Typo: The New Ruby Ecosystem
Why Ruby is excellent.
The new ruby on rails ecosystem #ruby #rails ^MG – Ruby Done Right (rubydoneright)
ng of the above is revolutionary. Taken all together, though, these changes are a great display of the power of simplicity, testing, openness and relentless experimentation. In fact, I think that the development commun
Duck Typo: The New Ruby Ecosystem
Why Ruby is excellent.
The new ruby on rails ecosystem #ruby #rails ^MG – Ruby Done Right (rubydoneright)
ng of the above is revolutionary. Taken all together, though, these changes are a great display of the power of simplicity, testing, openness and relentless experimentation. In fact, I think that the development commun
Duck Typo: The New Ruby Ecosystem
Why Ruby is excellent.
The new ruby on rails ecosystem #ruby #rails ^MG – Ruby Done Right (rubydoneright)
ng of the above is revolutionary. Taken all together, though, these changes are a great display of the power of simplicity, testing, openness and relentless experimentation. In fact, I think that the development commun
Rethinking Rails 3 Controllers and Routes | Free PeepCode Blog
Improving URL routing for web apps.
Roadmap for Learning Rails | techiferous