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Robby on Rails : Subdomain accounts with Ruby on Rails explained
Google Data on Rails - Google Data APIs - Google Code

This article is intended for developers interested in accessing the Google Data APIs using Ruby, specifically Ruby on Rails. It assumes the reader has some familiarity with the Ruby programming language and the Rails web-development framework. I focus on the Documents List API for most of the samples, but the same concepts can be applied to any of the Data APIs.
10 Useful Tips For Ruby On Rails Developers | How-To | Smashing Magazine 20 Rails Development No-No's
Ruby on Rails for Designers - Nettuts+
uby on Rails is an open-source web framework that's optimized for programmer happiness and sustainable productivity. It lets you write beautiful code by favoring convention over configuration. This is the way Ruby on Rails promotes itself - but in my words, it is an incredible framework that can really make your life much easier. You can learn more at their site PG Author: Alex Coomans This is a NETTUTS contributor who has published 1 tutorial(s) so far here. Their bio is coming soon! Step 1- Installing Ruby on Rails Installing Ruby on Rails (also often shortened to RoR) is fairly painless on most systems, but you will need to be comfortable opening up the terminal. The Ruby on Rails download page provides links to get started, and I will reproduce them here to save you a bit of time. Just as a note, these are the places to get Ruby, which is what Rails is programmed in, and we will be installing Rails in a minute. To learn more about the language, review the
gem -v
Ruby on Rails for Designers - Nettuts+
Ruby on Rails Security Project - The Book
31 Fascinating Ruby on Rails Tutorials & Guides - Nettuts+
Ruby on Rails on Google App Engine: Welcome aboard
Now RoR is supported by Google App Engine. What are you waiting for!?
How to Create a Blog from Scratch Using Ruby on Rails
The view layer has one main purpose - to return the relevant HTML to be rendered on the users browser. In Rail a view is held in an erb (Embedded Ruby) file, which contains both HTML and embedded Ruby statements.
Let’s face it, you don’t want to build database access layer every time you start a new project.
This tutorial shows you how to create a basic blog using Ruby on Rails. By covering the design aspects of a Rails web application, it makes it easier to understand the concepts behind Rails and how they fit together.
Building a Forum From Scratch with Ruby on Rails - Nettuts+
Forum From Scratch with Ruby on Rails - Nettuts+
Today, we will be building a simple forum using Ruby on Rails, and we will be working up from the basics covering things like authentication and more advanced
A Simple Twitter App with Ruby on Rails - Messages With Ajax | Noupe
Teach Me To Code - Screencasts
A number of lectures on coding with Ruby-on-Rails
Integrating Flickr into your rails website - Pixellated Visions
Notice the buttons!!
from mud
In this post I’m going to show you how I created the little Flickr stream you can see running down the right hand edge of this site.
How to use flickr_fu to show your flickr images on your rails website or blog
6 Steps To Refactoring Rails (for Mere Mortals) | Union Station
Good pointers.
improve the way layouts were selected
Ruby on Rails Tutorial: Learn Rails by Example
Riding Rails: Merb gets merged into Rails 3!
We all realized that working together for a common good would be much more productive than duplicating things on each side of the fence. Merb and Rails already share so much in terms of design and sensibility that joining forces seemed like the obvious way to go. All we needed was to sit down for a chat and hash it out, so we did just that.
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5 Ways to Speed Up Your Rails App | Union Station
5 Ways to Speed Up Your Rails App
iPhone Web Development with Ruby on Rails
Apple's iPhone has taken the nation by storm. An alleged half million moved from the shelves into people’s pockets in the first weekend it went on sale. Safari, the iPhone's native browser, claims to bring full featured browsing to the mobile device. You'll learn, over the course of this article, more than a few tricks that will help your website stand out on the iPhone. Knowledge of Ruby is not required to learn from this article as it relies heavily on Cascading Style Sheets and JavaScript to work its magic. You should be able to apply the tricks you'll learn here anywhere you'd use JavaScript or CSS. This article will not teach you everything you need to know about web development with Ruby on Rails, it will simply point out where the iPhone's browser differs from an ordinary one. Add up all these custom tweaks and you should have the tools you need to take your web site mobile. For a primer on Ruby on Rails, take a look at the Related Resources connected to this article.