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A Review of the Best Robots of 2008 :: Singularity Hub

a lot of these i've seen before, but its pretty awe-inspiring to see them one after the comments have a bunch more!
Robot innovation continued its relentless advances during 2008. In this post we would like to showcase some of our favorite robots and robot videos of the last year or so.
Robot innovation continued its relentless advances during 2008. In this post we would like to showcase some of our favorite robots and robot videos of the last year or so. This review is heavily slanted to consumer robots and research robots. Perhaps in the future we can do a review of industrial robots. Given the sheer number of robots that are out there we know there will be several excellent robots that we have overlooked in this review. If you know of any really awesome robots or robot videos that we have missed please let us know and we will consider adding them to this post. So without further delay, lets take a look at some of the best robots and robot videos of 2008 (maybe some are from 2007 too), broken down by category: January 12th, 2009 | Published by Keith Kleiner in robotics
Robot innovation continued its relentless advances during 2008. In this post we would like to showcase some of our favorite robots and robot videos of the last year or so. (Singularity Hub)
Building an Animated Cartoon Robot with jQuery
Animações com jQuery
Autonomous Robots Invade Retail Warehouses | Wired Science from
Next time you order a new pair of skinny jeans from, you should know that you are helping welcome in the hive-mind robot overlords of retail. Warehouses run by
Boom. Now we begin. Watch the video.
Robots - The Big Picture -
check out pic #16... amazing
tweenbots | kacie kinzer
Kacie Kinzer set out to discover how big city folk relate to their surroundings by releasing a number of cute, helpless robots onto the streets of New York with nothing but a sign asking passers-by to assist them in getting to their destination. Over the course of the following months the Tweenbots were successful in rolling from their start point to their far-away destination assisted only by strangers. Every time the robot got caught under a park bench, ground futilely against a curb, or became trapped in a pothole, some passerby would always rescue it and send it toward its goal. Never once was a Tweenbot lost or damaged. Often, people would ignore the instructions to aim the Tweenbot in the “right” direction, if that direction meant sending the robot into a perilous situation. One man turned the robot back in the direction from which it had just come, saying out loud to the Tweenbot, “You can’t go that way, it’s toward the road.”
heel leuk
Cardboard robots prove that crowdsourcing works and that people are nice.
The Reeves and Nass of the mini-robots. This is such a great result.
In New York City, we are very occupied with getting from one place to another. I wondered: could a human-like object traverse sidewalks and streets along with us, and in so doing, create a narrative about our relationship to space and our willingness to interact with what we find in it? More importantly, how could our actions be seen within a larger context of human connection that emerges from the complexity of the city itself? To answer these questions, I built robots. Tweenbots are human-dependent robots that navigate the city with the help of pedestrians they encounter. Rolling at a constant speed, in a straight line, Tweenbots have a destination displayed on a flag, and rely on people they meet to read this flag and to aim them in the right direction to reach their goal. Given their extreme vulnerability, the vastness of city space, the dangers posed by traffic, suspicion of terrorism, and the possibility that no one would be interested in helping a lost
Gizmodo - NYU Student Conducts Most Adorable Robot Experiment Ever - Tweenbot
Best. Art. Evar.
The tweenbot, a cardboard-bodied, cheerful little bugger, is equipped with a flag stating its intended destination. Since it can only move forward, it depends on the kindness of strangers to guide it and remove obstacles.
40+ Beautiful Robot Characters Illustration | Naldz Graphics
Nothing! 40+ Beautiful Robot Character Illustrations [from]
High-Speed Robot Hand Demonstrates Dexterity and Skillful Manipulation | Hizook
Videos of the Ishikawa Komuro Lab's high-speed robot hand performing impressive acts of dexterity and skillful manipulation. However, the video being passed around is slight on details. Meanwhile, their video presentation at ICRA 2009 (which took place in May in Kobe, Japan) has an informative narration and demonstrates additional capabilities. I have included this video below, which shows the manipulator dribbling a ping-pong ball, spinning a pen, throwing a ball, tying knots, grasping a grain of rice with tweezers, and tossing / re-grasping a cellphone!
High-Speed Robot Hand Demonstrates Dexterity and Skillful Manipulation
A High-Speed Robot Hand Demonstrates Dexterity and Skillful Manipulation.
The tweezer grasp is great.
More Robots - The Big Picture -
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YouTube - Roomba Driver
Roomba Driver
八角研究所 : 誰でも簡単にできる Twitter ボット作成入門
「どうしてプログラマーになったんですか?」という質問に対し、幾人かはこう答えるでしょう。 「ドラえもんや、アトムに代表される人間のように話す人工知能を持ったロボットを作ってみたかった」と。そうです。人は、コンピューターの中に自分で知能を持った人間を作って見たいと思うものなのです。
xkcd - A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language - By Randall Munroe
wow, i had really strong feelings for this one
If the Mars Spirit Rover could talk...
Aw, man.
About Beremiz — Beremiz Open Source Automation Framework Home Page
Environnement de programmation d'automates industriels open source.
22 Creative Uses of Robots in Web Design
Robots en webs. (Tinkerbot)
22 Creative Uses of Robots in Web Design [from]
Simply put… robots are awesome. Using robots in a web layout adds a touch of unique and futuristic feel to it. In this imaginative showcase, you’ll find creative applications of robotic elements in web design.
A robot rises over Tokyo « Flickr Blog
A robot rises over Tokyo
Photos of a lifesize Gundam in Tokyo.
You've got to wonder if North Korean Defence woke up one morning, saw this through the spy cameras, and shat themselves.
Robot Unicorn Attack - A Free Online Flash Game From Adult Swim
Wired For War Special: The Beautiful, Scary Robots of Shigeo Hirose
I haven't read this yet.
Man lives with female robot | The Sun |News
SHE is the perfect wife, with the body of a Page 3 pin-up and housekeeping skills that put TV's Kim and Aggie to shame. Her name is Aiko, she can even read a map, and will never, ever, nag. Sounds too good to be true, doesn't she fellas? And she is. Aiko is actually a robot, a fantasy brought to life by inventor Le Trung.
mr universe would understand
SHE is the perfect wife, with the body of a Page 3 pin-up and housekeeping skills that put TV’s Kim and Aggie to shame.
I guess the motivation is questionable. However, it shows that robotic companions are not so far out in the future. And the more human those robotic companions can behave and communicate, the more intuitive the human-robot interaction will be, thus eliminating the need for extensive training or manual reading and giving a broader public access to such anthropomorphic computing interfaces.
speaks 13,000 sentences
Gizmodo - Long-Exposure Shot of a Roomba's Path Shows Beautifully Organized Chaos - Roomba
Cool long exposure pic of a roomba at work: [from]
RT @bfeld: Retweeting @bwyman: Awesome long-exposure shot of a Roomba in action. [from]
Robot Programmed to Love Goes too Far
Kenji the robot fixates on human tech and has to be turned off. Repeatedly.
robot asesino
Manufactoria - Jay is Games
... a most excellent puzzle game, wherein you build little machines to test robots. [via Math Less Travelled blog]
法と技術とクローラと私 - 最速転職研究会
YouTube - The latest version of the LittleDog Robot
RT @catenary: Amazing agile little robot:
Cool dog like robot that walks on all fours, very cool.
This is awesome, but the problem remains that it reminds me that Skynet is possible.