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InfoQ: Writing JEE applications with Grails and Flex

Grails and Flex both have significant advantages in different parts of the software stack. In this new article you will learn how they can be combined to take advantage of each's strengths. Topics covered include component communication, data transfer, and JMS integration.
This article will go into detail about how to write JEE applications with Grails, a spin-off of traditional JEE application development, and Flex, a different technique that can be used with Java. Both frameworks can be highly productive. Combining the two frameworks holds the promise of building rich internet frontends to J2EE applications while retaining the high productivity.
Google Analytics within Flex/Flash Applications - InsideRIA
Tutorial para interligar o flash com o Google Analytics
Tuturial para interligar o flash com o Google Analytics
Google Analytics within Flex/Flash Applications
Adobe - Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Technology Center
Ensuring that search engines can crawl and index your rich Internet applications (RIAs)—so that your content can be found by others—is of critical importance to building and maintaining an online presence. While Adobe and the leading search engines are making significant strides in making SWF content more searchable, you can take additional steps now to improve your search ranking positions further. The SEO Technology Center helps explain what the challenges are and provides practical steps, examples, and best practices that you can follow to overcome them.
Search Engine Optimization Technology Center
Vaadin -
Vaadin is a Java framework for building modern web applications that look great, perform well and make you and your users happy.
WebApps auf Basis von GWT erstellen. Sieht gut aus.
Ajax GUI Framework - Ample SDK
Ajax SDK, Framework
Exclusive: First Look at Blue Spruce, IBM's Next Generation Browser Platform - ReadWriteWeb
IBM's browser as platform project
He replied that customers have been consistently telling them for 1-1.5 years now that they don't want to do installs anymore. Their customers want the rich experience that desktop apps have traditionally provided, but they want to have it in the browser. Collaboration and sharing data is also a trend that IBM is tapping into with Blue Spruce.
Interesting piece about what IBM's Emerging Technology team is up to.
ReadWriteWeb was given an exclusive first look at Blue Spruce.
50 Most Usable RIAs | InsideRIA
review of hundreds of RIAs while compiling examples for our book Designing Web Interfaces: Principles and Patterns for Rich Interactions, and subsequent talks and articles.
InfoQ: Tim Bray on the Future of the Web
Rich Internet Application Screen Design | UX Magazine
This article will outline the process we use to create rich applications, focusing primarily on screen design. All of the content is geared specifically toward productivity applications like Software as a Service (SaaS) products and Rich Enterprise Applications (REAs)
リッチインターネットアプリケーションの実装時に検討したい30のUI | コリス