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Tunnel HTTP over HTTP, in a structured, controllable, securable way. Let programs claim part of URL space, and serve HTTP, all by using an ordinary HTTP client library.
An interesting alternative to polling http services.
not polling
Interesting web hooks stuff. Yet another PubSub solution:
singpolyma: Interesting web hooks stuff. Yet another PubSub solution:
Smart Clients: ReverseHTTP & WebSockets -
Seems like we need the equivalent of an ssh connection with a reverse tunnel. The browser can initiate (and control) the connection, and the web server can ‘touch’ the browser directly.
Web Socket/HTML 5、onopen/onread/onclose、←Opera Unite/Webhooks、最近の一連のブラウザサーバー関連まとめ
Polling architectures, as pervasive as they are today, did not come about due to their efficiency. Whether you are maintaining a popular endpoint (Twitter), or trying to get near real-time news (RSS), neither side benefits from this architecture. Over the years we've built a number of crutches in the form of Cache headers, ETags, accelerators, but none have fundamentally solved the problem - because the client remains 'dumb' the burden is still always on the server. For that reason, it's worth paying attention to some of the technologies which are seeking to reverse this trend: ReverseHTTP & WebSockets.
It feels dirty... but seems like a useful concept
Big Sky :: ReverseHttpで誰よりも速く「はてなブックマーク」に反応するツール書いた。
hookoutを使えば、proxy内のrackサービスを外部公開できるらしい。 ただ勘違いされやすいのが「何がReverseなの」という部分。通常ブラウザからリクエストが送信され、それに対する応答がサーバから返されます。ReverseHttpはサーバで何かアクションが起きた場合に、ブラウザ側がその通知を受信する...なんて事が出来るプロトコルです。仕組みはcometというlong pollに似た仕組みで、サイトのdemoを観るとなんなく理解出来るかと思います。 例えば何が出来るのか...
ruby, WebHook, hookout.rb
Reverse HTTP - Second Life Wiki
http 方向返回
what's difference between comet and reverse http