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Can you Retire on $500 per month? |

Lifestyle design is all about changing the way we live so that we can fulfill our passions and experience life now. We should all be striving for early retirement from lousy jobs. My wife and I have a one year plan to quit our jobs and move to a new country. We are not retiring from work, we still want to continue working on interesting projects and possible doing some longer term volunteering, but we do want to retire from our current career of owning an English school in Japan. Too many people still believe that retirement is for the 65 and older crowd who have worked and saved their whole lives and still have trouble making ends meet. How much money do you really need to retire? What if you could retire now, for as little as $500 per month? Of course, that means cutting back on most luxuries and living a relatively simple life but it does seem possible in lower income countries like The Philippines, Cambodia, Thailand, and Indonesia.