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Towards RESTful PHP - 5 Basic Tips | Kris Jordan

About PHP- Once read
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Create a REST API with PHP « Gen X Design | Ian Selby
One of the latest (sort of) crazes sweeping the net is APIs, more specifically those that leverage REST. It’s really no surprise either, as consuming REST APIs is so incredibly easy… in any language. It’s also incredibly easy to create them as you essentially use nothing more than an HTTP spec that has existed for ages. One of the few things that I give Rails credit for is its well thought-out REST support, both for providing and consuming these APIs (as its been explained by all the Rails fanboys I work with).
Tunnel HTTP over HTTP, in a structured, controllable, securable way. Let programs claim part of URL space, and serve HTTP, all by using an ordinary HTTP client library.
An interesting alternative to polling http services.
not polling
Interesting web hooks stuff. Yet another PubSub solution:
singpolyma: Interesting web hooks stuff. Yet another PubSub solution:
jespern / django-piston / wiki / Home —
RESTful framework for Django
jespern / django-piston / wiki / Home —
A tool for creating RESTful APIs in Django.
Get the latest version (0.1) here. A mini-framework for Django for creating RESTful APIs. Piston is a relatively small Django application that lets you create application programming interfaces (API) for your sites. It has several unique features: * Ties into Django's internal mechanisms. * Supports OAuth out of the box (as well as Basic/Digest or custom auth.) * Doesn't require tying to models, allowing arbitrary resources. * Speaks JSON, YAML, Python Pickle & XML (and HATEOAS.) * Ships with a convenient reusable library in Python * Respects and encourages proper use of HTTP (status codes, ...) * Has built in (optional) form validation (via Django), throttling, etc. * Stays out of your way. Piston logo NB: OAuth ships with piston for now, but you are not required to use it. It simply provides some boilerplate in case you want to use it later (consumer/token models, urls, etc.) Documentation o Piston Documentation + Gett
Mercurial hosting - we're here to serve.
PUT or POST: The REST of the Story « Open Sourcery
Interesting explanation on why CRUD with REST doesn't directly map to the HTTP verbs POST, GET, PUT, and DELETE
Putting Java to REST | Javalobby
See comments to post for information about integrating security.
The Amazing Blog : Your Web Service Might Not Be RESTful If…
added a single resource that described the locations of these other resources, they would have much more flexibility in the future. An example of the content of such a resource:
Good blog on the basics of building RESTful web services
Getting Started With Restful Authentication in Rails - Nettuts+
InfoQ: RESTful HTTP in practice
InfoQ: RESTful HTTP in practice - Great article but leaves out hypermedia side [] completely. [from]
RESTful Transactions « Open Sourcery
Pragmatic Programming Techniques: RESTFul Design Patterns
Summarize a set of RESTful design practices that I have used quite successfully.
REST for Java developers, Part 4: The future is RESTful - JavaWorld
Find out why REST interfaces are foundational for emerging architectures such as the Semantic Web. Brian Sletten takes a big-picture view of REST, now and in the future, in this final article in his series.
Designing a RESTful Web Application - Quandy Factory
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