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Todd S. Purdum on Sarah Palin |

Vanity Fair
An in-depth (and, may I say, quite scary) portrait of Sarah Palin
Article on Sarah Palin that is ridiculous
An open letter to conservatives | AmericanDad's Blog
"Let me provide some expamples -- by no means an exhaustive list -- of where the Right as gotten itself stuck in a swamp of hypocrisy, hyperbole, historical inaccuracy and hatred..."
Everyone should read this, regardless of party affiliation.
many many references to GOP shenanigans
best blog entry ever
Fiscal Conservative
The Mirrored Ceiling - Judith Warner - Domestic Disturbances - Opinion - New York Times Blog
Could there be a more thoroughgoing humiliation for America’s women?
"But shouldn’t a woman who is prepared to be commander in chief be intimidating? Because of the intelligence, experience, talent and drive that got her there? If she isn’t, at least on some level, off-putting, if her presence inspires national commentary on breast-pumping and babysitting rather than health care reform and social security, then something is seriously wrong. If she doesn’t elicit at least some degree of awe, then something is missing."
“This election is not about issues,” Rick Davis, John McCain’s campaign manager said this week. “This election is about a composite view of what people take away from these candidates.” That’s a scary thought. For the takeaway is so often base, a reflection more of people’s fears and insecurities than of our hopes and dreams.