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illumination renderer
A global illumination renderer written in several languages for comparison.
Interesting raytracer written in Scala, OCaml, Python, Ruby, Lua, Flex, and C++
Flat Shadows | Articles | Digitalmash
Another super-simple shadow trick in Photoshop for looking down on objects.
So last week I wrote about shadows for upright objects and this week I'll be running very quickly through shadows for objects sitting flat. The article I wrote for Smashing Magazine on light and shadow had a few examples that some people wanted explained more fully. So here we are.
Django tip: Caching and two-phased template rendering |
Django tip: Caching and two-phased template rendering
It's a clever solution because you end up defining what doesn't get cached instead of what does get cached.
Make Windows fonts look as smooth as Mac OS X fonts | digital parsimony
Simpler front-end for gdi++, improves Windows font rendering by disabling hinting
Ever wonder why everything just looks a little bit better on a Mac? That’s because Apple OS X uses a different font rendering technology than Windows. That can easily be changed though, and there’s a little program that can do it with ease.
smallpt: Global Illumination in 99 lines of C++
Efficiently Rendering CSS | CSS-Tricks
CSS-Tricks | how efficient is the CSS that we write, in terms of how quickly the browser can render it?