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Basically, we're a gateway to your future self: email us anything, and we'll mail it back to you at a future time and date of your choosing.
reminder - sms, phone and email reminders
easy simple reminders helps you remember stuff. We remind you via a phone call, sms, email or all three Create reminders faster using natural language....the world's fastest
Ist ein Erinnerungsservice, der automatisch eine E-Mail, SMS oder Sprachanruf tätigt, wenn man an einen Termin erinnert werden will. Der Dienst erlaubt eine Eingabe in natürlicher Sprache also Dine wie: "meeting with bob tomorrow at 6pm" . E-Mail Erinnerung ist kostenlos 20 SMS Erinnerungen kosten 2 US Dollar. Irgendwie habe ich doch so einen Dienst schonmal gesehen?
Remindd » Never forget anything again
Allow yourself to forget things with Remindd. Setup a reminder and forget about it, we'll remind you. Sign up now!
Remindd is an easy to use tool that allows for you to set reminders and be reminded about them, so you never forget anything. Have a meeting next week that you can't forget? A date? Something important? Regardless of what you need to be reminded about, we'll help you out. Want more info?