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Deferred Sender

Deferred Sender is a free service that allows you to schedule emails from any email application or website to be sent in the future. Send reminders, notifications and more! لجدولة رسائل البريد في أوقات لاحقة
Basically, we're a gateway to your future self: email us anything, and we'll mail it back to you at a future time and date of your choosing.
Stop Futzing Around - (BETA)
"Start sending stuff with your address bar today."
Send stuff to mobile
Start sending stuff with your address bar today. Paste any of the following into the address bar of Any browser....(where "xxx" is your username):
Remindd » Never forget anything again
Allow yourself to forget things with Remindd. Setup a reminder and forget about it, we'll remind you. Sign up now!
Remindd is an easy to use tool that allows for you to set reminders and be reminded about them, so you never forget anything. Have a meeting next week that you can't forget? A date? Something important? Regardless of what you need to be reminded about, we'll help you out. Want more info?
FollowUpThen: Free, Fast and Simple Email Reminder
On your next email just include and we will follow up after the time interval you specify. Free! No Account Required
Free, Fast and Simple Email Reminder. Try this out.
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