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12 Excellent Examples of “Lazy Registration”

Lazy registration systems allow site visitors to build a profile and register without filling out a signup form right away (or some at all).
How to Achieve Painless Registration
Ways to increase sales on ecommerce sites and increase sign-ups on service sites,
Read it. Do it. Awesome advice from Tog.
I'm about to give you a number of ways to increase sales on ecommerce sites and increase sign-ups on service sites, but first, raise your hand if you personally, when surfing the web, enjoy registering to use a site.
Log in or sign up? - Leah Culver's Blog
clever signup/login ui
For one of my side projects, Leafy Chat, we have just added the concept of user accounts. This includes the need for registration and log in (as well as log out and forgot password and so on). Leafy Chat only requires an email address and a password for both registration and log in, so it would be great to have some clever way to have both forms on the homepage.
Designing login/signup for a web server
Very smart. Stealing this idea for a current project
Interesting thoughts, but I don't like the end result. People have been trained over the years on how to do login/signup. Putting them both on the same page seems like the right idea, but there's something wrong with this implementation--it looks different from most forms.
"So after probably far too much research, I've come up with the following single register/log in form for Leafy Chat. Log in Sign up The form updates via JavaScript when the user selects a radio button. For the log in form, notice that the submit button says "Log in" and there is a link to retrieve a forgotten password. For the sign up form, the label for the password field prompts the user to "Choose a password" and "Sign up!" while also accepting the terms of service. I like this design because a user can either log in or sign up directly from the homepage and the radio buttons stand out and make the options clear to the user. I love that the page dynamically updates to provide relevant help for the chosen form. Also, the user can easily correct any errors without re-entering their email/password. What do you think?
Build a Login and Registration System with XML - NETTUTS
Build a Login and Registration System with XML - NETTUTS
Building an entire membership system can be a tedious, and time-consuming task. Tim Cooper is going to show us how to build the ENTIRE thing in roughly thirty minutes. Rather than using MYSQL as our database, Tim will instead demonstrate an alternate approach: using an XML file. We'll be reviewing PHP, .htaccess files, sessions, and more!
A Look into Registration Buttons in Web Design
button Design
Sites with user registration want to grab every visitor who goes their website. They list their website in every popular search engine, use advertising in other websites, work with bloggers to help promote their products, enlist the help of usability experts and go through great lengths to get noticed.
A Look into Registration Buttons in Web Design
LukeW | Gradual Engagement Boosts Twitter Sign-Ups by 29%
agenda2 signup
Rediseño de registro en twitter implicando más al usuario= aumento de nuevos usuarios
Gutes Praxisbeispiel für die Optimierung von Registrierungs-Prozessen. Besonders wichtig: Nutzer müssen so früh wie möglich einen Mehrwert für sich sehen, dann erst Daten eingeben. Twitter hat jetzt zwar mehr Formularschritte und längere Registrierungsdauer aber bessere Conversion
Twitter signup process walkthrough
Online Registration - for Events, Workshops, Classes, and Courses
ระบบ Booking, Registration สำหรับงาน Event, Workshop