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Sniff Out That Smelly Code

functions are difficult to change, and difficult to understand.
Rails Best Practices
Weil ich mich von vielen verwirrenden asiatischen Schriftzeichen nicht abschrecken lasse.
6 Steps To Refactoring Rails (for Mere Mortals) | Union Station
Good pointers.
improve the way layouts were selected
Models vs. Modules - (37signals)
mahtava evoluutioartikkeli. modelikoodi -> moduuleihin -> luokkiin. oon miettiny jotain tällästä, mutten saanu ajatusta täysin kasaan.
Particletree » Beautiful Code Roundup
While reading through lots of code can give you an appreciation of what well-written code looks and feels like, the ability to create it is a skill that is developed from experience and frustration. Luckily, there are a number of excellent articles and books out there to help the aspiring code perfectionist. The following resources are ones that have helped me personally strive to write code worth looking at