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Monopoly Repackaging | Andy Mangold

Monopoly, in spite being the classiest of all board games, unfortunately is packaged just as boringly and uncreatively as every other garbage board game on the shelves. So, I decided to repackage it... turning the class up to 11.
nice redesign of monopoly packaging
Facebook’s Response To Twitter
Response To Twitter
Techcrunch article
Redesigning Craigslist With Focus On Usability | How-To | Smashing Magazine
Pretty interesting look at how Craigslist could be redesigned and retain its minimalism while being more usable and more attractive.
кейс юзабилити-переделки Craiglist. Почитать
Redesign Mozilla
Nice website!
I know this is a bit old but I never did tag it. Thought you may all like to know.
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Higher Education in a Web 2.0 World : JISC
Annotated link
Shhhaw! » On Redesigning the Front Page of Talking Points Memo
Nice process article on reworking a news homepage. Love the video at the end with the column switching.
The latest redesign of the Talking Points Memo (TPM) frontpage has been explained in detail
Dear American Airlines | Dustin Curtis
I redesigned your website's front page, and I'd like to get your opinion.
"I’m a user interface designer. I travel sometimes. Recently, I had the horrific displeasure of booking a flight on your website, The experience was so bad that I vowed never to fly your airline again. But before we part ways, I have a couple questions and three suggestions for you."
Time to let good people work : "Dear American Airlines, I re-designed your website", + fascinating response from AA -
Dollar ReDe$ign Project - We need to rebuild our country, revive our economy, redesign the Dollar bill. Email us your ideas. Win a prize. In God We Trust, In Change We Believe.
Cardon Copy
artist takes down street posters/flyers, redesigns them, and puts them back up
street flyers redesigned. nice
Kul ju!
Great concept but I could go for less clicking on the site itself.
This man, Cardon, copies crappy fliers posted around Brooklyn and then re-designs them.
A List Apart: Articles: Redesigning Your Own Site
Designing for your worst client: yourself
A List Apart: Articles: Erskine Design Redesign
Our main goals: to attract bigger and better projects—and thereby cement our business, see it through the downturn, and discover excellent growth opportunities. Our aim was not simply to increase inquiries, but to improve the quality of inquiries, and our internal inquiry workflow.
SEOmoz | 10 Things You Must Check When You Re-launch Your Website
HOW TO: Survive the New, New Facebook
Earlier this week, Facebook promised a number of changes to appease user concerns about the latest homepage re-design. Users have been noticing these improvements being pushed live to their homepage over the last day or so, and this morning, I finally got them enabled on my account. After doing a bit of tweaking, I’m definitely enjoying my Facebook homepage more than I was the past couple weeks with version 1 of the redesign. I thought I’d share with you a few of these tweaks - designed primarily to reduce information overload - so you can try them on your own account, unless of course you’re happy with the new, new Facebook as-is.
Using Facebook effectively.
Extreme Makeover: Craigslist Edition
'make it personal' is like your idea!
The craigslist team isn't interested in updating the site, so Wired asked leading designers to give it a user-interface lift.
Khoi, Anh & Paul contributed one design.
Craigslist Today
Dollar ReDe$ign: Michael Tyznik - Dollar ReDe$ign Project
A very well thought out take on redesigning US paper currency
Seth's Blog: Things to ask before you redo your website
Info to ask before creating a website
Great list to use before designing a website.
# How many times a month would we like people to come by? For how long? # Who needs to update this site? How often?
Fresh vs. Familiar: How Aggressively to Redesign (Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox)
Users hate change, so it's usually best to stay with a familiar design and evolve it gradually. In the long run, however, incrementalism eventually destroys cohesiveness, calling for a new UI architecture.
to redesign or not to redesign...that is the question.
Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox
Jakob Nielse advocates for design that relies on what you have.
teehan+lax » Blog Archive » iPhone Needs a New Home
Wonderful stuff
Would be nice. I'm not sure how this would handle the pulling of data w/o draining the battery.
Mockup of a new iPhone home screen
Case Study: — AIGA | the professional association for design
A good read for designers and maybe even more for clients.
Preparing and Planning for a Redesign | Webdesigner Depot
redesign เปลี่ยนจาก design เก่า เป็น design ใหม่
CNN’s New Website Design Deconstructed | Webdesigner Depot
CNN's New Website Design Deconstructed
Redesign: When To Relaunch The Site and Best Practices - Smashing Magazine
Redesign: When To Relaunch The Site and Best Practices | Smashing Magazine
You're Killing Me Zappos
Changer le design des résultats de Google.
Redesigning the Boarding Pass - Journal - Boarding Pass / Fail
Redesigning The Boarding Pass
New Facebook Friend Lists filters in the design update will be interesting; [from]
nueva pagina de inicio de facebook [from]
In the new Facebook design, there are highlights and filters, and people will be 'thinking' instead of 'doing' things: [from]
Here's an example of the new Facebook homepage. [from]
New Work: The Atlantic | New at Pentagram | Pentagram
“In a magazine of ideas, writers depend on words to build their arguments, but we didn’t want The Atlantic’s pages to look like homework,”
redesign da revista The Atlantic
The Atlantic Magazine 2008 redesign
Peantagram Luke hayman
Breve descrição sobre a mudança visual da revista The Atlantic Monthly.
iA » iA’s 2006 Facebook Designs, Redesigned
The Facebook that could have been: mockups from a proposed 2006 redesign. (via @ztf) – GOOD (GOOD)
Our basic idea: To create an mail-application like interface with an elastic three-column layout that clearly separates filter, information-stream, and reaction: Filter: The left side column works as a sorting instrument Information-Stream: The center column shows the filtered results Reaction: The right side column is used for discussing the individual feed items.
@mahrko nein, nein: von - ist verlinkt, hier nochmal aber schön wärs....
Redesign Your Portfolio Site: 4 Tips To Make It Better And Get More Business | Freelance Folder
Boas dicas para redesign (ou design) de sites de portfólio, mas que podem ser aplicadas a qualquer site.
E-commerce: Fundamentals of a Successful Re-Design - Noupe
E-commerce: Fundamentals of a Successful Re-Design - – Smashing Magazine (smashingmag)
Awesome Recent Website Redesigns | Webdesigner Depot
It’s always so interesting when you go to a website you’ve been visiting for months or years to find they’ve been redesigned.
It’s always so interesting when you go to a website you’ve been visiting for months or years to find they’ve been redesigned. Some redesigns are immediately evocative of the old design, and can even leave you wondering if they have....
Web デザイン: もっと素敵に!リデザインしたサイトいろいろ
Awesome Recent Website Redesigns
Awesome recent website redesigns
Getting Ready for a Website Redesign: Advice, Resources and More - Noupe
jor focus in any design, but here we are more talking about your established readers, not just every user. The main difference is that when you are talking about every user you are
Een post waarin kort wordt uitgelegd waar je op moet letten bij een redesign van een reeds bestaande website
By Robert Bowen There is a season for all things, and this holds true in the world of web design too. Naturally with the technologies and languages evolving at the...
Redesign vs. Realign | Webdesigner Depot
It's been nearly five years now since the redesign vs. realign debate began. Many designers are still approaching website changes as redesigns, with little