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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Your Old Gadgets - Wired How-To Wiki

Tiene unos enlaces de herramientas o algo asi para los caneles de reciclaje
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in case you haven't seen it already.
【PC Watch】 不要PCを無償でリサイクル処分してくれるパソコンファーム利用体験記 ~宅配便で送るだけの超簡単システム
Buy and Sell Electronics, Sell Used Cell Phones |
How to Crochet a Rug out of T-Shirts - CraftStylish
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Design*Sponge » Blog Archive » diy project: kate’s homemade citronella candles
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How-to: recycle your old gadgets
Five recycling mysteries solved! | Yahoo! Green
But, with a little advance planning and some good info, you'll see that it's really quite simple to dispose of these seemingly mysterious items.
Five recycling mysteries solved! | Yahoo! Green
Recycle now - Furoshiki Japanese Wrapping
easy, sustainable gift wrapping technique
en video ; livres, bouteilles, paquet, sac
Every time I've tried tying furoshiki from diagrams, I've made an ungainly lump. Still, I live in hope.
How To: Cuttin' Glass and Taking Names » Curbly | DIY Design Community « Keywords: DIY cut bottles wine bottles recycle, mid-century
Ever looked at a wine bottle to admire its shape, color, or translucent qualities? These features shouldn't go to waste in the recycling bin. Here's a fun how-to that can reuse and transform wine bottles into something REALLY worth eyeballing.
Turning old wine bottles into glasses with a bottle cutter and a sander
11 Sites to Make Money Selling Old Gadgets
Recycle old, broken crayons into fun new shapes | Chica and Jo
How to Recycle Anything | Real Simple
How to Fuse Plastic Bags Into a Laptop Case - wikiHow
# Home # > Categories # > Home and Garden # > Home Organization & Recycling # > Reduce Recycle and Reuse # > Plastic Reuse
In this article, you'll learn how to turn plastic bags into a sturdy laptop case by fusing them together.
Old calendars never really go out of date. | Wise Bread
This little fact was big news to me. I was casually flicking through a magazine at work when something caught my eye; it was buried in the bottom corner of one page and stated that you can use old calendars in the years to come. And this year, there are a bunch of great old dates to choose from. As some of you may already know, there are a limited number of combinations for calendars – 14 to be exact (half account for years with 365 days, the other half for leap years). Big deal? Probably not, but here’s why it excites me. In this day and age of personalization, tattoos, piercings and various other ways to flaunt our individuality, most of us are looking for ways to express ourselves and make our surroundings more unique.
Hello Rewind: Recycled t-shirts into custom laptop sleeves to support sex trafficking survivors in NYC
Recycling by mail | Yahoo! Green
ReUse ReMake Crayons
Seas of Rubber: The Truth About Tire Recycling
Ten Recycled Shipping Container Buildings
Ten Recycled Shipping Container Buildings – Delicious Popular (twittilicious)
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