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A team of pranksters found a way to control the Time top 100 influential people list... I guess this demonstrates that they are in-fact "influential"...
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Official Google Blog: Teaching computers to read: Google acquires reCAPTCHA
Teaching computers to read: Google acquires reCAPTCHA - [from]
Found this: Teaching computers to read: Google acquires reCAPTCHA: Shared by cec Wholly geek batman ... [from]
"In this way, reCAPTCHA’s unique technology improves the process that converts scanned images into plain text, known as Optical Character Recognition (OCR). This technology also powers large scale text scanning projects like Google Books and Google News Archive Search. Having the text version of documents is important because plain text can be searched, easily rendered on mobile devices and displayed to visually impaired users. So we'll be applying the technology within Google not only to increase fraud and spam protection for Google products but also to improve our books and newspaper scanning process. That's why we're excited to welcome the reCAPTCHA team to Google, and we're committed to delivering the same high level of performance that websites using reCAPTCHA have come to expect. Improving the availability and accessibility of all the information on the Internet is really important to us, so we're looking forward to advancing this technology with the reCAPTCHA team."
I know I'm late to the game commenting on this one, but damn this kind of thing pisses me off. Can't we have just one thing that is cool on the internet without it getting acquired by Google or Yahoo? I'm not as anti-google as most, but all of a sudden reCAPTCHA feels exploitative. Brewster Kahle, where is the alternative for
Reading: Teaching computers to read: Google acquires reCAPTCHA [from]
Google acquire reCAPTCHA - teaching computers to read - [from]
Google has acquired reCAPTCHA, a company that provides CAPTCHAs to help protect more than 100,000 websites from spam and fraud.