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10 Papers Every Programmer Should Read (At Least Twice)
What Watchmen Did Next: 9 Comics To Follow Watchmen
10 Things to Be Clear About Before You Start a Company - ReadWriteStart
100 Excellent Online Tools to Feed Your Creativity | Online College Degree

Many experts say that creativity is not necessarily something you have or don’t have, but that can be nurtured and developed. If you are searching for ways to feed your creativity, then take a look at these online tools. From tools that help you organize, plan, and brainstorm to tools that inspire through writing prompts and creative photos to tools that work to develop the creative mind, you will find plenty of inspiration in this list.
Misc tools for sparking creativity (mind maps, writing tools, etc.)
Shooting Portraits like a Pro On a Budget
great ideas
In this post portrait photographer Alexis Godschalk shares some tips on shooting studio like portraits on a budget by talking us through a shoot he did with a band recently. portraits-budget.jpg When I started doing photography years ago, I really wanted to shoot fantastic shots, I wanted to make sure that my photographs would be considered for a gallery showing. All I had was Canon 10D and a flash. Most of what I shot was candid and in the style of photo journalism and even though this was fine I wanted more. What kept me from shooting clean studio like portraits was the mistaken belief that I needed loads of expensive equipment. One day a friend of mine approached me about photographing his band. He had just gotten new management and wanted to make the band band look pro. He started by showing me some photography he liked and we started talking about what could and could not be done. One of the shots he like was a clean shot with dramatic lighting again a black background. I told
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Travel: Use Codeshares To Find Cheap Summer Flights Abroad
how do you find codeshares? First, find your desired flight number and punch it into a flight tracking service like Flight Stats. Look for a section breaking out specific codeshares and the flight numbers associated with the other airlines. Then, go to each airline listed and search for the codeshared flight number to compare the price. Once you've found the lowest fare, book it and start packing!
Before locking in your summer fare to Europe, see if you can't find a better deal by searching an airline's codeshare partners.
Hacking Education | Union Square Ventures: A New York Venture Capital Fund Focused on Early Stage & Startup Investing
It has been two months since we hosted a great group of academics, entrepreneurs, educators, and administrators at our Union Square Sessions Event, Hacking Education. Fred posted his initial thoughts immediately after the event and in a great example of peer production, Alex Krupp curated the Twitter stream that captured the thoughts of folks inside and outside of the event. I finally found some quality time to spend with the transcript that is now online, and thought I would try to expand on Fred's initial thoughts and develop a couple of the key themes that came out of the conversation. Before diving in, however, I'd like to make a pitch for the transcript. It is not perfect (imagine trying to record 40 high powered people all talking at once), but it is readable and full of lots of insights. I would encourage anyone who is interested in the impact of technology on education to plow through it. I have tried to pull some of the highlights here, but there is no way that even this over
There was broad consensus that the internet is enabling substantial changes in the way we learn and teach. It has always been possible to learn outside of a school setting. The ubiquitous connectivity and very low cost of content production and distribution seems to enable the unbundling of key components of education.
Summary of a meeting on how technology could "reinvent" education. Topics include open courseware, game curriculum, reducing marginal cost of education to zero if viewed as an information good, etc. Tiny gem is Danah Boyd's comments which explain why the OLPC project has run into problems overseas.
Facebook | Username
Facebook is a social utility that connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them. People use Facebook to keep up with friends, upload an unlimited number of photos, post links and videos, and learn more about the people they meet.
How to improve your email etiquette - Manage Your Life on Shine
always looking for ways to improve my email etiquette.
for BI
Recently, I started using an old family friend as a travel agent. Before then, we’d never had occasion to email one another. From the start, I was shocked to find that she regularly wrote her emails exclusively in all uppercase letters. I politely mentioned that using all caps in an email is the equivalent of screaming in voice conversations and she said she appreciated the tip. Still, I couldn’t help wondering how a professional could get by today without mastering one of the most basic tenets of email manners.
Nothing that I didn't know, but some people I know should read this - just few people ;)
How To Use Twitter(Twitterの使い方) - カイ士伝
Ghostwriter Dad - 10 Tips for Powerful Proofreading
Few people would ever say proof-reading’s fun. Although a good edit does little to invite party hats or balloons, it is essential to effective writing.
10 quick tips on proofing and editing..
25 Great Thinkers Every College Student Should Read - Learn-gasm
25 Great Thinkers Every College Student Should Read August 6th, 2009 By Donna Scott College is for expanding one’s intellectual horizons. Unfortunately, drinking and having fun can distract from learning about history’s great thinkers. From Mark Twain to Confucius, an educated individual should posses some knowledge of certain philosophers, artists and thinkers. Here are 25 great thinkers every college student should read, even if professors don’t assign them.
College is for expanding one’s intellectual horizons. Unfortunately, drinking and having fun can distract from learning about history’s great thinkers. From Mark Twain to Confucius, an educated individual should posses some knowledge of certain philosophers, artists and thinkers. Here are 25 great thinkers every college student should read, even if professors don’t assign them.
Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Basic Techniques: How to Fry an Egg
Top 10 DIY Projects for an Extra Day Off - Weekend project - Lifehacker
It's the last day of an unusually long weekend, and there's absolutely nothing on the schedule. Break out the tools and pull up one of these nifty DIY projects to improve your living space and boost your can-do cred.
This, That, and the Other Thing: Evernote and GTD
10 Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read
"On The Shortness Of Life"
Seneca, a Spanish-born philosopher of Rome who lived in the first century A.D., was one of the prominent sages of the Stoic school. He's chiefly remembered today for his Moral Essays, a collection of twelve articles on various ethical themes. "On The Shortness Of Life" is an essay addressed to a friend, and it is excerpted and condensed here from Moses Hadas' fine work, The Stoic Philosophy Of Seneca.
Earning more money: How to turn your skills into services that people will pay for | I Will Teach You To Be Rich
You have to package your knowledge into something that clients can recognize as valuable. How to develop a product/ make your freelance skills valuable to others
Part of a series of posts by Ramit
Top 10 Tools for Better Reading, Online and Off - Reading - Lifehacker
Top 10 ferramentas para uma melhor leitura, Online and Off
10 formas de mejorara la lectura
The 10 Greatest Apocalyptic Novels Of All Time
After scouring book reviews and Wikipedia, a list of the Top Ten Best Apocalyptic Novels was born. The books on this list take you down the darkest paths in uncivilized worlds, from cannibalistic gangs to vampire infected corpses. If this list doesn't get you thinking on the quickest way stock your basement full of water, canned goods and rifles, I don't know what will! Enjoy!
50 Fresh Design Blogs You Should Be Reading
50 Fresh Design Blogs You Should Be Reading -
In this article, you will see a list of fresh and new design blogs worth subscribing to and reading. Our goal here is to help you discover a few sites that you might not have heard of before.
Silber Studios » Blog Archive » The “Key” to a Photograph from Ansel Adams–Rare, Unreleased Footage.
Ansel Adams video. His philosophy in his own words.
Ansel Adams often referred to visualization as the key to making photography an art, not just a hobby. I found this rare video footage of him, as he explains what he meant.
Ansel Adams used the term “visualization” often–but what exactly does it mean? How does it fit into your work flow as a photographer? I looked all over for a good explanation–then last year Ansel’s grandson Matthew loaned me rare unreleased footage–and there it was!
How to build an iPhone application in 20 minutes | Davide Di Cillo
Scifi Gift Guide: Chilling Books to Read and Share in the Darkness of Winter
Sci Fi
20 Places Where Bookworms Go to Read and Socialize Online --
YourNextRead: Book Recommendations (USA)
RT @draenews: Del YourNextRead: Book Recommendations (USA):
YourNextRead recommends your next book. YourNextRead provides a book recommendation system showing aggregated book reviews, updated by real peoples opinions, in a simple visual map, helping you to decide 'What Should I Read Next?'. Perfect for both bookworms and casual readers!
9 Essential Books For Bloggers and Freedom Seekers (or How To Save $50,000 On An MBA)
9 Essential Books For Bloggers and Freedom
How To Read Code | Re-gur-gi-tate (n) | Omer Gertel
It's like the Talmud via exitcreative
Apparently, it's like reading religious texts.
Cool Tools: The Best Magazine Articles Ever
Kevin Kelly is asking people to recommend the best magazine articles ever written. Too much good stuff to read. Excellent.
* Susan Orlean, "Orchid Fever" in The New Yorker, January 23, 1995