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Digital Outlook Report 2009

very thorough cutting edge report, all 170+ pages...
analysis and future of digital marketing applications including tv, mobile, and social
Onderzoek met vooruitzichten ontwikkeling media en internet in 2009 van Razorfish (US)
Razorfish outlook on the digital space - version 09
Fluent: The Razorfish Social Influence Marketing Report Fluent: The Razorfish Social Influence Marketing Report
Social Influence Marketing is about employing social media and social influencers to achieve the marketing and business needs of an organization.
Scatter/Gather: a Razorfish blog about content strategy, pop culture and human behavior
Razorfish Blog über Content Strategy.
Razorfish's new report on Digital Brand Experience
Razorfish research - via Paul RO
MediaPost Publications Study: Brands Must Do Better in Social Media 07/13/2009
brands have to participate directly in these online discussions or face growing irrelevance, says Razorfish. But they have to bring credible voices that "need to be more engaging, personal, humble, authentic and participatory than traditional advertising images," advises the report.
great summary of the interesting new research from razorfish
Social media sites aren't where most people go to get recommendations on products and services. Even so, marketers must still try to reach consumers through social media since that's where conversations about brands are increasingly taking place. That's one of the key conclusions of a new study on social influence marketing by interactive agency Razorfish. The report released today also includes a new index developed by the firm which scores brands based on how they're being discussed online.
Razorfish Outlook Report 2010 Razorfish Outlook Report
La rapport de Razorfish, 100 pages d'infos intéressantes.
Digital outlook report for 2010
Advertising typology: basis for newspaper website audit instrument