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iMapWeather™ | Local, National and Global Weather Conditions, Forecasts, Animated Radar and Watches and Warnings

What is iMapWeather? Among other things, iMapWeather is the easiest, most user-friendly way to get weather forecasts and current conditions, view radar and satellite images, see real-time lightning strikes and get nautical information. Simply click 'Get iMapWeather,' above and add it to your blog, your website or your company's website. Sign Up to enjoy the atmosphere Share iMap the news about iMapWeather
iMapWeather provides local, national and global current conditions, weather forecasts, watches and warnings, animated radar and real-time lightning strikes within an interactive weather map.
damn, should have pulled this together
Watch Air Traffic - LIVE! shows live aircraft traffic in the airspace above Europe.
Interesting hack around the secrecy surrounding Apple's bug tracking system. Allows developers to log bugs publicly where other developers can see them, vote them up etc, yet still interact with Radar as needed.
Community bug reports on OS X and iPhone
A while back, I was hoping someone would create a quasi bug report system for closed proprietary products, and have input from the external community to centralize all issues. I've found it.
Tracks bugs reported to Apple by the development community in an open fashion.
An open version of Apple's bug tracking system.