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Google Quizes | Screencast-O-Matic

Två kul saker - dels hur man skapar quiz med hjälp av GoogleDocs, dels Screencast-o-matic!
Nice intro on how to create a quiz in Google Forms.
Video tutorial for creating self grading quizzes
Vocab Quiz Maker | Scholastic Word Wizard |
quiz maker
allows you to input words, then shows dictionary definitions, and allows you to choose appropriate one
A simple, but useful application - develop students understanding of vocabulary and grammar. It allows a teacher to generate a "mini-quiz" for any level.
Word Wizard Quiz Maker allows teacher to generate a "mini-quiz" for any grade level.
What Facebook Quizzes Know About You
A: Almost everything you've put on there.
Koofers - Exams, Rate/Pick Professors, Ratings/Evaluations, Notes
Quizinator for Teachers, Instructors, and HomeSchoolers
Create, Store, and Print worksheets, tudysheets, exams and quizzes online.
Herramienta para realizar examenes, trabajos, etc.