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13 Useful WordPress SQL Queries You Wish You Knew Earlier | Onextrapixel - Showcasing Web Treats Without Hitch

WordPress is driven by a MySQL database. This is something active WordPress users would know. However, if you only just read about it here from us, here’s what you should know. MySQL is a free relational database management system
Common Queries Tree
Common MySQL Queries
Common MySQL Queries (Extending Chapter 9 of Get it Done with MySQL 5&6)
Common Queries,Common MySQL Queries,Common SQL Queries
Carrer Blog: Bulletproof CSS3 media queries
Bulletproof CSS3 media queries
How to get around media queries and older browsers (>IE9, >FF3.5, >S3, >07). Uses conditional comments and js to load appropriate style sheets. Seems kludgy, but no better solution known and will work in a pinch.
CSS3 media queries are very handy to target various devices with various monitor (screen) size. With the help of the CSS3 media queries we can have site optimized for iPhone and other mobile devices, with the same solution we can have site optimized for iPad and all other tablets . This CSS solution will be much more cheaper than building new mobile web site something like or . Can we start using the CSS3 media queries today? Yes we can!