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APE (Ajax Push Engine) :: Real time data streaming

Comet & Reverse AJAX push
APE (Ajax Push Engine) :: Real time data streaming
APE is a Server for pushing real-time data to Rich Internet Applications, no pull! Data is sent, live, to thousands of clients, in a JavaScript socket fashion. It allows you to write real-time web applications without using any client plugins (Java, Flash...).
Growl notifications for the iPhone
Prowl is a Growl client for the iPhone. Though the website mainly talks about tying it to Growl on a Mac, there's a web service, and a simple perl script available for non-Mac environments. Easy to convert to PHP or bash+curl, as it's just a basic-auth POST request.
Lifehacker - Set Up "Push" Gmail on Your iPhone - Prowl
iphone gmail
Smart Clients: ReverseHTTP & WebSockets -
Seems like we need the equivalent of an ssh connection with a reverse tunnel. The browser can initiate (and control) the connection, and the web server can ‘touch’ the browser directly.
Web Socket/HTML 5、onopen/onread/onclose、←Opera Unite/Webhooks、最近の一連のブラウザサーバー関連まとめ
Polling architectures, as pervasive as they are today, did not come about due to their efficiency. Whether you are maintaining a popular endpoint (Twitter), or trying to get near real-time news (RSS), neither side benefits from this architecture. Over the years we've built a number of crutches in the form of Cache headers, ETags, accelerators, but none have fundamentally solved the problem - because the client remains 'dumb' the burden is still always on the server. For that reason, it's worth paying attention to some of the technologies which are seeking to reverse this trend: ReverseHTTP & WebSockets.
It feels dirty... but seems like a useful concept
RSSCloud Vs. PubSubHubbub: Why The Fat Pings Win
Both PuSH and rssCloud address a fundamental flaw in the way web applications work today. Currently, getting updates on the web requires constant polling. Subscribers are forced to act like nagging children asking, “Are we there yet?” Subscribers must constantly ping the publisher to ask if there are new updates even if the answer is “no” 99% of the time. This is terribly inefficient, wastes resources, and makes it incredibly hard to find new content in as soon as it appears. Both protocols flip the current model on its head so that updates are event driven rather than request driven. By that I mean that both protocols eliminate the need for polling by essentially telling subscribers, “Don’t ask us if there’s anything new. We’ll tell you.”
Official Google Mobile Blog: Google Sync: Now with push Gmail support
Using Google Sync, you can now get your Gmail messages pushed directly to your phone. Having an over-the-air, always-on connection means that your inbox is up to date, no matter where you are or what you're doing. Sync works with your phone's native email application so there's no additional software needed. Only interested in syncing your Gmail, but not your Calendar? Google Sync allows you to sync just your Contacts, Calendar, or Gmail, or any combination of the three.
Nginx & Comet: Low Latency Server Push -
Coined by Alex Russell in early 2006, the term Comet is an umbrella term for technologies which take advantage of persistent connections initiated by the client and kept open until data is available (long polling), or kept open indefinitely as the data is pushed to the client (streaming) in chunks. The immediate advantage of both techniques is that the client and server can communicate with minimal latency. For this reason, Comet is widely deployed in chat applications (Facebook, Google, Meebo, etc), and is also commonly used as a firehose delivery mechanism.
nginx_http_push_module - Comet For The People
Comet For The People
マジすげぇ!! iPhone に何でも通知 - YoshioriのBlog これを使って iPhone アプリ Receive your notification at iPhone に通知出来まする
14 iPhone Apps With Push Notification for Productivity
APE (Ajax Push Engine) :: Comet server :: Real time data streaming
An open source Comet Server for Push AJAX Development
Pusher - Realtime client push powered by HTML5 websockets, beyond AJAX
We believe that the real-time web is fantastic and should be easy to implement. This is our simple solution, powered by HTML5 websockets
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