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34 Excellent Punctuation Inspired Logo Designs | Spyre Studios
Punctuation Inspired Logo Designs
We use punctuation everyday when writing articles, blog posts and emails. We're all aware that using the wrong punctuation can completely change the meaning of a sentence or even a whole document. So, where else do people use punctuation? In logo design of course! The 34 logos showcased in the post use punctuation as a design element. Some logos feature commas, colons and semicolons while others use exclamation marks, question marks, brackets and parentheses. I found they were very creative and thought I'd share them with you. Enjoy!
Commas: Extended Rules for Using Commas - The OWL at Purdue
Free guide for use of commas and other writing tips.
Rules for when to use and not to use commas.
How To Use An Apostrophe - The Oatmeal
for your inner grammar dork/nerd
How to use a semicolon - The Oatmeal
other entries NSFW or just gross.
Punctuation and Glyphs — CSS Wizardry — CSS, Web Standards, Typography and Grids
When it comes to typography on the web, there seens to be very little proper use or variation of particular glyphs and punctuation marks. For example, an abundant use of three periods (...) for an ellipsis instead of … (…), or - in place of — (—).