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Download de filmes?...
Finally someone put up all those ridiculous old things people had to watch. Plus, they are in creative commons now. I might have to have some editing fun with these!
Have over 22,000 films. Will travel. For more than a decade, we’ve been rescuing old 16mm school films from dumpsters and obscurity and showing them to folks like you.
tons of cool ephemeral films
Best Sites to Find Public Domain Images and Sounds for Student Projects | audio public-domain reference images photos | Making Teachers Nerdy
Audio public-domain reference images photos for Student Projects from Making Teachers Nerdy
Public Domain Photos and Wallpapers
"This is a place for free public domain photos and desktop wallpapers. Large collection of High Resolution photos and wallpapers, Thousands of high quality public domain pictures, easy to search, All photos on are public domain. You may use these images for any purpose, including commercial. As the owner I have explicitly placed all the photos in the public domain. If you do use any photo, please consider linking back to this site or giving credit to this site. Just something like, "Photo courtesy", This is not required, but its a very good way to support the site efforts here. more information about the License and Copyrights. also read our Frequently Asked Questions." - From the site
free hires pics
This is a place for free public domain photos and desktop wallpapers.
Prints & Photographs Online Catalog
Provides access to more than one million historically significant digital images, some of which can be freely downloaded.
Search images from the Library of Congress
The Prints and Photographs Online Catalog (PPOC) contains catalog records and digital images representing a rich cross-section of still pictures held by the Prints & Photographs Division and, in some cases, other units of the Library of Congress. The Library of Congress offers broad public access to these materials as a contribution to education and scholarship.