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jQuery on Rails: Why Bother? // RailsTips by John Nunemaker

Jquery rails
Eclipse plug-in for creating wireframes and screen mockups - WireframeSketcher
WireframeSketcher is an Eclipse plug-in for creating wireframes, screen mockups and UI prototypes.
WireframeSketcher is an Eclipse plugin for creating wireframes, screen mockups and UI prototypes. * Create UI mockups in no time * Communicate your intent * Get feedback * Build better software!
an Eclipse plugin for creating wireframes, screen mockups and UI prototypes
Interesting html FORM Validators for web developers
This post illustrates how to use some interesting HTML Form validators to check FORM fields writing only some lines of HTML and JavaScript code. All these proposal are lightweight, cross-browser and simple to use and customize in your web projects in few minutes.
60+ Stunning Scriptaculous Applications
This post will help you in checking out most stunning Applications in the World of Web and at the same time might help you in coming up with new web applications using I would like to request all the developers to have a look at these stunning applications which are made and developed by
Adobe - Developer Center : Industry trends in prototyping
To read later.
Industry trends in prototyping Dave Cronin Cooper Get an e-mail update of new articles Comments (3) Created: 2 February 2009 User Level: All Products: Fireworks Prototype is one of those words that can mean something different to everyone. Before I get too far along in a discussion of prototyping, it's probably worth exploring what I'm talking about. In the world of designing interactive products and services, prototype is generally defined as some representation of a design idea. In the world of physical products, the term tends to connote something quite similar to the finished manufactured form. Indeed, industrial designers use the term model to describe what interaction designers think of as a prototype.
adaptive path » blog » Dan Harrelson » Rapid Prototyping Tools
See list of Prototyping Tools. Most are paid. Real tools are: 1. Axure RP Pro 2. The rest are BS i.e. Flex, Flash, Visio, Dreamweaver etc etc
16 Design Tools for Prototyping and Wireframing [Design Practice]
Prototyping and Wireframing
iPhone UI Vector Elements | MI Blog
here, we couldn’t find an
Improving the transition from paper to Photoshop | creative briefing
Paper prototyping is a great way for designers to plan sites. Still, many struggle with bringing their sketches to Photoshop. Here are 4 tips to help that transition.
Técnicas e exemplos de rascunhos de layout de sites em papel
オブジェクトっぽい話が分かるかもしれないJavaScript講座 その1 | Takazudo Clipping*
FlairBuilder - Interactive Wireframes and Software Prototypes
FlairBuilder is a cross-platform tool for rapid authoring of interactive wireframes and software prototypes.
scripty2: for a more delicious web
scripty2: for a more delicious web
horinaja for scriptaculous or jQuery
horinaja for scriptaculous or jQuery
"Horinaja is a slide-show ready-to-use for scriptaculous/prototype or jQuery. Horinaja is innovant because he use your mouse wheel for a best navigation." Very cool.
Napkee - make your mockups come alive
Napkee lets you to export Balsamiq Mockups to HTML/CSS/JS and Adobe Flex 3 at a click of a button. * Balsamiq's perfect companion * No coding skills required * Pays for itself after one use launch price 79 dollars Napkee Install it, Version 1.0.6 (August 5th, 2009) - problems downloading? By installing this software you are agreeing to Napkee Labs' End User License Agreement Try it, Once you have installed Napkee you can try it for as long as you want. Import Balsamiq Mockups files (BMML) and see all the features of Napkee. The export functionality is the only thing that is not working in the free trial, but you can enable it by buying Napkee! Buy it! $79/user Tried and liked what you see? To unlock the export feature just follow the instructions on the buy it page. We are also giving out licenses for free.
Mia points out this idea could be used to pick up buzz around Museum content online e.g. online exhibitions & objects
Shownar tracks the online buzz around BBC shows.
BBC prototype tracking online buzz and discussions around BBC shows. Cool.
A new prototype from the BBC tracking the online buzz around telly and radio.
Shownar tracks the online buzz around BBC shows. It's an experimental prototype
Volkside | Naview - Navigation preview tool for rapid IA prototyping
Naview is a navigation preview tool for rapid information architecture prototyping from Volkside. It helps information architects design and visualise a new navigational structure and aims to bridge the gap between card sorting and IA user testing.
Another example of a validation prototype tool
Volkside | Naview - Navigation preview tool for rapid IA prototyping
Navigation preview tool for rapid IA prototyping
quick prototypes of hierarchical menus. via katja.
ForeUI - Easy-To-Use UI Prototyping Tool
software de prototipos de software
Quick Wireframe Prototype ForeUI can rapidly create wireframe prototype of your software or website by dragging predefined elements to the plot. You can also customize your own elements. More...
EaSynth ForeUI is an easy-to-use screen mockup tool, you can use it to create prototype of software or website.
Learn 3 Excellent JavaScript Libraries at Once - Nettuts+
ry time an element the element with an ID of maintrigger is clicked, a new div element needs to be appended to the paragraph element containing the text "clicked". This simple demo touches all of the basic functionality requirements including accessing elements, hooking up events and appending elements except that of AJAX abstraction and will let us get a feel for each library.
"JavaScript frameworks are a boon when you have lots of ideas to turn into functional, clean code. And with the meteoric rise of web applications using AJAX technology, frameworks like jQuery are necessary to reduce the time you spend implementing the required functionality..."
30 Javascript Image and Photo Galleries - Mootool, Prototype, jQuery and Tutorials | Queness
Mootool, Prototype, jQuery and Tutorials via Queness
MockFlow - Easy Wireframing for Software and Websites
Create and collaborate interactive mockups for your software and websites.
JustProto - Prototype your world!
Online, diagramas de processo, elementos padronizados, bom controle de texto, poucos eventos interativos.
Integrating Prototyping Into Your Design Process - Boxes and Arrows: The design behind the design
Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars is one of the most subversive, provocative video games of recent years. It may also be one of the most important, not because of its content but because of how it is delivered.
adaptive path » blog » Dan Harrelson » Rapid Prototyping Tools Revisited
Mockingbird - Untitled
Tool for designing mockups
nice webdesign tool
Web-based wireframing.
21 Prototyping, Mockup, and Wireframing Tools for iPhone App Development | iPhoneized
A Collection of Useful Web Design Wireframing Resources : Speckyboy Design Magazine
Browser windows, UI elements and more essentials. Good resource post.
Browser templates for wireframing
Essential. It has safe area templates, browser templates, OS Form Elements, buttons, iPhone GUI Elements, Wireframing icons and even proof reading marks.
There are templates for, possibly every browser in every size, there are form and button templates for all browsers and a hell of a lot more.
30 Ajax Lightboxから使えそうなものを9個ピックアップ*ホームページを作る人のネタ帳
10 Beautiful Sketches for Website Prototypes –
When you start designing a new website it’s very useful to sketch out a first idea of page layout using paper and stencil. This approach help you define easily a working draft of the final version of your website. In general this is a top-down process: you can start sketching first the main sections and then adding more details progressively. In this post I want to suggest you some interesting examples of beautiful sketches for website prototypes for your daily inspiration.
Digital Magazines: Bonnier Mag+ Prototype | Bonnier AB
Great prototype of a magazine reading device
Great concept that importantly focusses on the needs of the user and their experience...
This conceptual video is a corporate collaborative research project initiated by Bonnier R&D into the experience of reading magazines on handheld digital devices. It illustrates one possible vision for digital magazines in the near future, presented by our design partners at BERG.
Guidelines, Tools and Resources For Web Wireframing | W3Avenue
Grafico javascript charting library
Grafico is a javascript charting library based on Raphaël and Prototype.js. It is originally developed as Ico by Alex Young, but this version was developed by Kilian Valkhof at Wakoopa. Grafico's basic principles are to provide good, clean looking graphs inspired by work of Stephen Few and Edward Tufte, while still being flexible to implement and providing numerous api options to tweak the look of the graphs.. Some key things Grafico has: * Flexible ranges Grafico select the best range to display your data at * Hover options display additional information such as the value when hovering over charts * Mean lines A single line that display the mean. * Watermarks Use an image as a watermark over your graphs
Mockup and prototype tool
Lumzy is a Mockup and Prototype creation tool for websites and applications.
Myth #3: Rails forces you to use Prototype
Myth #3: Rails forces you to use Prototype
サイト制作に便利なOmniGraffleステンシル : could
18 Wireframing, Mockup And Prototyping Tools To Plan Designs | Graphic and Web Design Blog
Reader Tutorial: Fireworks - Interactive Prototypes in PDF | Abduzeedo | Graphic Design Inspiration and Photoshop Tutorials
making interactive pdf wireframe
i see you post some wireframe things up from time to time. this seems like a pretty neat trick.
Any+Time™ DatePicker/TimePicker AJAX Calendar Widget - AJAX, JSON and XML Consulting and Training by Andrew M. Andrews III (SM)
Official Google Docs Blog: Rapid wireframe sketching in Google Docs
Cool tutorial on using Google Docs for creating mock-ups.
Official Google Docs Blog
Design Better And Faster With Rapid Prototyping - Smashing Magazine
Home - Pencil Project
a very good diagramming tool inside the browser
Personal Collection
The Pencil Project's unique mission is to build a free and opensource tool for making diagrams and GUI prototyping that everyone can use.
Make more of your mockups - Mocksup
nice application which turns static designs into clickable prototypes.
Make more of your mockups - Mocksup
nice application which turns static designs into clickable prototypes.
How to prototype iPad applications in 30 minutes or less using Apple keynote | Amir Khella
RT @iphoneness: Creating an iPad Prototype fast: it's possible
How long does it take to go from idea to prototype that you can test with potential customers? A month? A week? Few days? How about 30 minutes?What if you can move from idea to prototype at the speed of thoughts, without using any special wirefra
A quick guide to using Apple keynote for rapid prototyping of iPad applications, which can be tested directly on the iPad in 30 minutes or less. No code! FREE template included.