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Why HTTP? « Timothy Fitz

just use http already. don't invent your own wire format!
Why HTTP? The world doesn’t need another arbitrary binary protocol. Just use HTTP. Your life will be simpler. Originally this came up when scaling a gaggle of MySQL machines. I would have killed for a reliable proxy. It’s with this in mind that I’ve come up with my list of things that HTTP has that an arbitrary protocol will have to rebuild. Anytime you choose to use a service based on a non-HTTP protocol, look over this list and think carefully about what you’re giving up.
I like how this posts list out some of the great reasons to just use HTTP and the method of interop communication. So much is already built on HTTP and there are more than enough great tools ubiquitously available for interacting and communication over HTTP. The post also has a long discussion thread.
Cubicle Muses - Wave's Web of Protocols
Seems that most still believe Google Wave primarily uses XMPP to pass data around. Turns out, XMPP is only used for server to server federation. Joe Gregorio has a good overview of the actual APIs and protocols used in Wave, but I still found it easier to create a diagram
"If Google is serious about Wave replacing [everything], the client-server protocol has to be properly worked out."
Not just XMPP = that is server to server
Schneier on Security: Self-Enforcing Protocols
Notes on methods to eliminate corruption in a system by making honesty the most advantageous course of action
"Here’s a self-enforcing protocol for determining property tax: the homeowner decides the value of the property and calculates the resultant tax, and the government can either accept the tax or buy the home for that price. Sounds unrealistic, but the Greek government implemented exactly that system for the taxation of antiquities. It was the easiest way to motivate people to accurately report the value of antiquities."