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Generic Work Process - v1.0
14 Applications for Project Management and Collaboration | Webdesigner Depot

we list several great applications for project and time management as well as collaboration between you and your clients. There are free and commercial options available.
Kourallinen hyviä, helppokäyttöisiä ja ilmaisia projektinhallinnan ja yhteistyön online-työkaluja.
this is project management lingo
'Come to Beavis Meeting'? Hilarious.
Hilarious/scary (via Steve Portigal)
20 Steps to Better Wireframing | Think Vitamin
Hmmm, I haven't tried Balsamiq. Is it any good, I wonder?
18 Tools I use as a Designer & Blogger | Fuel Your Creativity
I’m always sharing what tools are useful to me via Twitter, but just incase you don’t use it - I wanted to share here! I always get asked what productivity tools and apps I use on a regular basis and I pretty much open all of these everyday. There are a few apps that are similar in type because some may be all in one tools or I’m just starting to use one more than the other. Check these out, they are ones I would recommend to a designer/blogger/creative type. If there is something missing from the list that you think should be on here, please share in the comments!
Fuel Your Creativity -
Web Development Project Estimator
Coding Horror: Paying Down Your Technical Debt
Technical Debt is a wonderful metaphor developed by Ward Cunningham to help us think about this problem. In this metaphor, doing things the quick and dirty way sets us up with a technical debt, which is similar to a financial debt. Like a financial debt, the technical debt incurs interest payments, which come in the form of the extra effort that we have to do in future development because of the quick and dirty design choice. We can choose to continue paying the interest, or we can pay down the principal by refactoring the quick and dirty design into the better design. Although it costs to pay down the principal, we gain by reduced interest payments in the future.
When Agile Projects Go Bad - - Business Technology Leadership
How to be a program manager - Joel on Software
The number one mistake most companies make is having the manager of the programmers writing the specs and designing the product. This is a mistake because the design does not get a fair trial, and is not born out of conflict and debate, so it’s not as good as it could be.
10 Tips for Working With Clients Remotely: Part 1 | Webdesigner Depot
Collaborating with clients you never meet face-to-face has become normal for most web workers. Ours is an industry where working remotely poses very few real
10 Tips for Working With Clients Remotely: Part 1
adaptive path » blog » Dan Harrelson » Rapid Prototyping Tools
See list of Prototyping Tools. Most are paid. Real tools are: 1. Axure RP Pro 2. The rest are BS i.e. Flex, Flash, Visio, Dreamweaver etc etc
SitePoint » 16 Project Management Tools That Make Juggling Easy
Managing multiple projects can be cumbersome and chaotic if you don’t have some kind of system in place to keep track of everything. That challenge can be compounded when you add in multiple services, subcontractors or employees, and various team members on the client side. I have found that my business runs most efficiently when I have a system driving data collection, tracking tasks, and facilitating collaboration with all of the people that need to be in the know on a specific project. I’ve tried many project management applications in my search for the perfect system and came up with a short list of options that seemed to have the most potential for me. - » 16 Project Management Tools That Make Juggling Easy
9 Free And Open Source Bug Tracking Softwares
A web application or a software development process always has bugs which is very normal in a hundreds of lines of code. The important part is tracking & fixing them. Whether you are a one-person-army or have teammates, it is a big time-saver to use a bug tracking software. Besides having the bugs listed in a comprehensive way, most bug/issue tracking applications let end-users to submit bug-feature requests that will end up in a better product. Here are 9 free & open source bug tracking softwares, both desktop & web-based, for a better development process:
5 Things Your Clients Should Know | Webdesigner Depot
Must read: RT @boagworld: the Web Designer Depot has released my article '5 Things Your Clients Should Know' ( [from]
This is not a criticism of clients, however. There is so little information that clearly defines their role. Sure, there is no shortage of material on usability, accessibility, online marketing and copywriting, but who has the time to read all of it? The problem is that the client does need to have a very broad understanding (certainly more than can be communicated in a single article), however I have found that understanding certain key issues can make an enormous difference to the efficiency of a client. What follows is a list of the 5 things that I believe will have the biggest impact on a client’s site. At least they should, if the client understands them and chooses to implement them. » Top ten reasons managers become great
15 Steps to a More Productive Workday | Vandelay Design Blog
Classic Mistakes Enumerated
Classic mistakes in development and team leadership
#34: Overestimated savings from new tools or methods. Organizations seldom improve their productivity in giant leaps, no matter how good or how many new tools or methods they adopt. Be
Some ineffective development practices have been chosen so often, by so many people, with such predictable, bad results that they deserve to be called "classic mistakes." Most of the mistakes have a seductive appeal. Do you need to rescue a project that's behind schedule? Add more people! Do you want to reduce your schedule? Schedule more aggressively! Is one of your key contributors aggravating the rest of the team? Wait until the end of the project to fire him! Do you have a rush project to complete? Take whatever developers are available right now and get started as soon as possible!
Rands In Repose: The Pond
Working remotely long-term
Avoiding failure involves asking four questions before they leave: 1. Do they have the personality? 2. Do they have the right job? 3. Does the culture support it? 4. Do you have a remote friction detection and resolution policy?
But I’m still freaked because my first thought when anyone asks to work remote is, “This fine person is a year away from either quitting or being fired.” Why? Because they’re asking to leave the Pond.
Taskbarn - Free Web-Based Project Management Tools
Free Web-Based Project Management Tools
possible project management tool - web-based project management alternative
Webベースのプロジェクト管理。登録不要、完全無料。 保存するときはDL » Why requirements stink
Two links to Berkun in one day! But there is a great axiom contained within: "Requirements is not Design."
The one book anyone working on requirements needs to read is Exploring Requirements by Gerald Weinberg. It points out most of the stupidity that goes on, explains avoidance tactics, and clearly expresses how requirements are part of the design process - that good problem solving techniques can quickly make your requirements documents better than ever.
Here’s a requirements list: Make a $5 car that goes 500 miles per hour, weighs 10 lbs, and is invisible. Those are very clear requirements. They’re also impossible.
"I don’t want an engineer working on something s/he thinks is stupid. How I can expect them to do good work on something they find stupid?"
1: Requirements is not Design. 2: Too Many Cooks. I like Berkun.
(1) Requirements may be impossible to implement. (2) Requirements writing is hard when no single person has the knowledge and authority.
Lifehacker - Gantter Does Project Management in Your Browser - Project; free; no sign-up; imports & exports Microsoft Project files.
Web-based project management tool Gantter has an interface that looks remarkably similar to Microsoft Project—and even lets you import and export your Project files.
Web-based project management tool Gantter has an interface that looks remarkably similar to Microsoft Project—and even lets you import and export your Project files.
MF Bliki: FlaccidScrum
What's happened is that they haven't paid enough attention to the internal quality of their software. If you make that mistake you'll soon find your productivity dragged down because it's much harder to add new features than you'd like. You've taken on a crippling TechnicalDebt and your scrum has gone weak at the knees. (And if you've been in a real scrum, you'll know that's a Bad Thing.)
"XPers often joke, with some justification, that Scrum is just XP without the technical practices that make it work."
Individuals and Interactions are more valuable than Processes and Tools
Online project management software, team collaboration and issue tracking
Hosted free online project management application, team collaboration and issue tracking software.
a project mgt thing like basecamp
Onyaka - Staff Scheduling Software | Roster Software | Employee Scheduling
Online staff time planning software
Schedules for workers.
Onyaka is an online staff time planning software service that take all the pain out of staff scheduling! Onyaka provides you with easy to use staff scheduling software, with NO downloads, NO expensive licence fees, and NO installation hassle!
How to manage a small web project: a simple approach
Thymer - Super easy Planning, Task and Project Management
Project management and task planning for people who hate project management and task planning. For individuals, teams and small businesses.
Project management and task planning for people who hate project management and task planning.
Sign up for the beta. Why? Oh . . . just sign up. Be a productivity geek like me. (Except . . . be productive.)
Effective Strategy To Estimate Time For Your Design Projects | How-To | Smashing Magazine
Great article on how to accurately budget for freelance web projects
How many times have you been completely confused at how that 'small' project turned into such a big one costing double and taking three times
Rands In Repose: A Deep Breath
"When you see an impending crisis, your body has a distinct natural reaction. In your consideration of the crisis, you take a long, deep breath. You often don’t notice this, but if I was sitting next to you, I would hear sigh. A sigh is associated with despair. We’re screwed. Sigh. My interpretation is different; this long, deep breath is one of preparation. Let’s break it down: Breathe in. Gathering your strength. Oh shit, how am I going to deal with this? Hold it. Hold it. Ok, breathe out. Ok, not sure what the plan is, but let’s roll. "
Management by crisis is exhilarating, but it values velocity over completeness; it sacrifices creativity for the illusion of progress.
Rands writes another brilliant article about how to manage humans. If you are managing a team, or part of a team, take 20 minutes and read this one from top to bottom.
A brief essay on how to get things back on track when they've gone off the rails. I find this sort of wisdom very attractive. Makes me want to do things.
"An obsessive meeting schedule is an investment in the boring, but by defining a specific place for the boring to exist, you’re allowing every other moment to have creative potential. You’re encouraging the random and random is how you’re going to win."
"I admit it. I love it when the sky is falling. There is no more delicious a state of being than the imminent threat of disaster. During these times, I’ve done great work. I’ve taken teams from “We’re fucked” to “We made it”. Yeah, we had to cancel Christmas that one time and there was that other time I didn’t leave the building for three days straight, but it was worth it because there’s no more exhilarating place to hang than the edge of chaos. We’re wired to escape danger."
Schedule and Cost Summary Calculator | Konigi
About this template This Cost Estimate and Scheduling spreadsheet provides a lightweight method for learning to estimate time to complete a web design project, and calculating cost for completion. The intended audience is individual freelancers or contractors who need to prepare proposals for potential clients. This may not be an ideal format for the calculation of project team estimates.
Excel sheet template for calculating schedule and costs
Easy + secure group collaboration over email
Easy + secure group collaboration over email with a handy web archive.
Email is still the most prominent form of communication we have. Do you really need that fancy collaboration tool or do you just need to get tgethr?
Master the Art of Working Remotely - Gina Trapani -
But working with people in different cities and time zones with minimal face time presents a whole new set of challenges. While the tools available for working remotely are better than ever, it's how you use them that really counts. Constant and clear communication is the key to a good remote working relationship.
Over the past five years I've worked off-site and online for employers across the country using email, chat, and web-based collaboration apps. My work life has been the envy of my traditional nine-to-five friends. While they suit up in an office-appropriate outfit, grab the briefcase, and brave a commute every weekday, I get to work from home (and my employers get to save money on office space).
How To Estimate Time For A Project
Está criando um site? Então aprenda a organizar o seu tempo.
Good reference
A List Apart: Articles: Managing Werewolves
y or may not want to reveal themselves as the Seer, a.k.a. Werewolf Enemy Number One). It’s not much to
We kill the quiet ones cause they aren't helping.
This was an amusing, insightful... overall a good read.
Colabolo - Issue Manager collaboration projectmanagement project task tasks todo tools web software iPhone business management Work productivity adobe apps
Open Atrium
Estimating time for Web Projects more accurately: Part 1 | Web Project and Website Management advice | Web Project Management Addict | thesambarnes
letters to the future
The Battlefield of Design: Designers vs Clients [Design Principles]
-same as in PR
Establishing the look and feel of a site can be a point of contention. Web designers often become frustrated because they feel there’s a lack of respect for their expertise. Meanwhile, clients grow annoyed when their designer seemingly fails to listen to them.
# ays the best equipped to identify examples of good design—they tend to select sites based on their content rather than aesthetics. # Second, the qu
Establishing the look and feel of a site can be a point of contention. Web designers often become frustrated because they feel there’s a lack of respect for their expertise. Meanwhile, clients grow annoyed when their designer seemingly fails to listen to them. This confrontation inevitably leads to a loggerhead. On one hand we have a designer with years of design knowledge and experience; on the other, a client who knows his audience and business objectives. In this stare-off, sooner or later, somebody has to blink. Either the client will end up with a design that he is unhappy with that fails to meet his objectives, or the web designer will give in and produce a design that she believes to be less than optimal.
Kanban for Lean Project Management - Zen
Zen is a simple, flexible, and cost-effective project management solution. Zen provides an web-based kanban board and a powerful messaging system to help you work more effectively with your team.
Agile web2.0 project mgm saas
Features | Open Atrium
Open Atrium is an intranet in a box that has group spaces to allow different teams to have their own conversations. It comes with six features - a blog, a wiki, a calendar, a to do list, a shoutbox, and a dashboard to manage it all.
Building Respect for Usability Expertise (Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox)
Enemies of usability claim that because "the experts disagree," they can safely ignore user advocates' expertise and run with whatever design they personally prefer.
The Big Picture
Nirvana › GTD Software for Getting Things Done, Web 2.0 Style
Algo que está ahora pegando muy fuerte es la metodología GTD. No es más que una forma de organizar nuestro día a día para hacer lo más productivo posible la realización de nuestras tareas. Existen diferentes aplicaciones y servicios, y aquí os presentamos una más. Se trata de Nirvana, como ya hemos dicho una aplicación que sigue la metodología GTD y que funciona vía web. Su funcionamiento es el habitual, teniendo la opción de organizar nuestras tareas en las diferentes categorías que son “Algún día”, “Próximo”, “Inbox” o “Proyecto”. Podemos etiquetar cada tarea para poder realizar una búsqueda más óptima. También podemos delegar alguna y enviarla por correo electrónico a quien queramos para que tenga conocimiento de ella. Actualmente está en beta privada pero podemos solicitar una invitación para poder hacer uso de ella. Recomendable si queremos tener nuestra vida organizada.
Web-based Project Management and Collaboration Tool Online | Zoho Projects
Совместная работа над проектами аналог Google Wave
Plan, track and collaborate on projects. Keep everyone in the loop. A centralized place where relevant project documents and contents are stored, updates are posted, everyone meets to exchange ideas and get work done.
Looking for Tasks and Milestones? We do that too. But above all, Zoho Projects is about helping teams get their projects done.
How To Effectively Communicate With Developers | How-To | Smashing Magazine
eam. Often times, this is where design ends and development begins. As designers, this is where we should be most involved to ensure that the design concept is fully realized in the working application. Avoid just ‘throwing the design over the fence’, and hoping the developers implement it exactly how you have envisioned it in your
If you have ever worked with a developer or a development team, this article will probably strike close to home. As designers, we work with
Article on designer - developer communication
How to get clients to say yes to your designs
11 Open source project management tools
I'm OK; The Bull Is Dead
I'm OK; The Bull Is Dead June 21, 2004 (Computerworld) Early in my career, when I worked as an engineer, my boss had a process by which the engineering team was expected to report project status. He insisted that we use the following steps, in the specified order: 1. Punch line: The facts; no adjectives, adverbs or modifiers. "Milestone 4 wasn't hit on time, and we didn't start Task 8 as planned." Or, "Received charter approval as planned." 2. Current status: How the punch-line statement affects the project. "Because of the missed milestone, the critical path has been delayed five days." 3. Next steps: The solution, if any. "I will be able to make up three days during the next two weeks but will still be behind by two days." 4. Explanation: The reason behind the punch line. "Two of the five days' delay is due to late discovery of a hardware interface problem, and the remaining three days' delay is due to being called to help the customer support staff for a production problem."
Gode vaner i forbindelse med afrapportering på projekter... her er er en artikel jeg tror jeg vil vende tilbage til et par gange - jeg er nemlig ikke så hurtig ...
1. Punch Line 2. Current Status 3 Next Steps 4. Explaination
How to get to the point
5 Habits to Help You Complete Your Project in Record Time - Webitect
Everybody wants to be more productive. Productivity translates to success, whether you’re a freelancer or an employee. Here are five powerful ways to make sure you’re getting the most out of your time.
Tom DeMarco, one of my heroes, is brave, and has adapted his earlier ideas
"I’m gradually coming to the conclusion that software engineering is an idea whose time has come and gone. I still believe it makes excellent sense to engineer software. But that isn’t exactly what software engineering has come to mean. "
Software Engineering...
DeMarco Reflects on 40 Years of Software Engineering Evolution
Professional Team Management Tips For Creative Folks | How-To | Smashing Magazine - Provides freight audit for clients who ship cargo via ocean freight and the refunds are paid to clients directly from the service providers.If your company is not paid a refund, our service at Ocean Freight Refunds Inc. (OFR) is free of charge. - Create a Groupsite for Work, Life, Anything
Create an instant Groupsite to connect your association members online. Empower members to maximize their return on involvement by giving them a place to communicate, share and network
With Groupsites, people from a wide range of professional and social groups within companies, communities, non-profits, families and more are now able to instantly and easily communicate, share, network. Best of all, basic Groupsites are FREE to create and can be setup to be public is a self-serve platform for creating social collaboration communities called Groupsites.
7 Steps for Systematizing The Design & Build Process « Noupe
7 Steps for Systematizing The Design & Build Process
Pricing A Project | Blue Flavor
Detailed description on how pricing for web projects can be done. Important: calculate reasonable prices that can be broken down into several components. Communicate all your assumptions involved. Know your hourly rates. Make transparent what your customer will get.
Graphic Artist Guild Handbook of Pricing and Ethical Guidelines
Top 10 Web Collaboration Tools (That Aren't Google Wave) - Collaboration - Lifehacker
tools for discussion of business
Useful list of collaboration tools online (assuming you aren't on Google Wave yet!)
You've probably heard about a hard-to-get, hugely new service called Google Wave. Lest ye forget, there are plenty of web-based collaboration tools that don't require learning a new way of speaking. Here are a few of our (mostly free) favorites.
All You Need to Know about Web Design Project Planning and Process | Woobzine
Having a keen understanding of Web Design Project Planning Process is unvaluable. With a clear organization, you'll be able to work better and more efficiently.
Disseny i planificació de webs
How To Identify and Deal With Different Types Of Clients « Smashing Magazine
Great for client develpoment
Tipos de Clientes
26 Hints for Agile Software Development - PM Hut
Capstone projects and time management - Joel on Software
It is amazing how easy it is to sail through a Computer Science degree from a top university without ever learning the basic tools of software developers, without ever working on a team, and without ever taking a course for which you don’t get an automatic F for collaborating. Many CS departments are trapped in the 1980s, teaching the same old curriculum that has by now become completely divorced from the reality of modern software development.
To learn to program effectively you need to work collaboratively on projects with other people.
Tom's Planner | Gantt Chart Software | Faster than Excel easier than MS Project
planner schedule
Create and share Gantt charts online with Tom's Planner Gantt chart software. No more messy excel spreadsheets.
Gantt Chart Software | Faster than Excel easier than MS Project
Writing good documentation (part 1) - Tracking personal goals and bad habits is a web site for tracking long term personal goals and bad habits. No hourly schedules, just commit to weekly goals and record time, that's it.
You Don't Know Jack About Software Maintenance | November 2009 | Communications of the ACM
Article which seems nice. I should read.
No direct references are allowed to anything if they can be avoided. Every data structure is designed for expansion and self-identifying as to version. Every code segment is made self-identifying by the compiler or other construction procedure. Code and data are changeable on a per-command/process/system basis, and as few as possible copies of anything are kept, so single copies could be dynamically updated as necessary.
How to Manage a Group Project in Google Wave - Google Wave - Lifehacker
another new gadget to investigate
Critical Resources to Help Designers Get Organized
Organização para designers
How To Create The Perfect Client Questionnaire - Noupe
How To Create The Perfect Client Questionnaire
Frequently Forgotten Fundamental Facts about Software Engineering
"We know these things to be true"... about software engineering
grumpy old men ...
Everyone involved in the production, design and specification of software should be required to read and understand every item on this list.
24 ways: What makes a website successful? It might not be what you expect!
How To Explain To Clients That They Are Wrong - Smashing Magazine
Essential Habits Of An Effective Professional Freelancer - Smashing Magazine
ClueMapper – Trac
ClueMapper is a web-based application for managing software and software-based consulting projects. Currently it uses Trac to handle individual projects but adds the ability to create new trac instances, svn configurations, etc.
ClueMapper is a web-based application for managing software and software-based consulting projects. Currently it uses Trac to handle individual projects but adds the ability to create new trac instances, svn configurations, etc. The website for ClueMapper is at
"ClueMapper is a web-based application for managing software and software-based consulting projects. Currently it uses Trac to handle individual projects but adds the ability to create new trac instances, svn configurations, etc."
GitHub Issue Tracker! - GitHub
It gives us great pleasure to announce our integrated issue tracking system! On repository pages you’ll now see an “Issues” tab in the top menu. Here’s a quick rundown of the features: * Deal with your issues just like you deal with email (fast, JavaScript interface) * Create and apply labels to issues to assign to users or categorize * Drag and drop issues to prioritize them * Vote on issues that you want to see tackled * Search, sort, and filter * Close issues from commit messages * Keyboard shortcuts Watch this short video introduction to GitHub Issues and get started now!
github now seems to have a nice and simple issue tracker
"... announce our integrated issue tracking system! On repository pages you’ll now see an “Issues” tab in the top menu." Deal with your issues just like you deal with email (fast, JavaScript interface) Create and apply labels to issues to assign to users or categorize Drag and drop issues to prioritize them Vote on issues that you want to see tackled Search, sort, and filter Close issues from commit messages Keyboard shortcuts
It gives us great pleasure to announce our integrated issue tracking system.
Atlassian Stimulus Package
Can get 10 user licenses of JIRA, Confluence or Bamboo for $10 each.
Our best tools are just $10 per product. Perfect for startups and small teams.
Jira - bug tracking Greenhopper - jira agile plugin confluence- wiki fisheye- version tracker
Start-up priced software from Atlassian - $10.
The Agile Disease « Luke Halliwell’s Weblog
The games industry is rushing headlong to Agile development methodologies just now; it’s a great source of excitement for some, with conference sessions and magazine articles left, right and centre, and “evangelists” spreading the word. I’m sick of it. I can’t wait for the day when everyone realises how much of a fad-diet, religious-cult-inspired, money-making exercise it is for a group of consultants.
Agile doesn't mean no planning or allowing to reject any kind of "older" approarches, which are actually necessary to do the things.
All methodologies imply a prescribed approach, a single-minded, fixed set of processes that removes flexibility and rationality.
Concrete Goals Tracker 2010 Updates
Project Management: Add a Gantt Chart to Your Google Spreadsheet
Project Tracking Software - Less Projects
Project Tracking Software - Less Projects /via @lifehacker Congrats @lessallan @stevenbristol #simple
Project Task Management Application
Useful formulas and resources for becoming a spreadsheets master
10 Free Project Management Applications | FreelanceFolder
500 Internal Server Error
Gwaredd Space: Game Development in a Post-Agile World
this is a great article
20 Great Project Management Tools
A list of SaaS Project Management tools
10 Free Tools For Effective Project Management @ SmashingApps
14 Questions To Ask Your Clients Before and After a Project | Design Reviver
14 Questions To Ask Your Clients Before and After a Project | Design Reviver -
client questionnaire
プロジェクトの遅れを取り戻す方法10選 - IT業界を生き抜く秘密10箇条 - ZDNet Japan,3800082984,20384523,00.htm
プロジェクトの遅れを取り戻す方法10選 あとで
15+ Amazing Project Management and Collaboration Tools | Graphic and Web Design Blog
15+ Amazing Project Management and Collaboration Tools [from]
Everyone knows about what is project management. It’s nothing but planning, organizing and managing the resources.But how to do? What is the right way to do it. Are there any tools available for project management and collaboration. How these tools can be useful and what are the features. These are the things we are going to analyze in this article. We will see best project collaboration tools available on web to manage projects easily.
Producteev Home
"Producteev is a web-based task management application that helps people -- whether they are located in the same office or in multiple time zones -- work together more effectively and efficiently. You can connect with your colleagues, track the progress of projects in real time, manage your to-do lists, manage workflow, assign tasks, collaborate, share files, centralize multiple project information into one customizable, personal ,Dashboard and put the web’s best social networking applications to work for you."
looks interesting. check it out
Producteev is a new generation Task Management web application that drastically simplifies the way you work with your team.
The Freelancer's iPhone: Productivity solutions for independent professionals
Official Google Docs Blog: Featured gadget: Gantt charts in spreadsheets
Overview of free Gantt chart gadget for Google spreadsheets
5 Warning Signs of a Project In Danger
The Designer Who Delivers - Smashing Magazine
information architecture map
5分で絶対に分かるプロジェクト管理 - @IT情報マネジメント
とはいえ、プロジェクト管理で押さえておくべきポイントについて、おおまかには共通の認識が得られてきています。  そこで今回は、一般的な開発プロジェクトにおける管理対象について、おおまかに、分かりやすく説明していきます。
La fábula del pastor y el jefe de proyectos - La masa, el ladrillo, la bota, el bocadillo...
Paseaba un día un jefe de proyectos por el campo. Tras años de rayos catódicos era su primer paseo por el páramo castellano en mucho tiempo. Lo necesitaba. La ocasión merecía los pantalones y las botas que estrenaba, recién compradas en la tienda de Timberland del aeropuerto. Iba pensando en lo bucólico del paisaje y la paz que se respiraba y lo lejos que estaba ahora de las reuniones 'tressesenta' , cuando vio, en la lejanía, para un informático 350 metros son la lejanía, un pastor de ovejas con rebaño de discreto tamaño. No más de cincuenta recursos eran los que el pastor gestionaba.
Los porques que explican que un pastor es mejor que un gestor super MBA en Gestión Total
Proyecto de Desarrollo
Top 25 Open Source Project Management Apps
Top 25 Open Source Project Management Apps
Jemand hatte mich doch letztens danach gefragt: Top 25 Open Source Project Management Apps #project #management #apps – Ramón (websenat)
"If you are a project manager or if you plan to become one — or even if you cannot manage your personal day-to-day tasks — you might require some help from a software system designed to simplify and streamline any project or multiple projects. "
Jemand hatte mich doch letztens danach gefragt: Top 25 Open Source Project Management Apps #project #management #apps
How to Maintain a Project List that Doesn't Crush Your Soul
How to Maintain a Project List that Doesn't Crush Your Soul
Whether you're an adherent of David Allen's Getting Things Done or any other system that encourages you to capture all the ideas floating around in your head and commit them to paper (or a digital medium), it's likely you've gotten pretty good at the capture side of things. It's on the other end of the conveyor belt, where the ideas get sorted, categorized, and made useful, that things tend to get murky. In my productivity workflow, the capture side of things has always been the most enjoyable and easiest—all it really takes is a stack of index cards, a pen, and a wandering mind! Even though ubiquitous capture is an awesome habit to have, it has an often overlooked downside. The more ideas or to-dos you increase, the more things you have floating around in your potential workflow. If you don't effectively deal with those things, you end up with a stagnant pool of ideas and the feeling that you'll never do anything with all these ideas/tasks/to-dos you've captured.
The Outsourcing Low Cost Lie | Lessons of Failure
Ouch, nasty stats on actual cost savings vs. original pitch.
The Outsourcing Low Cost Lie | Lessons of Failure -
outsourcing kan ikke betale sig
How to Start Using Procedure Checklists for Flawless Task Execution - Routines - Lifehacker
Clutterpad :: Manage Your Clutter! Project Management, Collaboration, Todo lists, Calendars and Events, Chat, Messages, Files, Contacts and more
possible great way to organize
Gerenciador de projetos no estilo Basecamp da 37 signals.
'Simple elegant to-do lists'
A project management & collaboration tool that defines productivity. Get organized, work together and enjoy the satisfaction of getting things done. Watch the Videos.
TeamLab – Create Your Enterprise Portal in the Cloud for Free
Scrum Kompakt - Scrum Kompakt
Kostenloses Online-Buch für die Entwicklung mit Scrum
Scrum ist ein Framework für die Abwicklung von Projekten, das auf den Rahmengrundsätzen der agilen Softwareentwicklung aufbaut. »Scrum Kompakt« führt ein in die Grundlagen des Projektmanagements, bietet eine Einführung in Scrum und zeigt eine Variante, wie in Scrum Anforderungsanalyse mit hoher Qualität betrieben werden kann.
Scrum Kompakt bietet eine Einführung in Scrum und führt ein in die Grundlagen des Projektmanagements.