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Bill Clementson's Blog: Understanding SLIME (Using Emacs and Lisp Cooperatively)

Using Emacs and Lisp Cooperatively. A post from Bill Clementson's Blog.
How to Implement Email Verification for New Members - Nettuts+
Have you ever created an account with a website, and were required to check your email and click through a verification link sent by the company in order to activate it? Doing so highly reduces the number of spam accounts. In this lesson, we'll learn how to do this very thing!
プロ・アマ・プログラミング言語を問わずに今までの4倍のスピードで学習する方法 - Craftworks Tech Blog - Branch
JavaScript初心者におくる24のグレイトなtips - 三等兵
jslintつかえ というのは、忘れてた。 good partsとかなりかぶるよね たまには読み返せということか console.time("hogehoge") console.timeEnd("hogehoge") これは知らんかった。
404 Blog Not Found:「PHP使いはもう正規表現をblogに書くな」と言わせないでくれ
regular expression for mail address