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HOW TO: Manage Multiple Social Media Profiles

Having trouble keeping up with all your soical profiles, etc. ?
Start counting the number of social media websites you have a profile with, right now. Out of fingers yet? FacebookFacebook reviews, TwitterTwitter reviews,
Seth's Blog: The power of a tiny picture (how to improve your social network brand)
If it's important enough for you to spend your time finding and connecting with new people online, it's important enough to get the first impression right. If you use any online social network tool, the single most important first impression you make is with the 3600 to 5000 pixels you get for your tiny picture. In the social group I run, part of my job is to pick the featured members. As a result, I spend a lot of time looking at little pictures. Here's one person's take on the things you can do to avoid wrecking that first impression:
your social network face is important
Now You Can Change What Google Says About You - ReadWriteWeb
The program offers people control over their search appearance only in as much as they are willing to give Google more information about themselves. Google's Joe Kraus explained to us that up to four Google Profiles will appear at the bottom of a results page.
Poken Japan
2009/05/1 ビックカメラ主要22店舗で、5/3からポーケンの店頭販売を開始します!
ヨーロッパ発デジタル名刺ガジェット オンラインに対応したソーシャルコミュニティー
Customize Your Community Wordpress Plugin - Sugarrae
Allows you to customize the back-end of wordpress.
blah, analyzes your account
ad clickeble background to twitter
Adds URL clickability to Twitter profiles
Add Clickable Links to your Twitter Background Image
twitter background with links
Make your Twitter background clickable!
CTwittLike is a new and interesting Twitter application that lets you view Twitter as someone else, with all the Tweets from the people he/she follows.
watch your Twitter Stream as someone else sees it
See twitter like somebody else (i.e. see all the public tweets they would see)
see twitter like someone else
Steve Jobs: The man who polished Apple - Times Online
apple stevejobs biography jobs mac
For five years the owner of the Jackling House in Woodside, California, has been trying to knock it down. He hates the place, calling it “one of the biggest abominations of a house I’ve ever seen”. He hates it so much, he has abandoned it to live a few miles away in Palo Alto. Pictures of the interior show a ghostly, decaying mansion. The owner can’t knock it down because of protests from conservationists. But a deal has been done. He will spend $600,000 to have it taken down and will have it rebuilt elsewhere — not a big victory by his standards, but a satisfying one. He has been having a hard time lately.
My own view is that a Jobsless Apple will seek a merger with Google. The two companies are rapidly converging... There is Apple’s iPhone and there is Google’s Android, not a phone in itself, but an operating system that can be used by other companies. Google also produce a web browser called Chrome, which competes with Apple’s Safari. And, most importantly, Google is working on a computer operating system, also called Chrome, which may well be a very serious competitor for Mac OS X... The point is that both companies are aiming to seize dominance of the world market from Microsoft... The loss of Jobs’s genius for products would mean Google’s innovation and Apple’s design and market sense would be a very good fit, although antitrust regulators might disagree.
"Apple Inc is worth around $140 billion. But is it worth anything without Jobs? It is a company formed around his personality and inspiration. It is also the most watched, envied, admired and adored company in the world."
Official Google Blog: Search for "me" on Google
"Stop Googling Me!" --T-shirt seen in SoHo…
making a profile on google so when people search for me, they see that first.
bass fishing tips profile
search for anything you wish
The 4 Big Myths of Profile Pictures « OkTrends
almost-scientific quantitative analysis of dating website
Important for meeting and engaging people online, may be important for professional profiles depending on career
How to make your profile picture to pop out.
Print Roger Ebert: The Essential Man
HOW TO: Clean Up Your Facebook Profile
Comment faire un peu de ménage sur votre profil #Facebook -
Lifehacker - Google Profiles Give You Control Over What Google Says About You - Google Profiles
Facebook's New Public Profiles: Good for Businesses, Bad for People - ReadWriteWeb
e brings new functionality to what was once just the status update box. Before, that box prompted you to finish the sentence that began with your name and ended with
Mooie kans voor bedrijven op Facebook, maar ReadWriteWeb denkt daar iets anders over.
Well written review and research on FaceBook business pages versus personal pages.
For public figures on Facebook, the biggest change was the revamp of Facebook Pages. Now called "Public Profiles," these pages are supposed to act more like personal profiles - they can even update the News Feed. However, that alone stands as the only major change of note to these company-centric locales on Facebook. In almost all other ways, pages remain static, broken, and difficult.
on Facebook
Herramienta para conocer el nivel de privacidad de tu cuenta en Facebook
Servizio per valutare la privacy delle proprie informazioni su Facebook
Check your Facebook privacy
Twitterプロフィール検索 - twpro(ツイプロ)