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Inspiration: Business Card Designs | Abduzeedo - design inspiration & tutorials

Inspiration: Business Card Designs I know there is a lot of different kinds of business card now days but since abduzeedo is giving out some traditional cards prints, I focused on that and put up some great card designs by really good designers so you
abduzeedo cards
Design a Print Ready Business Card for Designers | Blog.SpoonGraphics
||Meet> Vilaz||
くりえいてぃぶっ!タッチスクリーン + processing。
(no description)
Printing The NYT Costs Twice As Much As Sending Every Subscriber A Free Kindle
newsprint isn't just expensive and inefficient; it's laughably so.
I'm glad I'm not an old skool newspaper
The expense and waste of daily newspapers is probably one of the few things that make me froth with rage.
"Not that it's anything we think the New York Times Company should do, but we thought it was worth pointing out that it costs the Times about twice as much money to print and deliver the newspaper over a year as it would cost to send each of its subscribers a brand new Amazon Kindle instead."
Cornwell :: Possibilities
Escritório de design com cases legais sobre brand, comunição visual.
Janine Rewell
designer from Finland. Nice work on print/package design
Nice photography of publications, with details
illustrator designer helsinki
/ M / A / S / H /
Take a few well-chosen brand creators, designers, simplifiers and solutionists; with a passion for what we do (by definition a Branding Agency). Put in the awkward position of having to define ourselves, and feeling a little like we are putting an ad in the singles column, Mash is an agency that creates truly memorable work without the ridiculous theories and processes. We cater specially to clients who truly want to build their brand with creativity and originality.
MASH なんだかかっこいいです デザイン 会社なのかユニットなのか組織なのかわからん
Studio Ten and a Half
We are an independent graphic design consultancy, based in London, dedicated to producing unique and effective design solutions. Whether working on large corporate projects or for small independent companies, we believe that building strong long-term client relationships is key. Our work includes brand identities, editorial design, exhibitions, corporate literature, signage, packaging and websites. Please contact us if you would like to know more about our work.
Het webdesign schetsboek - Webdesign Inventis Web Architects
Mockup grids for the 960 framework with a browser bar.
Sketchbook à imprimer avec entête de navigateur et grille
How To Share A Printer Over The Internet |
The gotcha is that it prints an ad on the coversheet
How To Share A Printer Over The Internet |
almost Modern - graphic design
almost Modern - graphic design company in rotterdam.
Home : PiePaper
Pieマガジン よい New Zealand
18 Beautiful Brochure Design Samples
All the Business Card Inspiration You Will Ever Need | The Design Cubicle
Below is a list of 30 business card inspirational websites, galleries and resources that will fulfill your every business card desire and provide inspiration for your next business card inspiration.
list de cartes commerciales ultra créatives
Inkd | The world’s first market for original print design.
Inkd is more than a place to buy great design. It’s a real marketplace that brings together print designers and businesses. Our hope is to build the most important print portal for browsing AND buying. Thousands of professional print designs and brochure templates for download. That’s Inkd.
Buy and sell brochure template designs that include layouts, photos and vector artwork. Get graphic design ideas, download print templates, edit and print custom brochure designs in Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and more.
Network Osaka > Portfolio 2007-2009
Learn How to Style Articles for Print and Email - Nettuts+
When designing websites, a commonly desired feature is the ability to dynamically print or email any section of a webpage. Unfortunately, this idea is usually scrapped later in the project due to a lack of time or knowledge. Formatting the text for printing is more difficult than it might initially seem. Today, we will use JavaScript to automatically search for certain page elements and format them correctly for a printing.
print certain areas with jquery
15 Beautifully Minimal Business Cards | Web Design Ledger
Following yesterday’s business card giveaway kick-off, I thought it would be appropriate to show some more beautiful cards from Card Observer. This time we’re going to look at those cards that are both minimal in color scheme and design elements. This minimalism in design is what makes these business cards so beautiful and effective. If you want to see more details about the cards, just click on the images.
:: WILLOW Design Belfast, Graphic Design, Belfast, Graphic Designers Northern Ireland ::
design gráfico, tipografia
WILLOW - Graphic Designers based in Belfast.
Creative Print Typography Layouts | Design Showcase | Smashing Magazine
Sehr inspirierende Liste volle Typo-Layouts.
In print design, typography is one of the more crucial aspects. Typography is essential the practice of organizing, arranging, and modifying type. The typography techniques uesed in print has a direct impact on how the reader is able to receive the image. In print, typography doesn’t have to be plain and boring. It can be beautiful, creative, and colorful. There are a number of ways to liven up typography, such as creative and original layouts, using color variations, use of fancy fonts, and much more.
Very simplistic javascript-based portfolio site. Worth investigating its mechanics.
portfolio design
Graphic design studio based in Amsterdam
bonzão, link do Adriel
Nice body of work.
Printing The NYT Costs Twice As Much As Sending Every Subscriber A Free Kindle
And dead tree editions deliverd via petrol to au sub-urbian households...
RT @guykawasaki: NYT could give every subscriber a Kindle and save money. [from]
Vanity Press Plus: The Tweetbook |
When Twitter is inevitably replaced by something else, I don’t want to lose all those incidentals, the casual asides, the remarks and responses. That’s all really. This seems like a nice way to do it, and I’ll probably do it again in a couple of years time.
I wanted to test Lulu’s capacity for hardback books, to continue experimenting with the literary cornucopia machine, and to see if you could make a traditional diary/journal in retrospect. And you can, and it’s quite nice (apart from some weird kerning issues). No, most of it doesn’t mean anything, certainly not to anyone else, but it makes physical a very real time and effort.
This is nifty - use the twitter api to download your tweets and publish them to a book using Indesign and Lulu. Ok, so you need a bit of time on your hands, but still, the results are cute. physical twittering
FPO: For Print Only
50 Refreshing Business Card Designs | Graphic Fetish
Finally a new wave of those business card designs we can't get enough of! We're pretty sure you've been seeing the same designs over and over again so if you're
Finally a new wave of those business card designs we can’t get enough of! We’re pretty sure you’ve been seeing the same designs over and over again so if you’re looking for more creative inspiration, we hope this fresh batch will do the trick. See how you can have more fun with color, letterpress printing or simply play with the shape, cut or the material of your custom business cards. The designers responsible for these awesome designs are as indicated so feel free to browse their portfolios for more ideas.
Photoshop Screenshot Trick
View a screenshot trick for Photoshop
Ampliar fotos sin perder calidad
como subir los DPI de una captura de pantalla
capturas de pantalla a 300dpi
100 (Really) Creative Business Cards | Webdesigner Depot
Creative Business Cards
Check out some cool and imaginative business cards. Awesome..
weer een paar nieuwe, vooral de divorce lawyer is leuk!
cartoes de visita
Welcome to
Convert Any Web Page Into a More Efficient Print Copy
turn a website into a printable, cleaned up pdf
Create a Five-color Magazine Cover using a Spot Metallic - Psdtuts+
Five-color Magazine Cover using a Spot Metallic
Dinky pocketbooks with WebKit transforms | Natalie Downe
I'm a big fan of stuff written on paper. My computer is covered in useful post-it notes, and I do a lot of planning on paper at the start of every client-side build. On my desk at work is a piece of paper written in felt tip that I pass around to my co-workers on occasion. It's a reference document for how we check projects out of subversion, upload to live and some basic terminal commands for people who are unfamiliar in that environment. This was a great opportunity to break out my favourite paper folding technique, where an A4 page becomes an 8 page booklet. I first learnt about this from a Christmas card I received a few years ago from some very inventive friends. Brian Suda happened to be in the office that day and pointed me to a cool Flash interface for creating these, He also suggested that it would be possible to build these using just HTML and CSS with CSS3 transforms, currently supported by Safari and WebKit. Inspired, I did exactly that. Here's the demo.
Natalie uses CSS3 to build out booklets for print - pretty sweet, and very useful.
Adventures creations and musings from a girl geek.
Ahh, probably my favorite mashup to date. Geolocation+CSS+CSS Transforms (as proposed by WebKit)+printing. Sweeeet!
oh this is clever
Alan Clarke
Olympic posters proposal for London 2012. My thinking behind these posters was to convey the movement and energy of the games, in a simple abstract way.
drooling at the nice 2012 Olympic poster ideas Alan has put forth here ..... homage to 1972 of course, but still....can the London logo disaster be salvaged by improved design in other key aspects of the Olympic design fronts?
some great abstract graphic posters proposed for the Olympics
Impresionante diseñador británico. Con carteles de los juegos olímpicos de Londres que quitan el 'sentío'...
Ivana Martinovic, Selected Portfolio
Some nice work and a clean website.
22 Beautiful Example of Brochure Designs | Naldz Graphics
We received a great response to our readers when we showcase the 60+ Most Beautiful and Creative Business Cards Design a months ago. And today, we made a new list to inspire you and this time its all about Brochure. A Brochure is a small booklet or pamphlet, mostly containing promotional material or product information. Here is a showcase of 22 Beautiful Brochure Designs for another list of inspiration.In this post you will see some example of a good brochure designs.
Design a Ready to Print Brochure in Photoshop - Psdtuts+
udarbejdelse af brochure i photoshop.
งานออกแบบ และจัดทำโบชัวร์ อย่างละเอียด ทีละขั้นตอน น่าศึกษามาก
túristabrot í PS
Design a Ready to Print Brochure in Photoshop
This time I'll help you to create a ready to print three-fold brochure from scratch using only Photoshop. This tutorial is ideal for beginners and for people who want to know more about print design. Let's get it started!
Print Brochure in Photoshop
The Simplicity and Elegance of Black & White Business Cards | Abduzeedo | Graphic Design Inspiration and Photoshop Tutorials
Build/Make/Craft/Bake: How-to: Hammered flower and leaf prints
Printing & Prepress Basics - Vectortuts+
cute stuff
Explains printing prepress basics
Create your own printable magazines and eBooks |
Create your own printable magazines and ebooks
zinepal-ebook Frames
Crear libros digitales
Create your own printable magazine from any online content.
lots of nice prints
vintage design and fashion books - often out of print
Handy Tips for Creating a Print CSS Stylesheet
Handy Tips for Creating a Print CSS Stylesheet
40 Top-Notch Print Based Tutorials - Tutorial9
There don’t seem to be enough print related tutorials online, so in this round up I wanted to cover as many print specific articles as possible. I also wanted to mix in some that weren’t directly print related, but that help create print related products like movie posters, ads, cd covers, etc.
Walking Papers
map to print
Print maps, draw on them, scan them back in and help OpenStreetMap improve its coverage of local points of interests and street detail. Walking Papers is a product of Stamen Design's Michal Migurski.
Spot UVs, Proofs, Roll Folds and Other Printing Terminology Explained - Psdtuts+
The world of printing and all the techniques and terminology associated with it can be complicated. Often it can take a while to understand and learn these through years of graphic design experience.
The world of printing and all the techniques and terminology associated with it can be complicated. Often it can take a while to understand and learn these
Inkd | The world’s first market for original print design.
nice horizontal design
17 Rounded Corner Business Cards Designs
36 Beautiful Packaging Designs For Inspiration | Dzine Blog
These are some of the best and forward thinking packaging designs I have seen in a while, definitely worth checking out.
36 diseño de packaging para inspirarse
Beautiful Flyer Designs by Super Silo | Abduzeedo - design inspiration and tutorials
Wireframe Magnets (DIY Kit) | Konigi
Make your own laminated magnets of UI elements for putting together and markering with text. Obviously isn't faster than just hand-drawing, but certainly looks more polished, ...and would be fun.
10 Creative Brochure designs - Blog - Touchey - design magazine
10 Creative Brochure designs - Blog - Touchey - design magazine -
Design Inspiration resource for professionals and students. Get tips and check the latest interactive, graphic, interior, architecture and industrial design trends. lebanon, middle east, dubai, qatar, ksa, jeddah
Creative Brochure designs
RedLine Magazine : 印刷用CSSのお話
Oversized Wall Prints, Decals & Posters -
printing paper
Larger Than Life Prints is a company dedicated to making your walls more fun! We have a long history in the customization business and saw a need for savvy consumers who were looking for unique products. We are a company that makes big prints and we have big dreams! We are dedicated to keeping our customers happy and stand by the quality of our work.
Awesome Brochure and Print Design Inspiration | Abduzeedo | Graphic Design Inspiration and Photoshop Tutorials
Print design is becoming quite influential in web design, we have seen more and more websites using big headers, lots of white space and nice font size contrasts. As I am looking for print design references for a brochure I am working on, I decided to sel
Six / Showcase
portfolio site madyBySix
IKEA Catalog anno 1965 « ikke tikke theo
Ikea Catalog from 1965 - awesome
If You Printed The Internet … | CreativeCloud
A bunch of stats about how big the internet is in other terms. circa sept 2009
Feels compelled to share "If You Printed The Internet … | CreativeCloud" ( ) [from]
Have your ever wondered how much ink and paper would be used if you printed the internet? Find out all you need to know in our infographic!
Dollar ReDe$ign: Michael Tyznik - Dollar ReDe$ign Project
A very well thought out take on redesigning US paper currency
Business Cards Produced Using Unusual Materials | Web Design Ledger
Business Cards Produced Using Unusual Materials | Web Design Ledger -
As many of you know, I also run Card Observer, which is a site that showcases beautiful business cards. A few weeks ago, I showed you some of the best
Create and Print a Brochure with Photoshop, Indesign and - Part 1 - Psdtuts+
referencia, folder
Andrew Droog | Graphic Designer
nice website
40 High-Quality InDesign Tutorials
pekny roundup
tutoriais de indesign
30 Sensational Print Ads From Around The World | CreativeCloud
Print advertising can inspire and shock, motivate and make you think. These amazing print advertisements show just how powerful an image really can be!
Every day, we’re bombarded by thousands of adverts, most of which are boring, thoroughly irritating or both. Every now and again, however, an advert comes along that’s so powerful, due to the originality of its content or the way that it conveys its message, that it inspires us to change our behaviour: it might make us find out some more information about a product, donate money to charity or even cut down on drinking alcohol! With in excess of $385 billion spent annually on ads, it’s unsurprising that admen give life to veritable masterpieces of visual communication from time to time. These truly brilliant ads can be found on TV, on the internet and on billboards too. But the most engaging ads of all appear in traditional print media, as people reading newspapers and magazines have time to absorb lots of information as well as creative subtleties. Below, you’ll find 30 examples representing the crème de la crème of recent print advertisements
Information Architects » Blog Archive » Links in Print: The Story of a Beautiful Failure
In January 2009 we were invited to take part in a paid pitch for the print redesign for the Swiss newspaper Tages-Anzeiger. All in all five agencies took part in the pitch. We were the only UX oriented agency. The story of a beautiful failure.
A história de um belo fracasso. Proposta do iA para o redesign do jornal Tages-Anzeiger. Eram a única agência especializada em User-experience.
print redesign for the Swiss newspaper Tages-Anzeiger
Great slides, examples and pitch book (!) from failed newspaper redesign.
Eine UI-Agentur designt für Print.
The Ultimate Round-Up of Print Design Tutorials « Smashing Magazine
CanvasPop - The easiest way to print your photos on canvas! | CanvasPop
Home - Envelop
Online store for illustrated cotton basics
Online store for illustrated cotton basics. Looking for unique, very personal designed textiles? Browse our shop. Visit the shop Are you a designer? Design your own textiles and sell them on
HotPrints | Home
Affordable photo book printer now offers one free book per user per month, with a removable advertisement card to cover their costs.
Free photo books... interesting model: We have teamed up with select partners to sponsor one free book per month per customer, yes even the shipping and handling are free! Don't worry advertisements will NOT be on the same pages as your photos. All advertisements will be removable full page inserts. We are very very selective with our partners and will not include anything that is offensive. In fact we may include offers and brands that are very valuable to you. We also take your privacy very seriously and will not share any individual data with third parties. You will always have the option to pay for your books and we will not include any advertising. All offers from HotPrints limited are subject to change at any time without notification.
The Printliminator
Für alle Internet-Ausdrucker. Also Hilfreich ist es definitiv.
The Printliminator is a bookmarklet with some simple tools you can use to makes websites print better. One click to activate, and then click to remove elements from the page, remove graphics, and apply better print styling. Here is the bookmarklet:
Makes a print bookmarklet to delete elements from a web page
The Printliminator is a bookmarklet with some simple tools you can use to makes websites print better.
Print web pages without unwanted ads or other stuff
blendet Banner etc. beim Drucken aus
40 + simple and elegant business card designs |
business card - biglietti da visita
The business card is the first thing that is exchanged when meeting a new potential client or business contact. Even in new world of digital media, the business card is still an important piece of initial exchange in the world of commerce. Lately, I
10 Pre-Press Tips For Perfect Print Publishing « Smashing Magazine
A lot of designers think CMYK is the way to go when designing for print. We will, of course, always use CMYK-based ink, but this does not mean you have to work with CMYK files. You can work with RGB images to perfectly optimize your print colors and save a great deal of time in the process.
Great Collection of Visual Identities | Abduzeedo | Graphic Design Inspiration and Photoshop Tutorials
Visual Identities
awesome branding
50 Popular Airline Logos | Webdesigner Depot
In this article we’ll take a logo at the logos of over 50 popular airlines. The list is by no means a complete list of all airlines and is just intended for inspiration for your own projects. Noteworthy is the lack of any depiction of an airplane in most of these logos, but a tendency to suggest flying through the use of curved shapes that resemble wings. The fonts used tend to be sans serif for the most part, although there’s a fair share of serif typefaces as well. The colors vary a lot, but there appears to be a clear tendency towards reds and blues. Now fasten your seatbelt and let’s take off!
Every day thousands of people take it to the air... With so many airlines to choose from, branding is extremely important and at its core lies logo
Letterpress: Where, How and Inspiration!
40 Seriously Funny Print Ads | Webdesigner Depot
Great creativity pulled off in photo adverts...
A Better Way To Find Art - Print Society
B&W Studio +44 0 113 245 4200
graphic design.
McDonalds color guidelines
photo of work
typo/graphic posters
งานไทโป เทพ จากโอกีลวี่
typo/graphic posters is a directory of typographic and graphic posters. a passionate project focused on the graphic design community.
20 Magazine Spread Layouts for Inspiration | Best Design Options
This post showcases 30 creative and beautifully designed inside pages layout or spread of magazines.
Jamie Conkleton Graphic Design
Graphic Designer ! from UK !
graphic, design, student, typography, falmouth, graduate, minimalism, print, editrorial, branding, jamie, conkleton, congleton, art, direction jamie, conkleton, graphic, design jamie,
Nice bicycle mag - nice typography
10 Professional Brochure Design Tutorials | Tutorial Lounge
10 Professional Brochure Design Tutorials | Tutorial Lounge -
Apple Tablet To Redefine Newspapers, Textbooks and Magazines - Apple tablet books - Gizmodo
Steve Jobs said people don't read any more. But Apple is in talks with several media companies rooted in print, negotiating content for a "new device." And they're not just going for e-books and mags. They're aiming to redefine print.
スクリーンショットを印刷してもクオリティを落とさないようにする方法 | コリス
Macでもできるよね? やるときはSBMコメント読んでからやろう もっと良い方法があるらしいから...
EBSL | | Erik Kiesewetter | New Orleans 2009
37 Beautiful Letterpress Business Cards | Design Shack
37 Beautiful Letterpress Business Cards | Design Shack -
30+ Handy Blank Templates for Designers | Creative Repository
Sometimes you have a nice concept for a design in your mind, but you don’t know where to start; or sometimes you are just not aware of the right size for the design to implement. That’s where templates come handy. I have collected some very useful templates with proper guidelines, sizes and resolutions for design projects like business cards, letterheads, vinyl designs, brochures etc. I believe that these will prove to be a great time-saver for many of you guys. Most of these are in PSD or AI format, and are easily editable. Hope you find them useful.
67 Beautiful and Creative Business Card Design - dedicated public weblog to form ecosystem of visual artists. » One Stop for Best of 101+ Business Cards Collections
People wandering to select the simple, fresh, catchy, professional, vibrant Business Cards that can best market their business. I have no different story to tell you, I had the same story. But still I could help others stopping from wandering and ma
biz cards
Interesting Letterhead Designs | Letterheady
via everybody
Letterheady is an online homage to offline correspondence; specifically letters. However, here at Letterheady we don't care about the letter's content. Just its design.
In the future, it'll be a collection of email signatures.
letterheady –adjective 1. overcome by a strong emotion due to a letterhead design. Much like its sibling, Letterheady is an online homage to offline correspondence; specifically letters. However, here at Letterheady we don't care about the letter's content. Just its design.
Wedding Invitation Showcase: 45+ Excellent Examples | [f5]
Hochzeit-Einladungen: 45+ ideenreiche, vielfältige Umsetzungen
Great design is hard to find. So when a designer has to design a wedding invitation it either has to look elegant or make it look happy. I decided to do this post because on Saturday August 1st my cousin got married and I'm very happy for her. I
20 Amazing Poster Designs | Abduzeedo - design inspiration and tutorials
A get great inspiration from good posters, specially the ones with good design and a little mix of art and good typography. That's why I selected some great posters with different styles to inspire you, enjoy! - Papier selbst drucken
Wählen Sie einfach das benötigte Papier aus, um es kostenlos im PDF-Format herunterzuladen. Anschließend drucken Sie es auf Ihrem Drucker aus. Millimeterpapier, kariertes, Noten und andere.
Papier selbst drucken
30 Hilarious Print Advertisements | Spyre Studios
In today’s world of interactive web-based marketing, viral campaigns and high production television commercials, the print ad remains one very powerful and effective means for advertisers to reach their audience.
Interessante Print-Werbung
Color Theory Quick Reference Poster
How to Create Memorable Business Cards - FreelanceSwitch - The Freelance Blog
How to Create Memorable Business Cards
6 Great Tips On How To Prepare Artwork for T-Shirt Printing
As many of you probably already know, doing graphic design, and doing graphic design specifically for t-shirt printing can be two totally different beasts. Have you ever worked extremely hard for long hours on a t-shirt design for yourself or a client, only to have the printer tell you that your design won’t work for t-shirt printing? This problem is not that uncommon and I would like to provide you with a few easy tips on how to prepare your artwork for printing on t-shirts.
Jessica Walsh
10 Tips for Better Print Style Sheets | Webdesigner Depot
Very cool!
10 Tips for Better Print Style Sheets
Daniel Baer
DANIEL BAER | ART DIRECTION & DESIGN - Multi-disciplinary design practice based in London for contemporary editorial, book, advertising and packaging design.
photograph work.. style?
Super Cool & Creative Business Cards | Abduzeedo | Graphic Design Inspiration and Photoshop Tutorials
Super Cool & Creative Busin
RT: @9lessons: Super cool business cards [from]
20 Top Print On Demand Services
GD Software - Products
GD Software - Freeware & Shareware. (Creator of Easy Poster Printer, Shield Defender and Universal JukeBox
Easy Poster Printer enables you easily to print posters of any size (max 20x20 meters). Just drag n drop your picture into the application and click print. Easy Poster Printer also allows you to do basic image manipulations such as rotate, flip and stretch for better fit. When you are done creating an awesome poster simply save it!
What is Easy Poster Printer? Easy Poster Printer enables you easily to print posters of any size (max 20x20 meters). Just drag n drop your picture into the application and click print. Easy Poster Printer also allows you to do basic image manipulations such as rotate, flip and stretch for better fit. When you are done creating an awesome poster simply save it!
The Myth of DPI | Webdesigner Depot
The size of an image in a website layout is important. From proper alignment to getting just the right amount of white space, sizing photos and graphics properly beforehand is essential to creating a balanced look. Images on the web are measured in pixels. Yet many people go through the trouble of setting their images to 72 dots per inch (DPI). The process of sizing them is often misunderstood.
44 Awesome Business Card Designs that Will Inspire You
44 Awesome Business Card Designs that Will Inspire You /via @saurabshah
Business-minded people are into creating ways to advertise and get in touch with important and influential people in the society. Handing out business cards is a great way to get noticed and remembered. Traditionally, business cards are small pieces
Inspirational Poster Designs
Inspirational Poster Designs
Articles and Resources for Web Designers
awesome piece of work
38 new Business Cards - Best of Jan-Feb-Mar 2009 -
38 new Business Cards – Best of Jan-Feb-Mar 2009 -
Showcase of Beautifully Designed Brochures –
パンフレット デザイン
TweetNotebook - Prints amazing notebooks from your tweets.
was es nicht alles gibt :) RT @wpSEO Notizblock mit dezent platzierten Tweets. € 12
Make a notebook from your tweets!
WHY would you do this? Utter cross-media bonkersness.
So you can create your own TweetNotebook with 320 pages of your tweets – shen heng (shenheng)
The Best of Business Card Design
30 Funny Print Ads that’ll Make You Laugh | Inspiration
In the world of print advertising, there's a small window to grab the audience's attention. Being restricted to a still image means the message must be very
European Public Policy Blog: Working with News Publishers
Webmasters who do not wish their sites to be indexed can and do use the following two lines to deny permission. If a webmaster wants to stop us from indexing a specific page, he or she can do so by adding '<meta name="googlebot" content="noindex">' to the page. In short, if you don't want to show up in Google search results, it doesn't require more than one or two lines of code.
Webmasters who do not wish their sites to be indexed can and do use the following two lines to deny permission: User-agent: * Disallow: /
Why Newspapers Can’t Be Saved, but the News Can - The Opinionator Blog -
RT @hemartin: RT @zweinullweb: Why Newspapers Can’t Be Saved, but the News Can no need to save News, they keep coming
RT @zweinullweb: Why Newspapers Can’t Be Saved, but the News Can Haha, no need to save News, they keep coming ...
Now that newspapers are staring to drop dead, the survivors are rapidly shuffling through these ideas again, desperate to stop the bleeding, "demanding to know 'If the old model is broken, what will work in its place?'"
Your PasswordCard
A PasswordCard is a credit card-sized card you keep in your wallet, which lets you pick very secure passwords for all your websites, without having to remember them! You just keep them with you, and even if your wallet does get stolen, the thief will still not know your actual passwords.
* Don't read along with your finger, or the smudge will tell a thief where your password is. * Keep your PasswordCard on your person, don't leave it lying around near your computer. * Clear your browser cache and history after printing this page.
Galleries / Print / Business Cards | Fubiz™
Galleries / Print / Business Cards | Fubiz™ -
Fotogalerie ausgesuchter Visitenkarten
Daily dose of inspiration / Fubiz
Tarjetas de presentación
Colosseo Letterpress Poster: Reimagining the Roman Coliseum with type
Colosseo remake by character (letterpress)
Cool video about the making of a print using type on vandercook press. ART!
A useful print stylesheet • CSS & (X)HTML • Kilian Valkhof
Articulo sobre como utilizar css para preparar una pagina para impresion
Красивый сайт
tom crabtree
Resources | Type Directors Club
type font for bag*
We are an international organization for all people who are devoted to excellence in typography, both in print and on screen
Free Printable Maps
Mapas gratuitos y Via @jredrejo #educacion
Welcome to the home of free printable maps for your convenience and download. Printable world map images, physical feature maps, printable map of the USA files, printable US state map pictures, US road map images, and international maps. Geography buffs, bookmark or subscribe and check back often!
Printable maps
«Welcome to the home of free printable maps for your convenience and download. Printable world map images, physical feature maps, printable map of the USA files, printable US state map pictures, US road map images, and international maps.»
mapes muts
Barbican Identity Guides - a set on Flickr
Barbican Identity Guides
Flickr set of Barbican print identity guidlines
a set on Flickr
done by north studio uk
[CSS]印刷用のスタイルシートがグッとよくなる、3つのポイント | コリス
10 Free Printable Web Design Wireframing Templates | Freebies
RT @ppixels: Useful: 10 Free Printable Web Design Wireframing Templates
How to Design Your Business Card | Webdesigner Depot
Kokoro & Moi
estudio de design finlandês finnish design studio
Fantastic finland studio. Fun and best use of color I have seen ;)
How-to: DIYDTG - Hack a Day
DIY t-shirt printing.
Design A Print-Ready Promotional Ad Using Photoshop and Illustrator - Smashing Magazine
Today, we'll look at what it's like to develop print material in cooperation with a major marketing company for top-name brands and retailers using Adobe Photoshop
develop print material in cooperation with a major marketing company for top-name brands and retailers using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator
A Showcase of Letterpress Invitations for Inspiration | Inspiration
Letterpress printing has been around since the 1400's, but we've seen a revival and renewed interest in the art form in recent years. People have fallen in love
Check, Please: A Typographic Checklist |
In the best of all possible worlds, we’d have type-savvy proofreaders or copy editors to check every project before it goes out the door. More often than not, though, quality assurance falls to the designer, page-layout artist, or compositor. Having spent years as a proofreader in a commercial type shop, I’ve created the following checklist of typographic details to make that final once-over easier.
When is a job really done? Here's a checklist of typographic issues you should verify before you say, "Ship it."
Is Your Artwork Ready for Print? :: Echo Enduring Blog
Good Practices for Delivering Print Files –
Currently there is an overabundance of web designers out there that are extremely talented and can create some really cool stuff. But in my twelve years of experience designing for print, on both the Printer and Agency side of things, I have encountered multiple cases where people fall short in the delivery of their creative when it comes to print work, sometimes causing unnecessary charges from the printer to fix their mistakes. Add to that the fact that I have been approached by more than a few of my friends and colleagues with a “deer-in-headlights” demeanor when it comes to creating or delivering stuff for print. For this, I have compiled a list of good practices and basic guidelines to ensure that your jobs are delivered efficiently. This is, of course, assuming that you are using InDesign as your final delivery vehicle (which I recommend) regardless of which application you used to design the piece.
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MAN I wish I had the print version of this.
The first issue sold out quickly but you can still get it in PDF format.