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Wrong Tomorrow - pundits vs. time

nice idea (accountability? no!)
Holding the experts to account
matt simmons "We are three, six, maybe nine months away from an [oil] price shock." - 2009-03-26 268 days open barton biggs the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index may rally between 30 percent and 50 percent from the 12-year low reached on March 9 - 2009-03-23 355 days open
Fantastic new site that lists and tracks predictions of the future made by public figures and purported experts.
flight delay prediction, way better than what the airlines tell you
10 Ways Social Media Will Change In 2010
Really nice summary of where we're headed.
This time last year, I wrote about the 10 ways social media will change 2009, and while all predictions have materialized or are on their way, it has ...
december 2009
Annals of Education: Most Likely to Succeed: Reporting & Essays: The New Yorker
Hanushek recently did a back-of-the-envelope calculation about what even a rudimentary focus on teacher quality could mean for the United States. If you rank the countries of the world in terms of the academic performance of their schoolchildren, the U.S. is just below average, half a standard deviation below a clump of relatively high-performing countries like Canada and Belgium. According to Hanushek, the U.S. could close that gap simply by replacing the bottom six per cent to ten per cent of public-school teachers with teachers of average quality.
Why the internet will fail (from 1995) « Three Word Chant!
Hahahahaha... now THIS made my day! Read it. You'll laugh. Predict World Events, Share Opinions, Meet Like Minded People
A social web application based around the collective prediction of future events. It is based on the concept that ‘many heads are better than one’ (also known as collective intelligence, collective reasoning, group wisdom, etc)
Predict World Events, Share Opinions, Meet Like Minded People
If you have an opinion on news or world events or if you think you can predict the future, then Nostradamical will help you publish your predictions. is a prediction market, blog and game that is run by you, the people. Anyone can sign up and publish predictions. Got an opinion on world affairs? Think you can predict the future? At Nostradamical people are sharing opinions and trying to guess what will happen next - from technology ideas, to celebrity gossip to politics and world events. It's easy, fun and a great way to publish your opinions!
Essentially Nostradamical is a fun approach to a serious topic: The ability of ‘the crowd’ to predict events with better overall success than ‘the individual’.
Google Prediction API - Google Code
Prediction API biedt mogelijkheden om bijv recommendations te doen op basis v historische data:
Google Prediction API