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Trying To Throw Strikes - Fic: A Year and a Day

“What would you have me do, my lady?” “I would have you king forever more, young Arthur,” and now her cool fingers trailed fire in their wake, and in that moment Arthur felt he would not deny her for the safety of all of Albion.
Pre-series, Arthur goes into a fairy hill.
Merlin’s chin came up. “I don’t do magic. I am magic.”
When Arthur is 16 he follows the white hart and meets with a fairy queen. He becomes her king for a year and a day, and there meets Merlin Half-Elven, who cannot set foot in the mortal world. Pre-series AU, leads into canon.
Arthur goes into a fairy hill.
by linaerys (NC-17) “You shall be king for a year and a day,” she said, putting a cool finger on his lips. “If after that you wish to stay . . .”
A haunting pre-series AU that puts Celtic myth and Arthurian legend to more evocative use than the actual show ever manages. Reading this feels like wandering into a fairy-hill: dreamlike and drunken and dazzling, and you'll be left yearning when you come out on the other side.
Summary: Pre-series, Arthur goes into a fairy hill.
Arthur hid himself back in the shadows to let the procession pass, but when the lead horsewoman passed the tree behind which he hid, she called out, in a voice like plucked harp strings, “Arthur Pendragon, King who was and will be.” Arthur stepped forth and threw his shoulders back, pulling himself up to his full height. The lady extended her hand. Arthur clasped it and bowed over it, lips hovering a fraction of an inch above her cool, delicate fingers. “I am Nyneve,” she continued. “Queen of the Fairy. You will feast with us tonight.”