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redswish - a web design blog ยป 10 SEO elements all websites should have

Keyword research is crucial as it acts like a compass for your website or blog. A proper keyword research reveals the supply and demand trends in your industries thus giving general idea on which keyword you should focus on.
Best and Worst Practices Social Media Marketing | Online Marketing Blog
Social media is hot, just take a look at Google Trends and to see the comparison between topics like search marketing being eclipsed by social media in
Good guide to corporate social media marketing Do's and Don'ts
Rails Best Practices
Weil ich mich von vielen verwirrenden asiatischen Schriftzeichen nicht abschrecken lasse.
10 Tips for Flex Application Performance | InsideRIA
We're going to keep this post lean and mean, and get down to business with 10 Tips that will keep your Flex applications fast, lean, and responsive. The tips are focused around three best practices rules. Rule # 1: Clean up after yourself -- In general, it is good practice to maintain clean code. Not only in the sense of having properly formatted and readable code, but also code that leaves nothing behind... no memory leaks, no cpu hogs, nothing but a clean object that can be reclaimed by the GC.
Good resource on javascript
Best practices for WordPress coding
Coding a WordPress theme or plugin can seem to be an easy task at first, but if you want to produce work that is more professional, you have to worry about things such as internationalization and security. In this article, I'm going to show you the best practices I have learned in 3 years of developing with WordPress.
JavaScript Performance Best Practices - Forum Nokia Wiki
javascript performance bestpractices development practices ; Forum Nokia Wiki ;
This article gives good and valuable guidance for improving the JavaScript performance in Web Runtime. The article is a collection of guidelines from various sources.