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How Not to be a Key Online Influencer | David Henderson - author, journalist

by David Henderson - author, journalist - Story of Andrew James and a tweet that was misinterpreted by his client, FedEx
use of social media
A friend initially shared this story with me recently, and I have delayed posting it until confirmation. It’s a story about a PR account executive/vice president named James Andrews from Ketchum in Atlanta who flew to Memphis to visit FedEx, one of the agency’s biggest clients. Andrews’ mission was to — now, this is important — talk with the corporate communications people at FedEx about social media. Upon landing in Memphis, Andrews posted this message on the popular social media, mini-blogging service, Twitter, that’s widely followed by business people worldwide: James Andrews“True confession but I’m in one of those towns where I scratch my head and say, ‘I would die if I had to live here.’”
It’s a story about a PR account executive/vice president named James Andrews from Ketchum in Atlanta who flew to Memphis to visit FedEx, one of the agency’s biggest clients. Andrews’ mission was to — now, this is important — talk with the corporate communications people at FedEx about social media.
unthinking use of twitter comes back to haunt someone
he top executives at the FedEx front office, and the company’s corporate communications staff. At that point, a person in the FedEx corporate communications staff apparently took umbrage to the post by Andrews and responded with this personal message to Mr. “KeyInfluencer:”
PR on Websites: Press Area Usability
info from Nielsen report on web design to get better PR results
Ogilvy on Recession
BuzzGain is an online service for discovering and engaging with the people who will help your business thrive in today's social economy - where attention is a precious commodity. It empowers businesses to identify the previously hidden communities who are actively defining and shaping its future, including blogs, Flickr, youtube, Twitter, and traditional media. Much more than a Social Media monitoring solution, BuzzGain reveals influential voices and corresponding conversations so that companies can listen, learn, and engage in the connection of mutually beneficial relationships. BuzzGain provides socially networked suite that connects companies to the conversations that will help foster valuable relationships, increase customer acquisition and loyalty, and garner invaluable market intelligence. It is ideal DIY solution for marketing, public relations, advertising, sales, and customer service.
nu ştiu ce contine
Death To The Embargo
We’ve never broken an embargo at TechCrunch. Not once. Today that ends. From now our new policy is to break every embargo. We’ll happily agree to whatever you ask of us, and then we’ll just do whatever we feel like right after that. We may break an embargo by one minute or three days. We’ll choose at random.
arrington on how they will no longer do embargos
strategy pr marketing trust
National Post reporter has total Twitter melt down | MediaStyle
LoL fight! fight ! My nerves. Twitter nerves run amok Reminds me of a few altercations on TBD!
Evidence that drama transcends character limits.
Take it easy dude!
Via @jdlasica - this is going to come in handy for some presentation or other
The quintessential "what not to do" for Twitter.
"sirdavid: @aprildunford hey april - fuck you. seriously. fuck you." Sometimes people just don't think
Micro Persuasion: Five Digital Trends to Watch for 2009
"Overload takes its toll. Gorging on media is out. Selective ignorance and friends as filters are in " thats what i need to say to myself more
This has also been cross-posted on the Edelman Digital blog. In my role as Director of Insights for Edelman Digital I am writing monthly white papers for clients on key trends. Sometimes we will release these broadly. For the first...
Micro Persuasion: Five Digital Trends to Watch for 2009
The Tao of Marketing from
50 Press Release Submission Websites
Released Submission Websites
Seth's Blog: The difference between PR and publicity
Great insights into the difference between getting your name in the news, and getting people excited about your products/company.
Media Database
Includes country, publication, title, beat.
Media Database powered by TrackVia that features media on Twitter.
MediaOnTwitter database
A US datebase of (US) media types in Twitter
When to NOT Use Social Media - ReadWriteWeb
Educators would be wise to examine if these are some of the reasons email, admin blogging and other forms of social media (twitter) are failing to work/catch on in the public school systems. Annotated link
How to Sell Your Soul on Twitter and Who's Buying - ReadWriteWeb
Annotated link
"... We were disappointed when a browser script showed us a Magpie redirect behind a shortened link in a Skype testimonial today. Then we used a search on the service BackTweets to find out who else is buying fake Tweets on the service. It's so revolting and pitiful that it's kind of sad. ..." [Accessed Sunday, 12th April, 2009]
What are you doing? No what are you doing Apple, Skype, Flip, StubHub and These popular companies just couldn't resist paying off Twitter users to put advertisements into their Twitter streams using the new pay-per-tweet service Magpie. So there's the Twitter-sphere for you! Bring on "real time search," bring on a globally connected community, bring on vapid, vile, stupid shilling. It all seems pretty sad to me. And to the advertisers out there - is this cynical scheme the best you can do to engage with all the new ways people are communicating online? That's pretty bad.
Stop the Press: Building A Startup Presskit 101 - Chuw on this.
Need to build a presskit? This guide is fantastic
How to Weather a Twitterstorm - Advertising Age - Digital
Clever words. Web Crisis Management 101
Thanks to Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, the voices of all sorts of critics are amplified online. So what's a marketer to do when an online firestorm erupts?
Six tips for future amazons and domino's
Three Secrets to Make a Message Go Viral | Fast Company
How to make a story work for you
Why is the gang-initiation tale so irresistible to pass on? Notice a few things about the idea. It's emotional -- in fact, if you believe it, it's terrifying. The French psychologist Bernard Rimé has found that people almost compulsively share emotional experiences (both positive and negative), and the more intense the emotion, the more likely they are to talk about it. There's another emotional angle: When someone shares this legend with you, they feel like they're doing a public service. They might believe they're saving your life. And that's the second trait of viral ideas. It's often a small favor: "Hey, it's Free Breakfast Day at Denny's!" or "Dude, have you seen the video of that David kid who was drugged up after his dentist visit?" It feels good to save our friends money, or del
Ignore Twitter? Major brands learn they'd better respond -- and quick - Los Angeles Times,0,2701874.story
Health Check: How Trusted Is Your Corporate Blog?
This is a quick and dirty scorecard, if I was going one for a real Forrester report, it would be far more conclusive, weighted , detailed, quantitative, and scientific, but today, this is just a quick example, to illustrate a point we already know, let’s get to it, please, turn your head and cough:
Post by Jeremiah Owyang, social media consultant at Forrester Research.
Twitter PR Strategy on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
A strategic approach for organizations which are using Twitter to connect with their audiences, developed by Ogilvy's 360 Degree Digital Influence group.
Your Client Wants Twitter; Do You Get It? - Small Agency Diary - Advertising Age
Very nice piece on SM. One more reason I want to work for PJA.
selling social media to brands
Startup Marketing Advice from Balsamiq Studios | The Balsamiq Blog
Profitable boot strap Mock Up application
Startup Marketing Advice from Balsamiq Studio by Peldi Guilizzoni. August 5th, 2008 under Branding / Marketing, Company / Business — 12 Comments First off, the title of this post is a bit pretentious for my taste, but I wanted to pay homage to Mike Speiser’s excellent post on A/B testing using AdWords, and take advantage of his $10.87 investment while I was at it! ;). Mike is one of the brightest people I have ever met, and I highly encourage everyone to read his Laserlike blog. I say that the post is pretentious for my taste because I hardly feel like I am a marketing expert, in fact I consider myself a beginner at most things. Still, I can’t deny that Balsamiq has received a very good amount of coverage in the blogosphere: I am timing this post to coincide with the 100th review of Balsamiq Mockups (the full list is here), the website has received over 32,000 unique visitors and sales are exceeding all my expectations. For 6 weeks of operation, I can’t complain. ;)
Good advice and links for marketing a startup such as Balsamiq
How Social Media is Radically Changing the Newsroom
How Social Media is Radically Changing the Newsroom
Good stuff
Social networking sites are some of the newest tools for reporters to use in news gathering, networking and promoting their work. But many newsrooms are fuzzy on the usage.
The Online Reputation Management Guide
RT @LilianMahoukou: Online reputation management guide: (via @Adgenius) [from]
The following Online Reputation Management Guide will show small businesses how to assess, build, track and monitor their online reputation. In most cases, you can follow these simple steps to easily grow your personal brand and/or small business. If you’d prefer, you can also download the ORM Guide as a PDF.
How To Create A Modern Press Release [Other Promotions]
The Internet landscape has changed over the past few years, and the rules of online marketing have changed with it. In this excerpt from his latest book, Brandon spells out how to create and distribute an effective press release.
PR 2.0: The Conversation Prism v2.0
The Eloquence of the Conversation Prism and Social Science
updated version Mar 2009
great art
Brand Mentions Preferred over Ads - eMarketer
Want to get Internet users to visit your Website or follow your brand? The best way to accomplish those tasks, according to ARAnet, based on polling by Opinion Research Corporation, may not be advertising. Compared with banner ads, pop-up ads, e-mail offers and sponsored links, articles that include brand information were most likely to lead US Internet users to read—and act.
Content rules.
Is your social media expert really an expert? | The Home of Peter Shankman -
There’s a new phenomena of people declaring themselves social media experts. We’ve actually heard from firms who pushed someone to become their resident social media expert because the person was on Facebook. There is no endorsement or accreditation to set apart legitimate industry leaders from bandwagon opportunists. Social media is a hot topic. We get it. And we don’t want to see people getting scammed by self-touting experts ready to make a quick buck. There are very few people who could, or should in all honesty, be called social media experts. We’re sharing this list with our networks, including those not yet involved in the social media world to give them a helpful guide.
Funny list of what NOT to look for in a social media expert. My fav: "#11. Any use of the term “MySpace” unless you’re only targeting 14-year-old males, or independent bands."
10 Words I Would Love To See Banned From Press Releases
"Ever since I’ve started blogging about technology a couple of years ago, I’ve been consistently growing an immense feeling of hate towards press releases, and it’s not getting any better. - It’s not that I dislike the PR industry in general, although I often wonder how so many of these firms continue to be in business when the large majority of them have been doing it exactly the same way for the past few decades, instead of evolving."
Ingen ansvarlig voksen ville idag bruge nogle af de ti ord in the first place.
For Companies, a Tweet in Time Can Avert PR Mess -
"We're getting to a point if you're not responding, you're not being seen as an authentic type of brand," says Mr. Brown.
A growing number of businesses are tracking social-media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter to gauge consumer sentiment and avert potential public-relations problems. Ford Motor Co., PepsiCo Inc. and Southwest Airlines Co., among others, are deploying software and assigning employees to monitor Internet postings and blogs. They're also assigning senior leaders to craft corporate strategies for social media.
FOR BLOG POST: Les cas d'une veille réussie
wing number of businesses are tracking social-media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter to gauge consumer sentiment and avert potential public-relations problems.
105 Twitter Apps for PR
Twitter is no longer a little known platform for bloggers to communicate on. These days, even large corporations are realizing something many smaller businesses have known for a while . . . Twitter is a powerful PR tool.
Future of PR: When Agencies Represent Communities –Not Brands
From Web Strategy by Jeremiah Owyang
Future of PR? When agencies represent communities, not brands: [from]
With communities in the driver seat over product, a shift will happen as communities can define the spec of future products and therefore multiple brands will bid for their business. As a result, we should expect the agency model to flip over, where PR agencies start to represent communities of customers –rather than brands.
Communities will continue to gain more and more power as they lean on each other to make decisions, support each other, and share their lifestyle. What happens to agencies that traditionally serve brands? With communities in the driver seat over product, a shift will happen as communities can define the spec of future products and therefore multiple brands will bid for their business. As a result, we should expect the agency model to flip over, where PR agencies start to represent communities of customers –rather than brands.
Yeah Ok, So Facebook Punk’d Us
"When they didn’t respond, he posted at 5:29: 'Facebook Now Lets You Fax Your Photos. I Have No Idea Why Anyone Would Want To Do This.' Things went downhill from there."
Corporate culture is critical to success. Glad Facebook still knows how to have fun. Love that they punked @techcrunch [from]
Facebook makes a 'Fax This Photo' button but only lets TechCrunch employee's see it... Also, enjoyed the 'Oh my god this guys arm!' AD reference.
Added a fax button to photos that appeared when sniffing for tech crunch IP headers.
LOL! RT @tjompa @TechCrunch: Yeah Ok, So Facebook Punk'd Us [from]
HOW TO: Use Social Media in Your PR Pitch Plan
B.L. Ochman's blog: 10 Things Social Media Can't Do
B.L. Ochman's blog: 10 Things Social Media Can't Do
10 Things Social Media Can't Do
Waardevolle tips over wat je kan verwachten van Sociale Media en wat niet.
Ten Things Social Media Can't Do - Advertising Age - DigitalNext
"Social media is not a one-shot deal. It's a long-term commitment to openness, experimentation and change that requires time to bear fruit." This is just one of the 10 things social media can't do for your business.
strategy, buy-in, long term, measurement, outsource, reputation, budget, ROI, expertise, and most importantly: SM needs to complement PR, marketing etc.
10 things social media can't do: I'm not sure I agree with everything here, but it's a good list nonetheless. [from]
PR Blogger: 21 Beispiele für den Social Media Newsroom
Viele Unternehmen öffnen sich online ihren Kunden. Das machen einige Organisationen durch ihre Social Media Newsrooms (oder Social Media Releases) deutlich. Der alte Presseraum auf einer Website hat längst ausgedient und ist wenig serviceorientiert gewesen. An die Stelle statischer Inhalte...
21 Beispiele für den Social Media Newsroom
PR Blogger
gute Beispiele für SMN + Tipps und Hinweise zur Gestaltung
The Comms Corner: My picks for the 99 most useful Social Media (and PR) Blog posts of 2009
I like this list.
HOW TO: Deal With Social Media Conflict
There are 3 things to remember when responding to differing points of view.
how to handle negative blog comments, with the whole world watching
UniLever CMO Clift Throws Down the Social-Media Gauntlet - Advertising Age - Digital
mportancia de la red, de as rrpp y de escuchar al consumidor interesante la evolucionde : cotillear en la carniceria a chatear a face book lo mismo pero mas sofisticado y. cn más alcance.... ejemplo de dove y contra ejemplo de greenpeace estrategia de corporate brand
Clift chides marketers for not recognizing their brands are not their own.
Dieser Beitrag betrifft nicht nur Marketing, sondern auch PR–bemerkenswert vor allem die "Five new rules of [PR]: "Listening to consumers is more important than talking at them."
BATAVIA, Ohio ( -- Brands aren't simply brands anymore. They are the center of a maelstrom of social and political dialogue made possible by digital media, said Unilever Chief Marketing Officer Simon Clift, who warned that marketers who do not recognize that -- and adapt their marketing -- are in grave peril. Unilever Chief Marketing Officer Simon Clift Unilever Chief Marketing Officer Simon Clift Photo Credit: Gary He "No matter how big your advertising spending, small groups of consumers on a tiny budget might hijack the conversation," he said. "So this internet thing is much bigger and more interesting than just finding successors to TV advertising." Mr. Clift was speaking to a packed house at Ad Age's Digital Conference last week, in an address that did much to define an internet-driven sea change that's put consumers in control and at times threatened to overwhelm marketers and their agencies, who -- despite frequent protestations to the contrary -- are still rather p
How to Know if You Should Fire Your Social Media Consultant - Mashable
If your company, no matter how big or small, has hired a social media consultant to augment (or God-forbid, replace) your PR team, there are some things you should probably be sniffing out and identifying as red flags
"If your company, no matter how big or small, has hired a social media consultant to augment (or God-forbid, replace) your PR team, there are some things you should probably be sniffing out and identifying as red flags:" ... good checks on the hype here.
Lindsay Robertson
The Do's and Don'ts of Online Publicity, For Some Reason  Bio  Twitter posts
"...all eyeballs are not equal" - online PRs take note:
"There’s a question that has been bugging me for years: why are 99% of publicists and promotion/marketing people complete useless failures when it comes to blogs and online outlets?"
great notes on online publicity
PR 2.0: The State of PR, Marketing, and Communications: You are the Future
Reading The State of PR, Marketing, and Communications: You are the Future: This post is long. If you pre.. [from]
While some are already predicting the death of PR, I fundamentally believe that it's simply the death of PR as we know it. As long as communications professionals want to learn and improve their craft, then we are positioned for evolution. No matter how much we think we know, we're now equalized as an industry in order to reset, learn, and define and earn an invaluable role within the business cycle – again.
Brian Solis on where PR is headed.
The State of PR, Marketing, and Communications: You are the Future
How To Make Sponsored Conversations Work
Although Controversial, Sponsored Conversations are Here to Stay Sponsored conversations, although controversial, aren't going away. In fact during recession, they will likely increase. Update: See this growing list of bloggers and brands that have
Billets sponsorisés
The Sponsored Conversation phenomenon
How PR Pros Are Using Social Media for Real Results
Co jeszcze zrobić w Polsce
PR professionals use social media every single day to get the word out about clients, to communicate with customers and to respond to questions or problems. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other social sites have quickly become important tools in a PR professional’s overall toolkit.
Jason Putorti - How Acquired 1.5M+ Users - How Acquired 1.5M+ Users
Viral isn't everything after all... interesting. - How Acquired 1.5M+ Users
Bra beskrivning av hur Mint lyckades locka 1,5 miljoner användare
40 of the Most Useful Social Media and PR Blog Posts of Q1, 2010 (Jan - Mar)
Compiled by Adam Vincenzini  Late last year, I published my picks for the 99 most useful social media posts of 2009, a collection which was received really well. This year, I've been publishing 1
compilation of blog posts about social media.
300+ Online Reputation Management Resources : Todd And… Marketing | PR | Media | Web | History | Stuff
Seznam zdrojů
A smorgasbord of ideas and executions in the world of marketing and beyond.
OPEN Forum by American Express OPEN | The Art of Generating Buzz, Part II
Facebook is more hierarchical: As a marketer, you can have a dialogue with people who identified themselves as fans of your brand or category. Then, you hope that they will spread the word to their friends. On Twitter, you have access not only to those who are most passionate about your brand, but to anyone who mentions it.
Digital Marketing for Advertising Agencies and PR Firms - Convince and Convert
RT @jaybaer: "Brands Must be Social Media Selfish" What are you doing to protect your social media brand? [from]
Jason Baer
Here are my 22 tips for dominating Linkedin. I put this presentation together for my good friends at Off Madison Ave in Arizona. Slides are available below via SlideShar
Social Media and Public Relations Consulting � PR Squared
10 Tips for Social Media Marketers ...
10 Tips for Social Media Marketers 1. Every brand can be and should be “social” 2. Just get started 3. Integrated marketing vs. social media 4. Find your brand’s own path 5. Media $ versus human capital 6. Agencies play a great role, but the voice needs to be the company’s 7. Your agency needs to walk the walk 8. Get legal involved early 9. Have a crisis management plan 10. Selling the C-Suite or ROI – One of the most popular questions
PR Squared: ROI for Social Media Marketing: It's Complicated
PR Squared: Blogger Relations (and Social Media Release!) Case Study
Annotated link
We created unique angles and pitches for each and every blogger, helping them to see how and why their specific reader community would use slydial. RESULTS: In one month of blogger relations outreach, MobileSphere’s slydial service was covered in 381 blog posts. These results were the direct result of SHIFT’s blogger relations outreach, combined with the viral effect of the initial, high-profile posts.
What Happens When Twitter Gets Mainstream Attention « Web Strategy by Jeremiah Owyang | Social Media, Web Marketing
Reading: What Happens When Twitter Gets Mainstream Attention [from]
Twitter is getting a tremendous amount of buzz from brands, celebrities, media, politicians, and athletes. Despite the hype, it’s still a very small social networking site (likely under 10mm), compared to the social giants like Google, Microsoft, Facebook and MySpace (150-300mm), see my stats page to learn more. I assert that mainstream attention is different than mainstream usage.
What Happens When Twitter Gets Mainstream Attention - the Twitterscape will undergo some significant changes. [from]
I like his approach here, and I agree with a lot of what he says--particularly about the "A-Listers" becoming "B-listers" once again and now needing to seek out new environments (possibly back to blogs, friend feeds, etc)
HELLO, my name is BLOG!: 30 Ways to become the Most Interesting Person You Know
How to launch a new product « The Jason Calacanis Weblog
Description des étapes du lancement de Mahalo Answers
Terrific post by Jason Calacanis on launching product
Influential Marketing Blog: What All PR People Should Know About Journalists
There was a movie released several years ago where Mel Gibson played a character that was struck by lightning and all of a sudden was able to hear women's thoughts. His character was an ad agency executive (the unfortunate default...
Essential notes for dealing with journos.
Things PR folks should know about journalists
Sky News appoints Twitter correspondent... | Media |
I'm in two minds about the creation of a Twitter correspondent by Sky News. By Jemima Kiss
[no comment] RT @simeonkerr Sky News appoints Twitter correspondent! [from]
RT @tomsmiled: @skynews appoints a Twitter correspondent to scour for interesting news [from]
Media - Guardian - Twitter
Annotated link
Top 4 new skills all PR professionals must have
Seth's Blog: The sad truth about marketing shortcuts
«This is why I don't have a podcast, a video channel, any activity to speak of on Facebook. It's why I don't use Twitter or travel the country visiting bookstores. There are many places to be, and it's tempting to act like those non-profits and race after the next one. But it doesn't work.»
Critical mass is what happens when you have enough and do enough that you connect to a tribe, one that matters. Critical mass is the pay off from focused, consistent effort. Critical mass is what you don't get if you are constantly working the angles and looking for a shortcut.
Why rushing from one quick win to another won't get you anywhere in social media.
blog post 10/08
Godin's concept of tribes is similar to Gadwell's talk about the 150 rule in the Tipping point
Do one thing really well.
PR 2.0: Reviving the Traditional Press Release
Extremely useful reading for PR practitioners mapping the new world of interactions within a modern era of 2.0
** Posted using Viigo: Mobile RSS, Sports, Current Events and more ** Source The press release is over 100 years old and for the most part, its evolution is mostly stagnant for the majority of its
Street Giant » Leroy Stick – the man behind @BPGlobalPR
"The point of this story is that if someone is terrorizing your neighborhood, sometimes it’s alright to grab a stick and take a swing. Social media, and in this particular case Twitter, has given average people like me the ability to use and invent all sorts of brand new sticks. I started @BPGlobalPR, because the oil spill had been going on for almost a month and all BP had to offer were bullshit PR statements. No solutions, no urgency, no sincerity, no nothing. That’s why I decided to relate to the public for them. I started off just making jokes at their expense with a few friends, but now it has turned into something of a movement. As I write this, we have 100,000 followers and counting. People are sharing billboards, music, graphic art, videos and most importantly information. I think.. people can smell the bullshit and sometimes laughing at it feels better than getting angry or depressed over it. At the very least, it’s a welcome break from that routine. "
My name is Leroy Stick and I am the man behind @BPGlobalPR. First, let me begin by explaining my name.
Leroy Stick – the man behind @BPGlobalPR
Effing fantastic: Street Giant » Leroy Stick – the man behind @BPGlobalPR [from]
4 simple steps to meeting someone
How To Write A Social Media Press Release | Social Media Today
If you’re used to traditional press release formats its evolution to social media press release (SMPR) won’t be too much of a challenge. Knowing what to include and how to format your SMPR will be a big help in securing media and blogger coverage for your brand’s news and happenings.
See also the 2006 version, which is still relevant:
How To Write A Social Media Press Release | Social Media Today
Back in the day, press releases were the primary means of communication between business enterprises and the media. However, the advancement of the internet has made the traditional format of a press release less effective as journalists, press members and readers crave small chunks of succinct details that incorporate social media, linking and multimedia to make it more digestible and relevant. If you’re used to traditional press release formats its evolution to social media press release (SMPR) won’t be too much of a challenge. Knowing what to include and how to format your SMPR will be a big help in securing media and blogger coverage for your brand’s news and happenings. The basic SMPR parts are: 1. headline 2. secondary headline 3. overview 4. body 5. facts 6. about 7. multimedia links 8. relevant links 9. tags
How To Write A Social Media Press Release #socialmedia
Scott Adams Blog: High Ground Maneuver 07/19/2010
On iPhone4 Antennagate: how Steve Jobs did the I'm sorry trick, and turned attention away from iPhone.
I have long had a name for Jobs' clever move. I call it the "High Ground Maneuver." I first noticed an executive using it years ago, and I've since used it a number of times when the situation called for it. The move involves taking an argument up to a level where you can say something that is absolutely true while changing the context at the same time. Once the move has been executed, the other participants will fear appearing small-minded if they drag the argument back to the detail level. It's an instant game changer. For example, if a military drone accidentally kills civilians, and there is a public outcry, it would be a mistake for the military to spend too much time talking about what went wrong with that particular mission. The High Ground Maneuver would go something like this: "War is messy. No one wants civilians to die. We will study this situation to see how we can better avoid it in the future."