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National Post reporter has total Twitter melt down | MediaStyle

LoL fight! fight ! My nerves. Twitter nerves run amok Reminds me of a few altercations on TBD!
Evidence that drama transcends character limits.
Take it easy dude!
Via @jdlasica - this is going to come in handy for some presentation or other
The quintessential "what not to do" for Twitter.
"sirdavid: @aprildunford hey april - fuck you. seriously. fuck you." Sometimes people just don't think
PUT or POST: The REST of the Story « Open Sourcery
Interesting explanation on why CRUD with REST doesn't directly map to the HTTP verbs POST, GET, PUT, and DELETE
Carsonified » The Definitive Guide to GET vs POST
40 Fresh & Beautiful Websites for Design Inspiration | Pixelactic
Custom post types in WordPress
Custom post types
Showcase of Blogs with Unique Post Designs | Webdesigner Depot
it's almost like the idea of zen garden--each post has the same elements but uses different properties in the css file
The trend of creating unique designs for each post on a blog is growing.
How to create a side blog with WordPress 3.0
Finally! WordPress 3.0 was released last week. Among other exiting features, custom post types are bringing lots of new possibilities to bloggers. In this tutorial, I'll show you how to create a side blog listing products using the WordPress 3.0 custom post type feature.
Create your first WordPress Custom Post Type | Carsonified