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30 Impressing 3D Portraits | Abduzeedo - design inspiration & tutorials

Back in July we had an awesome post about 3d works, and today it came to my mind why we didn't have another post like that since then. Well, it's time for some awesome 3d pieces! Visiting the amazing CG Society site, I've ran into many impressing portraits, which I chose to featured here today. From fantasy portraits, to sci-fi, to just real people, these are stunning, and really amazing pieces. It totally makes me wanna do this! How about some 3D tuts? Anyone good out there willing to deliver us any sweet tuts? Hope to hear from you guys soon!! In the meanwhile, I hope you enjoy these!! Cheers. ;)
Jeez, several of these I'd have had no idea weren't photographs.
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Shooting Portraits like a Pro On a Budget
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In this post portrait photographer Alexis Godschalk shares some tips on shooting studio like portraits on a budget by talking us through a shoot he did with a band recently. portraits-budget.jpg When I started doing photography years ago, I really wanted to shoot fantastic shots, I wanted to make sure that my photographs would be considered for a gallery showing. All I had was Canon 10D and a flash. Most of what I shot was candid and in the style of photo journalism and even though this was fine I wanted more. What kept me from shooting clean studio like portraits was the mistaken belief that I needed loads of expensive equipment. One day a friend of mine approached me about photographing his band. He had just gotten new management and wanted to make the band band look pro. He started by showing me some photography he liked and we started talking about what could and could not be done. One of the shots he like was a clean shot with dramatic lighting again a black background. I told
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Creative Portrait Effects Photoshop Tutorials
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Photographer Clay Enos shows us how to do a street-studio portrait session with a sheet of white paper, some tape, and a camera. (found via <a href="">@JohnMilleker</a>)
Echt een fantastische video over #straatfotografie.
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35 Creative Portrait Effects Photoshop Tutorials
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Crossprocess Effect.
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How to Create a Mosaic Portrait from a Photograph | Vectortuts+ -
Cool resource
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30 Beautiful Expressive Portraits | Abduzeedo - design inspiration and tutorials
Recherche et inspiration
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n’t be afraid to let Mom, Da
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I had the Scott Storch car, but in blue and with Wal-Mart rims.
No one looks back fondly on their senior portrait, especially the people who thought these were a good idea…