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How To Make Skype a Portable App |

Portable Skype
Skype doesn’t offer an official portable USB version of their software (with the exception of the U3 smart drive version). This has led people to make an unofficial hack of a portable version for themselves:
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100% mobility with portable software A rigorous selection among more than 1800 software Optimization of launching and installed size
Lifehacker - LiberKey Installs 200+ Portable Applications - Portable Applications
If you read over our guide on turning spare thumb drives into feature packed giveaway drives and you wished there was a huge pack of portable software you could just download, this is it.
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LiberKey - All softwares - La compilation portable de logiciels gratuits et libres
70 Free Useful Portable Applications You Should Know | Tools
Portable applications in general are software and programs you can run independently from a removable drives (like flash/pen drive) without going through the hassle of installing them. They are widely used and have been a favorite approach for professionals of different various industries.
Five Best Portable Apps Suites - Portable Apps - Lifehacker
Featured Windows Download: PortableTor Protects Your Privacy from Your Thumb Drive
PortableTor is a thumb drive friendly version of the popular anonymous browsing software, Tor. 100 Free and Useful Portable Apps for College Students | Online College Degree 100 Free and Useful Portable Apps for College Students | Online College Degree -
er is full-featured, yet is a portable app that allows you to save clipboard items as well as share them across a network.
The following portable apps cover everything from documents to note-taking to organization to security to helpful tools and more, are all small enough to go anywhere, and cost absolutely nothing.
Step By Step: Customize Your Own Portable Firefox Six Pack
Personalisierte Version von Firefox erstellen
20 Portable Applications Web Designers Should Have On Their USB Sticks | Design Reviver
If you’re an on-the-go freelance web designer, then these useful and popular applications that you can always take with you will be useful! Below we’ve taken the time to compile 20 portable applications that we feel should benefit designers one way or another.
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4 portable app suites to power up your USB flash drive
If you're looking for a big suite of portable apps (for the USB stick).. here are 4 to choose from (plus some more in the comment section). i like and the JISC eduApps are really great (comments).