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Dinky pocketbooks with WebKit transforms | Natalie Downe

I'm a big fan of stuff written on paper. My computer is covered in useful post-it notes, and I do a lot of planning on paper at the start of every client-side build. On my desk at work is a piece of paper written in felt tip that I pass around to my co-workers on occasion. It's a reference document for how we check projects out of subversion, upload to live and some basic terminal commands for people who are unfamiliar in that environment. This was a great opportunity to break out my favourite paper folding technique, where an A4 page becomes an 8 page booklet. I first learnt about this from a Christmas card I received a few years ago from some very inventive friends. Brian Suda happened to be in the office that day and pointed me to a cool Flash interface for creating these, He also suggested that it would be possible to build these using just HTML and CSS with CSS3 transforms, currently supported by Safari and WebKit. Inspired, I did exactly that. Here's the demo.
Natalie uses CSS3 to build out booklets for print - pretty sweet, and very useful.
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Ahh, probably my favorite mashup to date. Geolocation+CSS+CSS Transforms (as proposed by WebKit)+printing. Sweeeet!
oh this is clever